Global powered lithium battery strives to fight puff or worse CATL

Global powered lithium battery strives to fight puff or worse CATL

Global dynamic lithium battery industry competition acceleration, dynamic lithium battery installation is one of the important indicators of assessment. With the dust in 2018, my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery installed volume is released..

With the increase in sales of domestic new energy vehicles, 2018 year, domestic power lithium battery installed capacity is 56.9GWh, up 56.3% year-on-year.

The high concentration of the power lithium battery is highlighted, and CATL has become a domestic installed champion in 23.5GWH, accounting for more than 41%..

In 2018, CATL and BYD have achieved rising, but CATL ran faster, followed by Jo Yadi after 2017, not only the first, but also increased by 12.23% compared with the total amount of power lithium battery..

Panasonic or thin CATL in the global power lithium battery market, there is another power lithium battery company not to open. As we all know, Panasonic is the exclusive supplier of TSLA’s power lithium battery. Although there are Panasonic, Ford, Toyota and other battery customers, but most of the production gives TSLA.

In 2018, TSLA delivered more than 245,200 cars, including 145,800 model3, and 99,400 Models and Modelx, almost equivalent to the sum of the sum of the previous years.. With the explosion of TSLA electric cars, the data from June 2018, Panasonic installed exceeds 18GWH list of the world’s first.

From the world-related known dynamic lithium battery installed, Panasonic only won the global power lithium battery installed as as followed by the first 11 months.. The victory includes LG chemistry, Samsung SDI and other companies.

Panasonic with TSLA’s batteries to achieve “one enemy 100”, and CATL is “all people picking firewood flames”, with dozens of host factory customers such as steam, Beiqi new energy, Dongfeng, Guangqi, Yutong, Changan Automobile CATL, the number of installed installed reached 437,500 units, almost a third of the country’s new energy car installed on CATL’s power lithium battery “heart”. According to relevant media estimates, the maximum battery capacity of TSLA model is calculated. Panasonic 2018 is about 21.

6GWH; and in 2018, the pure electric, such as Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota other than TSLA in 2018. The car does not have explosive models, so the size of the installed scale has increased significantly..

Prediction 2018 CATL’s probability of winning the global power lithium battery champion will be greater than Panasonic. Strong to fight against my country’s giant to put eggs in a basket, is a risky thing, even the Tsla, such as the day of the day..

In fact, the cooperation between Panasonic and another car giant Toyota also accelerates the strength to join hands, the move will further enhance the strength of the Panasonic Remove the Global Champion. According to January 20, British Reuters, sources revealed that Toyota and Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd.

will establish a joint venture from next year, produce electric car batteries, and both parties will cooperate in my country and South Korea companies to fight against influence. According to the news, the two sides will establish a battery joint venture based on the agreement announced at the end of 2017 to develop high-energy density prismatic batteries..

The battery produced by the joint venture will be used in Toyota, Mazda and Subaru.. After the joint venture company, the joint venture company will transfer most of the prismatic equipment related to Japan and my country to the joint venture, and the equipment for the US electric vehicle manufacturer’s TSLA will continue to stay in the company.

. Swiss Bank (UBS) is not tested to Panasonic, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI and CATL, TSLA (TSLA) Super Factory Production Panasonic Battery Cost is 0.11 US dollars / WW (about RMB 0.

76 / Watt) ), Far below the other three competitors, and CATL’s battery cost is about 0.15 US dollars / watt (about RMB 1.03 / Watt), the highest cost in four companies.

UBS expects these four battery manufacturers to master 70% of the market share in 2025, and the battery cost will drop by about 10% in the next two to three years.. With the subsidy policy, Song, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI and other foreign companies have accelerated, lower cost quality batteries will be favored by car companies.

The pressure of CATL will undoubtedly increase. In 2018, Panasonic and CATL installed volume data is very close, the global installed championship, but they will return to CATL..

In 2019, with the new round of new energy cars, who can win the global throne is not known, is “back to the mountain”, or “all the people pick the firewood flames”, let us wait and see!.

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