Global powered lithium battery installed capacity CATL, LG chemical contrast

Global powered lithium battery installed capacity CATL, LG chemical contrast

On the 16th, the International Power Lithium Battery Market Research Institute Sneerearch announced the latest phase of the power lithium battery market report, the global automobile power lithium battery installed capacity is 7.1GWH in August 2019, which decreased by 10.0% compared with the same period last year, which is also since 2017 Since the first time, the monthly installed amount is shown in a year-on-year, and six companies have fallen in the top ten companies.

. Among them, the biggest decline is BYD, the company’s products are 0.398GWH in the August, which is 61.

1% compared to the same period last year, and the Guanxuan high-tech, new energy and Japan is also a falling situation. The amount of company installed outside the top ten companies is also close to 60%..

However, there are also some companies that go upstairs.. CATL’s power lithium battery installed capacity in the global market in August this year is 2.

4GWH, which rose 49.4% compared with the same period last year, ranking first in the world..

In addition, the global installed capacity of LG chemistry in Korea’s power lithium battery companies also rose nearly eight% year-on-year.. At the same time, CATL disclosure also shows that the company expects the company’s net profit attributable to listed shareholders to 3.

57 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30 ~ 50%.. Sneeresearch’s CEO Kim Bing Zhou (transliteration) said to the reporter that behind the global power lithium battery installed volume declines, this is closely related to my country’s market.

. According to the latest data disclosed in the Sino-Stroller, in September 2019, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 89,000, down 29.9% year-on-year, lasting a decline in three months.

. Jin Bingzhou believes that because the proportion of my country’s market in the world’s new energy car market is too large, after the subsidies have a slope, the production cost of my country’s new energy vehicles has risen, and the car enterprises will also transfer costs to power lithium batteries. The company’s level, my country’s plurality of power lithium battery companies have a decline in “cliff type”.

“Especially BYD, it is affected by the sales decline in the company’s own new energy vehicle, in addition, it is not possible to take the pace of the powerful lithium battery for other car companies in time, and become an important reason for its rapid decline.. Jin Bingze.

“In addition, as a loose client, TSLA cooperates in Shanghai New Plant and LG chemistry, and the market performance of Panasonic also has a negative impact, and the amount of installation of LG chemicals will present positive impact on LG chemical installation.. “Jin Bingze said that CATL’s rise is due to more reasons, on the one hand, my country’s domestic domestic car sales have increased, and the CATL itself is also expanding to commercial cars, overseas markets, which also adjusts its adjustments in our market.

In case, it can be made more efficiently. Recently, CATL has announced that the mass strategic cooperation agreement with the public (Latin America) Caber Company will cooperate with the entire cycle of battery development, manufacturing, recycling, etc., and jointly promote the current process of commercial vehicle, and build together International Commercial Vehicle Electric Alliance.

At present, the domestic electric vehicle market accounts for more than 50% of the global market, and at the same time, with the market share of CATL and BYD, the market share of lithium battery companies, on the one hand, China and Medium-sized China companies face more Large pressure, on the other hand, the team’s technical route of the company’s company’s technical route is also continuing. According to Cui Dongshu, the Secretary-General of the General Council, at present, the gap between the headname and the second place is gradually large, and the 3-10 companies have changed each month, although every family The company also competes in a binding car, integrating upstreaming, but the head company still kicks the distance..

In this context, CATL is trying to maintain its head market advantage through production, upstream integration, and technical team expanding in 2019, and seek overseas markets through the acquisition of overseas companies, and multinational car enterprises. Opportunities, and BYD, in the intensification of the goal of promoting the splitting power lithium battery business in 2022, and Audi, Toyota and other car companies reached a cooperation intention, in addition, with the time of new energy subsidies, the Korean power lithium battery company LG Chemical in the context of the first factory in Newport, located in the second plant in Nanjing Binjiang Development Zone (LG Chemical Binjiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

“is beginning to recruit core production positions in China. Jin Bingzhou believes that the global battery production is still insufficient in 2019, so more production is prepared, but most of them will belong to head companies..

Regarding the current market situation, a person in charge of the local medium-sized power lithium battery company that requires anonymous, currently, the window period and the rise opportunities of the power lithium battery market are still still, and the market fell caused by the subsidies is also a marketization. In the process, the painful process should be subjected to the market competition leads to the “big customers” on the performance impact of the dynamic lithium battery company, the head and foreign-funded companies with technical advantages will actively compete for customers and resources of the whole vehicle. More small companies will only be more sad.


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