Global Power Lithium Battery ‘New King’! LG Chemical Ultra High Nickel Battery Retracence

Global Power Lithium Battery 'New King'! LG Chemical Ultra High Nickel Battery Retracence

“Kechong Bo Daily” (Shanghai, researcher He Larang) News High nickel NCMA battery, nickel content is as high as 90%, and the cobalt content is reduced to 5%, and the charging can support at least 600 kilometers of endless miles.. According to the report, the LG Energy Solutions scheduled to produce NCMA batteries in the second quarter, and the battery is supplied to TSLA in the second half of the year.

. These batteries are expected to use compact suvmodely and next-generation electric vehicles for TSLA, important delivery to the latter in our factory..

According to the previous media news, TSLA will be launched in China’s domestic Modely battery supplier has locked LG chemistry. In response to this, the LG energy solution responded that the company could not disclose any information related to the customer, but acknowledged that it did plan to commercialize NCMA batteries in 2021..

The company refuses to confirm any information related to customers in South Korea’s battery materials supply Shanglifeng (LF).. It is understood that the ultra-high nickel battery is an NCMA battery developed by LG chemical in General Motors.

To this end, the two parties have set up a joint venture, named “Ultium battery”, and decided to begin in 2022. Mass production. However, with the commercial acceleration of ultra high nickel battery, the research and development progress exceeded expectations.

In August this year, LG chemistry announced that the Ultium battery mass production plan is expected to come to next year.. In fact, whether TSLA has previously announced the “100% nickel battery” released by the battery day, or LG chemical continuous speed-up super high nickel plan, it has been confirmed that the high-nickel direction will still be one of the main direction of power lithium battery.

. Bai Houxin, Board of Board, said that it is expected that by 2030, the cost of high nickel batteries and the cost of lithium iron phosphate are even lower..

It is estimated that the output of high-nin materials throughout the industry will be nearly 3.5 million tons, and the MSI has reached 300,000 tons of production in 2025, reaching 1 million tons of production in 2030..

Global Power Lithium Battery “New King” Ambition More A Super High Nickel Since the New Tsla in Tsla last year, LG chemistry has a high song in the dynamic lithium battery. Snesearch and GGII research data have shown that as of the third quarter of this year, LG chemistry exceeds CATL, Become a king of global loading. The company’s financial report shows that the installed installed in the first three quarters (actual shipment is expected to be higher), up 110% year-on-year, and our domestic TSLA contributes about 4.

7GWH demand. In the third quarter, the single season installed approximately 9GWh, up 60% from the previous month, of which TSLA contributed 2.2GWH.

It is expected that the year-round battery sales is 40-45GWH, double or above, 2021 sales 80-90GWH, double year. And at the same time, as a subsidiary of LG chemistry, the LG energy solution responsible for ultra-high nickel battery mass production plans will also start the listing financing plan, and its battery business is: 1) Customer, power , Energy storage, consumption in parallel, design and adaptive product orientation development, respectively. At present, the dynamic lithium battery is about 90 billion yuan in hand orders, while re-expansion meets customer needs; – 2025 production application niche market), pure solid state battery (commercialization of 2028 – 2030); 3) In terms of raw materials, the company has 40,000 tons, 2025 yield reaches 1.

7 million tons, while active layout Target for 2025 to achieve complete raw material circulation. Higher rise is expected to continue these domestic suppliers or benefit East Wu Securities analysts Zeng Du Hong Baiji 23rd report, LG is the main supply and domestic TSLA important supplier in the European electric vehicle market, 2021, will continue to continue 80 -100% high rise, continue to focus on LG industry chain. Combined with the brokerage system, LG chemistry is in my country’s supply chain as shown below (red logo): Specific to four major materials of the battery, positive, LG chemical self-production, domestic supplier is ascending technology and Shanfu Shares Insufficient 5%, Huayou cobalt industry is LG chemical three-yuan precursor supplier, and LG chemistry joint venture establishment Hua Jinxin Energy Materials (Cangzhou) Co.

, Ltd. and Le You New Energy Materials (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

, cooperative construction of three yuan front drive Body and positive material project. In terms of negative poles, in recent years, my country’s suppliers are coming, and the share of Shanshu shares has risen, and it is an important supplier of negative electrode materials. The Bohai Securities Analyst Zheng Lianzhen reported that the delivery of TSLA orders will be further Pull the demand for LG chemical on the negative electrode material, the domestic supplier is expected to continue to rise; in terms of diaphragm The diaphragm supply is dominated by my country; in terms of electrolyte, in recent years, the new union, Tianjin materials, Tianjin Xuhua has gradually entered the supply chain.

In 2020, the new union has increased from LG chemical supply from 0.6 million tons to 0.9 million.

Tons, growth rate of 50%, accounting for 13% of LG chemical demand, Zheng Yong, is expected to be pulled by LG chemistry in 2021 to increase the demand for supply chain company from 200,000 tons to 115,000 tons.. In addition, in terms of “Kechief Board Daily”, the domestic lithium-electric rear end equipment supplier Hang Technology has entered the LG equipment supply chain earlier.

. According to the organization of the company in the lithium-e-commerce industry, this year, the overall capital expenditure of LG companies is expected to be lowered, but maintaining continuous investment on critical business..

Affected by the epidemic, my country’s base expansion is slightly delayed, but the full-year expansion schedule is constant, and it is expected to achieve 100GWH in 2020. In 2021, it reaches 120GWH, and Hangjia Technology is expected to benefit LG’s expansion plan..

In terms of lithium electric copper foil, according to Nord Shares, in July this year, the investor interactive platform has established a continuous and stable cooperative relationship with LG chemistry, etc., and LG chemical supply orders continue to add.

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