Global first! General Motors Ultium battery will be equipped with wireless management technology

Global first! General Motors Ultium battery will be equipped with wireless management technology

When the battery of the smartphone is exhausted, the user can usually choose to replace the new device to solve this problem.. However, electric cars cannot be like this.

Therefore, the battery life of electric vehicles is much higher than that of the mobile phone battery, and the manufacturer has always thought of the life of the brain.. Based on the above background, Generalmotors developed a wireless battery management system, managing battery information through wireless technology, monitoring battery status.

According to foreign media reports, there is no electric car in the world to carry such a wireless battery management system, but it will be used for the Ultium battery developed by General Motors to become the standard of all electric vehicles in the future.. Specifically, and the current battery module is connected to the in-vehicle management system through the wiring, the general-purpose wireless battery management system integrates a radio frequency antenna on the board, transmitting data through 2.

4 GHz wireless protocol. For example, collect information from the battery module and send voltage and other measurement data to the user..

This transmission mode is similar to Bluetooth, but the power consumption is lower.. If relevant issues have been discovered, users can also communicate through the cloud and general automotive.

. Under the blessing of the wireless battery management system, users and generic cars can better understand the battery conditions, including real-time driving data during extreme weather or use, and even data before assembled into the car..

In addition to obtaining and transmitting data, the radio battery management system can also balance the electric charge within a single battery of the electric vehicle to achieve the best performance.. In addition, software systems and battery nodes can be reprogrammed in the form of air download (OTA).

In order to prevent hackers from intrusion, the radio battery management system also adopts end-to-end encryption.. The battery is reused easier.

Because do not completely maintain the management system, do not change the difficulty to be recycled, and the repeated use of the battery has also become more convenient.. General company high-voltage battery chief designer Andyoury said: “In the future, customers will benefit from the radio battery management system, no need to purchase new cars.

“Of course, users have the right to choose to join or exit this battery monitoring driving mode. General Motor Global Electrification Director Timgrewe said “consumers may soon hope that the battery life can reach the current four to five times, so the company is ready to prepare. In addition, the radio battery management system stores data from the battery module and can check the battery health in real time to ensure the normal use of the battery.

. By analyzing these particle data, you can also identify minimal differences in batteries, suppliers or performances in different regions and climates..

“On the other hand, this environmental method reduces at least 1 kg of weight and 3 meter long wiring per vehicle.. In addition, there is another benefit of eliminating this nearly 90% of the battery pack: In the entire industry, the cable battery should be sufficiently physical clearance when connecting, so that the technician will operate.

. Eliminate the wiring and connection points save space, you can fill more battery in a limited space..

In addition, GM can supply plug-and-play battery modules for heavy trucks and passenger cars without having to redesign the harness or communication system for them.. This can also help the company accelerate the process of new cars listed, to a certain extent, to make profitability.

Engineers and managers of GM said that they have reduced the cost of Ultium batteries to less than $ 100 per kilowatt (this is not an easy task). It is reported that General Motors will launch a new electric Hummer with up to 1,000 horsepower, which will also be the first 20 models launched by the US and my country’s market.

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