Global battery industry enters’ Zhong Japan and South Korea

Global battery industry enters' Zhong Japan and South Korea

Although the industrial Fushan ( is limited to the share of the bank, the stock price falls, but the other “unicorn” company CATL ( stocks after the restricted sale, the stock price is low.

. On June 11th, CATL lifted shares for the first public release, the amount of restricted shares of the restricted share of 980 million shares, accounting for 44.64% of the total CATL total; this actually listed shares The number is 956 billion shares, accounting for 43.

72% of CATL total share capital.. As of 13, June 13, CATL closed 71.

01 yuan / share, rising 3.44%, lasting three days, the trend of the rise, CATL solution was relieved, but the pressure of domestic and foreign power lithium battery competition is getting more and more, Can CATL that bundled new energy cars to stay, becoming the focus of all parties concerned. The banned market value exceeded 66.

2 billion yuan 988 billion yuan first shareholder restricted shares, according to 67.6 yuan / share calculation at the time of stopping on June 10, about 66.248 billion yuan.

Affected by CATL restricted shares, CATL share price once fell more than 6%, but after opening in the afternoon, CATL share price began to rebound, as of the closing, CATL share price 68.19 yuan / share, rising 0.87%.

In the past year, the share price has also experienced the roller coaster, from the listing price of the first day, the maximum price increased to 95.16 yuan / shares, and then started down, as of June 11, closed, closed the market, the first day of the listing More than 88%. In an interview with the “Huaxia Times” reporter, CATL and industrial Funel joints are a unicorn company that has been paying attention to the market.

Out of the future of CATL’s future prospects, in addition, the ban is not equal to immediate reduction, investors don’t have to panic. From the perspective of funds, according to the statistics of the same floral (83.430, -3.

16, -3.65%), June 11, CATL total inflow is 1.041 billion yuan, with a total flow of 557 million yuan, net inflow is 484 million yuan, specifically The amount of large single inflow is 745 million yuan, the amount of flow is 346 million yuan; the amount of the medium flow is 163 million yuan, the amount of flowing amount is 125 million yuan; the amount of small single flow is 134 million yuan, the amount of flowing amount is 86.

39.03 million yuan..

At present, the global battery industry is entering the Sino-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Korean, as the leader in my country’s battery industry, and CATL is in the wind of new energy vehicles.. In the past 2018, CATL has also experienced the period of entering competition from highlights.

. On June 11, a year, CATL, known as “Power Lithium Battery Unicorn” is listed in the Shenjiao, the first day, the report of 36.2 yuan / share, the market value is raised to 78.

6 billion yuan, becoming the GEM Two major market capitalists. However, since the third year of 2018, CATL85.29 billion accounts receivable accumulated that the proportion of revenues was as high as 91.

12%, and the gross profit margin continued to fall, etc.. Since the second half of 2018, domestic and foreign power lithium battery companies competition accelerate, CATL has also begun to smell the dangerous taste.

Licensed the private company CATL in Ningde City, Fujian Province, only took only 7 years to take the head of the dynamic lithium battery industry, the market value exceeded the battery industry, BYD, triggered BYD’s “urgency”, speed up the development of the power lithium battery. On December 6, 2018, BYD’s headquarters said in Shenzhen Headquarters that it plans to list the battery business in 2022; in the earlier this year, BYD revealed to the media when the 2017 annual financial report was announced. BYD is doing the business stripping of the power lithium battery, which is expected to be split in the end of 2018 or early 2019.

. “BYD’s movement is more than CATL, it is important because the overall sales plan is more fierce, and the downstream vehicle model is still in the new car cycle. Sales have a certain support, and it is also talking about external supply, (battery business) slowly Sub-off, listed separately, this plan also said that BYD will not be redundantly redundant in the future.

“New Energy Analyst for a Private Equity Fund to reporter. “BYD battery is important is supporting, which is the main model..

“The new energy analyst of the above private equity fund also revealed that it learned from the material manufacturer that BYD’s share of the production of material manufacturers is getting bigger and bigger, proves that sales in downstream is also improving.. Power lithium battery company competition has intensified in addition to BYD, CATL is also facing the competition of Japanese and Korea’s powered lithium battery companies.

. In May, Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, SKI3 Power Lithium Battery Company Mount “Car Power Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Industry White List (First Batch)”, giving domestic power lithium battery companies pressure. Wang Jing, New Energy Analytics in Chaos Investment, said in an interview with “Huaxia Times” report: “CATL and BYD’s original supporting models will not immediately appear other supplies, the original customers can also take tight in their hands, no Because the foreign battery factory comes in my country’s lost its own market share, it will receive a new amount due to the small factory; but in the long run, the global pattern is competitive, the whole industry is less than 10, and ultimately with core competitiveness The company only has 4-5 households left.

. “In fact, with the gradual resumption of new energy car subsidies, the competition of local dynamic lithium battery companies and Japan-Korea dynamic lithium battery companies will be competencable again at the end of 2020..

“The battery impact of foreign manufacturers is generally reflected in 2020, (and domestic head dynamic lithium battery companies) competition is important after 2020, (Domestic Power Lithium Battery Company) is still grabbing the customer’s stage. “Wang Jing also said, but in the current point of view, high incremental car companies in 2020, especially new energy, high-increasing, more concentrated in foreign-invested car companies..

Under the fierce competition, and more car companies signed orders, becoming an important driving lithium battery company’s survival “magic”. Day 7, Japan’s largest automotive manufacturer Toyota Auto and CATL and BYD carry out battery supply and development cooperation to deal with high rise in electric vehicles..

About the industry competition situation Global fixed point for mainstream projects in the factory. The latest 2019 quarterly report shows that CATL achieved revenue of 9.982 billion yuan, up 168.

93% year-on-year; net profit of 1.047 billion yuan, up 153.35% year-on-year.


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