General Charge Lithium Battery Factory reduces 50 jobs

General Charge Lithium Battery Factory reduces 50 jobs

General Motor Cut 50 jobs in the US Chevrolet Wo Landa Battery Factory. General Vehicle said on Tuesday that it is planned to cut 50 jobs in a lithium-ion battery pack factory in Detroit..

General Upon announced last month, it will be discontinued in 2019, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Chevrolet Verde. It is reported that the general will cut 37 timed posts and 13 paid positions in the Brangston Battery Factory in February..

GM is said that 116 employees in this factory. This battery factory also assembles lithium-ion batteries for universal cars that are discontinued by universal cars, including Buick Church hybrid vehicles..

It is worth noting that the Browns Dun factory is based on the general public announcement last month.. Previously, general representations, North American five plants will be suspended, including four plants of the United States, and cut up to 15,000 jobs.

General Motors are cutting six cars, including: Chevrolet Verde, Lacrosse, Chevrolet Black Head, Chevrolet Cruz, Cadillac CT6 and Cadillac XTS. Generally speaking last week, 2,800 hours of work in other assembly plants in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland’s discontinued work. In addition, general statements will be nearly 700 in Detroit Hamterrack, in February, the plant plans to stop production next year.

. The HamTrack Factock will stop the Buick Yue and Chevrolet Wo Landa before March next year, and stopped production in June..

But it is worth noting that most unemployed workers will be able to transfer to other plants.

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