Ganfeng Lithium Industry: 590 million yuan to increase the capital of the subsidiary to increase the battery and lithium carbonate industry

Ganfeng Lithium Industry: 590 million yuan to increase the capital of the subsidiary to increase the battery and lithium carbonate industry

锋 业 (002460) Midday announcement on July 30, the company’s board agreed to increase capital of 200 million yuan in Jiangxi, Jiangxi, Jiangxi, from its own funds (referred to as “front battery”), Ningdu County Zhou Lithium Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Ningdu”) increased by 390 million yuan.

The notice shows that the original registered capital of the residential battery is 300 million yuan. After the capital increase is 500 million yuan, the company holds 100% equity; Ningdu, the original registered capital is 10 million yuan, and the registered capital after capital increase RMB 4 billion, the company holds 100% equity. At the same time, the industrial and commercial change registration procedures for the operation of the company’s operations level.

Notice showing that the main business of the Head Battery is R & D, production, sales of lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, rechargeable batteries, portable electronic products and their combined products and related parts, and supply related product design, Technical consultation and after-sales service. The company has achieved operating income of 107 million yuan in 2017 and March, 2.21 million yuan, net profit – 11.

206,600 yuan, -407.93 million. Ningdu, a front, engaged in the production, processing and sales of lithium carbonate, chemical raw materials and chemicals; the company’s export business of the company and the company’s equipment, spare parts, and original revolution Import business of materials and technology, currently no yet.

The lithium-illegal lithium industry said that this capital increase is to expand the capital strength of wholly-owned subsidiaries, and ensure the capital needs of all-sized subsidiary projects.. This capital increase does not change the proportion of the company’s shareholding of the wholly-owned subsidiary, and will not have a significant impact on the company’s future financial situation and operating results.

There is no situation in which the company and all shareholders’ interests.. The first-day announcement of the lithium-life, the company’s twenty-second meeting of the fourth board of directors held in July 29, 2018, approved the “Zhejiang Zhejiang Zhejiang Solid Lithium Ion Battery R & D” The first phase of the project, the proposal of the first assessment and rewarding method ” The first phase of performance appraisal indicators of the line project have achieved achievements, the company agrees to honor the first phase of this project to meet the eligible 22 incentives.

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