Future charging lithium battery will become the most competitive in the energy storage area

Future charging lithium battery will become the most competitive in the energy storage area

The researchers of the London Imperial Polytechnic (ICL) have recently developed a predictive model that can be used to determine 12 different applications in 2015 and 2050, and the cost of life costs.. The conclusion drawn by the model is that the lithium-ion battery cell will be the cheapest technology in the next few decades.

. The results of the study have been published in Joule Journal. Senior Author IAINSTAFFELL of the paper believes: “We found that lithium-ion batteries follow the development pace of crystal silicon solar panels.

. Lithium-ion batteries have been very expensive, only for small applications, but they are now manufactured with large numbers, and their cost is much faster than other energy technology..

“ICL model combines more than 30 data of peer review research. Studies have shown that the cheapest energy storage mechanism is a pumping capacity combined with hydraulic power generation..

The water source is sent to a higher altitude storage pool through the spare energy pump, then release the gravity potential energy of the water when you want.. However, over time, the cost of pumping energy will not decrease, while the cost of the lithium-ion battery will continue to decline.

. This will make the latter will become the best choice for most applications after 2030..

The chief author Oliverscht said, in person, he has been skeptical about the energy storage technology of lithium-ion batteries, but when the overall cost of energy storage, the cost of the lithium-ion battery will be a significant advantage to it.. In the future, although the researchers cannot predict how new materials or new technologies affect the market trend, they hope that the model can be used to test various technical costs and performance hypothesis, and help industry and policy makers make informed investment decisions.

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