Fujian Plan 2022 battery production over 150GWH Support electric ship development and production

Fujian Plan 2022 battery production over 150GWH Support electric ship development and production

A few days ago, in order to effectively respond to the infrastructure of the epidemic, accelerate the new energy vehicle promotion application and the high-quality development of the industry, the Fujian Industrial Information Office, the Ministry of Development, etc. Industrial high quality development promotes the notice of “Electric Fujian” Construction Three-Year Action Plan (2020-2022) “, clearly focusing on cultivating and building new energy vehicles, energy storage batteries, new energy equipment industrial clusters, growth and extension industrial chains. It is estimated that by 2022, the total output value of the whole industry will exceed 280 billion yuan.

. According to the “Action Plan”, Fujian will vigorously support the expansion of new energy industries in the province. By 2022, the province’s powerful lithium battery production exceeds 150GWH, and it has promoted 560,000 applications for new energy vehicle standard vehicles, on the 2019 cumulative promotion application double.

All new and updated buses in the province have adopted new energy vehicles; new energy vehicles suitable for new energy vehicles, all new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles, new and updated urban cruise taxis, network approxishes rental All the new energy vehicles are used in principle, accelerate the promotion of the rented rental car adopt new energy vehicles; the new and updated sanitation in the central city, the postal logistics car is in principle all new energy vehicles.. The “Action Plan” encouraged Xin Energy Motors Fujian Province to increase research and development, provincial finances gave 5 million yuan for newly recognized national corporate technology centers, and the newly recognized national engineering research center, the highest national key laboratory 10 million yuan.

For new energy vehicles (including expansion models), new energy vehicles (including expansion models), newly developed new energy vehicles (including “notices” and “Recommended Catalog” from the national “notice” and “recommended catalog”, 2000 and above Car or logistics special car, each model gives one-time new product development award 1 million yuan, 5 million yuan; newly developed smart car passed the domestic authoritative test institution certified to reach the L4 level unmanned new energy car model (including Expand models). Supporting company increased R & D investment, “Action Plan” proposed, the company invested more than 10 million yuan in the annual single research and development funding, using “one thing” means, apply for company R & D fees to subsidized. Companies that invest 100 million (inclusive), which have been investigated in the previous year, and the annual approved subsidy is implemented.

. At the same time, the “Action Plan” proposes to support the establishment of battery rental companies, carry out battery rental, installment payment, etc. in new energy vehicles, new energy equipment and other purchases; support the promotion of electric bicycle battery shift rental business, expand the consumer market.

3% of the battery amount purchased by the battery rental company to the battery production company, the total amount of the three-year subsidy does not exceed 90 million yuan. The “Action Plan” also proposed new energy equipment such as electric ship, new energy construction machinery and agricultural machinery such as ship, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other leading companies..

For new energy equipment production companies driven by power lithium batteries (single energy density is not less than 140 watt / kg), 10% of the power lithium battery amount in the new energy equipment in the provincial promotion application, single The company’s annual award does not exceed 10 million yuan. According to the plan, Fujian Province is planned to start the construction of the pilot project of large energy storage power station in 2020. By 2022, it breaks through the capacity development and commercial application.

. At the same time, actively promote the province’s conditional inner rivers, lakes, and newly updated official ships adopt electric ships, fixed routers, and travelers, tourism and leisure and other civilians; carry out new energy engineering machinery and agricultural machinery demonstration applications Cultivate a number of new energy equipment production companies such as electric ships, new energy construction machinery, etc.

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