Foreign media: TSLA will build a battery factory in Indonesia

Foreign media: TSLA will build a battery factory in Indonesia

Tencent Technology News According to foreign media, according to a local official, TSLA is preparing to build a battery factory in Indonesia.. Local News reported in Indonesia, Minister of Marine Affairs, Minister Luhurt Binsarpandjaitan, said TSLA is a number of Morrovali Industrial Park (IMIP) expected to be in Sueraway, Indonesia.

One of the companies of the battery manufacturing plant. “CATL is one of the companies that enter the Morovali Industrial Park. It and LG are important to enter the company.

TSLA has also joined, but it will play more use, I don’t know. I don’t know the role of TSLA, because it is responsible for managing it is a company camp..

“The official said that my country’s largest electric vehicle battery manufacturer CATL is in the highest level of the project, but LG and TSLA also participate in it.. He is talking about the company’s camp, the company’s camp will develop an important battery factory for electric vehicles.

. According to the official, the relevant details are still finalized..

They are waiting for the President of Indonesia to sign the presidential order, the decree will introduce major tax incentives for electric vehicles, and reduce import tariffs.. TSLA has not confirmed its source of Battery in my country’s super factory GigaFactory3.

Recently, this car manufacturer suggests that it plans to produce batteries yourself.

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