Foreign media: TSLA has been preparing for the production of batteries in the expansion of Shanghai Factory

Foreign media: TSLA has been preparing for the production of batteries in the expansion of Shanghai Factory

September 17th, the leading company of the global electric motor market, US TSLA is building an electric vehicle factory in Shanghai, my country, current construction and production line assembly is being tense. However, according to the latest news of foreign media, according to the photos of the construction site, foreign media believes that Shanghai Factory has expanded the construction scale than the protocol, which may be prepared for subsequent lithium-ion batteries..

According to foreign media reports, TSLA’s electric vehicle factory in Shanghai is the first factory building in my country, and the first electric vehicle factory in TSLA in overseas areas.. It is worth mentioning that under the new regulations of our auto industry investment, TSLA is also the first foreign-funded foreign-owned company in manufacturing and sales in my country.

. In the context of global trade uncertainty factors, localized production in my country will help TSLA to prevent tariffs and other factors, while reducing costs. TSLA has been eager to achieve the goal of investigating the Shanghai factory, and they have been building a Shanghai factory with the fastest speed.

. This factory officially started in January this year, plans to completed before this year..

Recently, drones video showed that TSLA has completed most of the construction tasks of this giant building earlier this summer, and the appearance of the factory can also be seen, but the current key construction task is to produce inside the factory.. In the past few months, we have seen a few photos from the factory, showing TSLA to establish a production line before the Model3 is put into production, and it is expected to be put into production in the next few weeks.

. Although the focus is on the work of the factory, TSLA seems to have planned to expand this huge building..

UAV video shows that TSLA has been graded assessment for more land near the factory, and digs new foundations outside the main plant.. Tsla in Shanghai’s land of course also has a greater development space, but the company has never announced formal expansion Shanghai factory.

. At the new model Mode, this year, TSLA showed the appearance of the Shanghai Electric Motor Factory, which has been completed, and these pictures are very similar..

About TSLA and Mask, the most important thing is to make Shanghai Factory to be completed early, and Masque has adjusted some plans in Shanghai.. Initially, Mask, as the TSLA hand, hoping that the battery production also included in this plant, but in order to prevent the impact of import tariffs, they had to put the battery item in the secondary position, focusing on the electric car to put production.

Foreign media pointed out that important factories that currently complete construction will be used in the manufacture of electric vehicles, and the construction of the other side in the factory may be used in lithium ion battery pack production.. For TSLA, it is actually normal in the stage of construction.

. TSLA has a lithium-ion battery factory in Nevada, USA, which belongs to the factory of cooperation with Japan..

The Nevada Battery Factory is a slow construction in phases.. The Nevada Battery Factory has been put into production for a lot of time, but so far, the official information announced by TSLA is one-third of the factory.

. After the production, TSLA did not continue to expand the factory, in other words, the factory still did not reach the initial and its production production..

According to reports, there is still some construction construction inside the Nevada Battery Factory.. About Shanghai Factory, starting production will be 3,000 vehicles per week (ie 12,000 per month), as the production line is gradually running normally, TSLA will make the production quickly climb.

After my country’s localization production, TSLA electric vehicles not only remove the burden on import tariffs, but also some subsidies in my country’s electric vehicles.. In August, my country’s regulatory authorities have exempt from 10% of the three electric vehicles imported by TSLA.

. In addition, TSLA has launched a schedule of model models produced by Shanghai Plant, but the official disclosure of booking data has not been disclosed so far..

The TSLA domestic version of Model3 is $ 47,000, which is more than 10,000 US dollars than the US-selling Model3.. After this price is announced, TSLA has also triggered some discussion, some industry insiders believe that the pricing is too high, does not reflect the advantages of domestic local production.

. It is worth mentioning that in addition to my country Shanghai, TSLA is also preparing to build overseas, second electric motor automotive plants in Germany in Europe (Europe is also the key market of TSLA electric vehicles, the number of countries covered in several major continents worldwide). ).

Recently, German media reports said that the executives of TSLA are in the German cities in Germany, which is likely to be in Northway or under Saxony.

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