Foreign media: my country will rule the electric motor market to make a role model

Foreign media: my country will rule the electric motor market to make a role model

Foreign media said that my country is not only electric motorcycle big country, may soon become an electric car big country – if it is still not calculated. No electric car in any country rises like this. Last year, my country sold 351,000 electric vehicles, only 190,000 vehicles in 2015 – an increase of 85%.

The government has adopted some measures to make the purchase of electric vehicles more attractive to the national, and Beijing tried to use the advantage of financial encouragement measures and approval to make this country that is contaminated by carbon dioxide.. According to Switzerland, my country’s government has also implemented strict provisions on the industry:.

In addition, by 2020, 70% of the electric vehicles sold in my country must be my country’s brand. Protection measures should also help this help: such as imported electric cars are not subsidized, import tariffs are high. According to reports, my country’s national regulations and the opposite of Switzerland policies.

Although purchasing electric vehicles can enjoy tax-on-pay discounts in Individual states in Switzerland, but basically Switzerland still rely on free market. This is hindered by rapidly converting to electric vehicles: the charging pile is still insufficient, this is not an argument to the purchase of electric cars..

Last year Swiss electric car sales fell into the stagnation. According to the data of the Swiss German Radio and Television, only 3,295 cars sold in the 3,1732 cars belong to battery drive – that is, only about 1%. In Duisburg-Essen University, the professor of Essen University, Ferdinand Durden, Ferdin, in the view, my country’s example is a lot of luck in the environment.

“my country forces the transform of car manufacturers to transform thinking,” Durden Hel said. As the most important market in automotive business, this country can determine the rules. According to the report, if the manufacturer of Europe or the United States does not meet this trend, then this business will open them, Ford, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen or Mercedes, etc.

, if not electrification is in my country. Better sell. However, with Donald Trump, the United States has started an opposite momentum: “After the new president came to the stage, the oil became cheaper again, he is not interested in carbon dioxide.

. “Report, no matter what, the heart of the electric car industry is already Asia. Duisburg – Essen University’s automotive research center believes that European deleted production opportunities for battery packs (motor vehicles).

The center said that demand will reach the current 70 times in the next nine years.. And “The European battery can be said to be complete”, the head of the center Durden, Fei, said that my country’s manufacturers have not been able to participate in the development of the leading gasoline, but the road to the electric motor market has been determined.

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