Foreign companies have survived domestic battery companies to survive

Foreign companies have survived domestic battery companies to survive

Recently, CATL founders Zeng Qun on the “struggle of CATL people” in CATL, the internal group of internal group issued by “Typhoon is coming, pig is really flying?” The industry is worrying and the future is deeply analyzed in the entire industry.. Zeng Yunxun wrote: “When we sleep in the warm bed of policy, the competitor is facing the dryness of life and death, and the gap between a further retreat can be imagined.

. We haven’t thought about it. If a foreign company is coming back in the second half of the year, can we still sleep a lot of eyes? Does the state protect companies that are not competitive? People without thought, he must worry about”.

The Zeng Yunxun warned to CATL internal employees, but why didn’t it be a reminder for the entire domestic power lithium battery company? After all, many people may think that the current power lithium battery is the world of my country, because our government supplies a rich subsidy policy, because my country is the world’s largest auto market, our electric vehicle sales account for 60% of the world.. But the fact now? my country is a new energy car big country, but it is never powered lithium battery strength.

. From the most critical endurance mileage from the new energy car, it is equipped with the puffy power lithium battery Tslamodels, the battery life has reached 480 km..

In addition to the two models of BYD E6 and Teeas, the two models can reach 300 kilometers, and others are in the range of 150-200 kilometers.. “The energy density is related to the battery life of the power lithium battery.

Take Panasonic as an example, the current energy density of Panasonic has reached 300Wh / kg; And the three-yuan battery of 633, 811 positive electrode material, its energy density has been 330Wh / kg. In contrast, domestic ternary batteries can do 130Wh / kg, it is not easy..

“A industry insider believes that Zeng Qun should have seen the gap between this, and deeply referred to the foreign battery company to enter China has emerged.. We can see that on April 27, Dalian Panasonic Automobile Power Lithium Battery Project announced that it is formally put into production, and important products are prismatic lithium-ion batteries.

. At the same time, Panasonic will jointly build a power lithium battery factory in Suzhou and a domestic Pack, which is Jetstar New Energy, is expected to invest in in the second half of 2017. The annual output of the core is about 100 million in 2017.

. Coincidentally, TSLA will determine the selection of 2-3 new super battery plants at the end of this year..

Wang Yang, deputy prime minister of my country, met Mask in Beijing. According to reports, the content of talks is likely to address the site selection of TSLA Super Battery Factory and Electric Motor Factory..

In the industry, there is general prediction, TSLA’s 2-3 super factory will have a factory will settle in my country.. Let’s take a look at the “Sad” event being entered into the “Cold Palace” Samsung SDI and LG.

Previously, LG revealed in their annual reports, and the operating rate ranked in China’s battery factory.. At the same time, in 2017, Q1 Samsung SDI was equipped with 20 special vehicles, LG chemistry as Geely installed 65 plug-in hybrid passenger cars, which were equipped with 35 hybrid passenger vehicles for Shanghai.

. Although the amount is not very large, this is also fully explained that domestic new energy vehicles do not exclude Korean battery companies, and their energy density and price advantage are very obvious, domestic battery companies have no subsidies, in Korea batteries The proportion is often in a disadvantage. If the following is completely released, this fear of Zeng Qun is very necessary.

. With the end of the government subsidies, the new energy vehicle entered the complete marketization, Japan and South Korea batteries can no longer be rejected by the battery company directory, and there will be more choices..

In the next three years, domestic power lithium battery companies can not form their own competitive advantage in technology and cost, will face the danger of being eliminated by the market.. “Born in trouble, died in peace, people have no near worry.

Negative and short-sighted behavior must eventually bring the failure of the business, the failure of life, and the collective shortgo will affect the progress of the company, and finally causing the company’s failure.. “It can be said that Zeng Qun’s words, use in the current domestic power lithium battery industry, no taste.

The time left to the domestic power lithium battery company, maybe not much. .

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