Foreign car companies borrow battery research and development to seize my country’s market advantage

Foreign car companies borrow battery research and development to seize my country's market advantage

In our market, foreign car companies have strengthened cooperation with local companies in my country, accelerating battery technology update replacement process, thereby reducing costs and winning consumers, occupying more market share. The development of the global electric car is in full swing, and all major automakers have vigorously develop electric car batteries, and have made breakthroughs in key technologies such as battery life, endurance mileage, and charging time. Enhance product competitiveness.

. In our market, foreign car companies have strengthened cooperation with local companies in my country, accelerating battery technology update replacement process, thereby reducing costs and winning consumers, occupying more market share. Compared with traditional internal combustion engines, electric vehicles have advantages of small noise, less pollution and low maintenance costs.

. However, in terms of electric vehicle battery technology, there are still difficulties in key areas such as battery life, endless mileage and charging time, and these difficulties are also the key to reducing costs and truly winning consumer trust..

Many industry experts believe that the average price of the battery has not fallen below $ 100 per kilowatt, and this price is considered to be the truly competitive threshold compared to electric vehicles and traditional gasoline power cars; once the battery price drops to Under this level, the development of electric vehicles will undoubtedly enter a new stage.. According to reports, QUANTUMSCAPE, which supported by Volkswagen and Bill Gates, announced in the beginning of this month, its latest solid state battery increased by 80% of the electric vehicle battery life, can be filled with 80% of electricity within 15 minutes; the battery is 300 miles in the battery life (About 480 km) or higher vehicles are equipped, the normal service life will reach around 12 years.

. In addition, the solid-state battery energy density exceeds 1,000 watches per liter, which is almost twice the density of the commercial lithium-ion battery pack. It is 4 times that of the US TSLAMODEL3 model, which reports that this solid battery can even supply power for the aircraft.

. Quantumscape said that the battery is planned to be put into production in 2024. When the new battery is moved from the laboratory to the road, it still needs time, but the test data shows that the potential of battery technology is surprising.

. In March, General Motors announced a new electric car battery Ultium, and the battery can reach 400 miles or more, and the battery is low, and the price may fall below $ 100 per kilowatt..

In September this year, TSLA launched its high-profile battery technology development plan, including significantly cutting battery production costs, driving electric vehicles accelerated. At the same time, my country’s battery research and development and production power are also increasing, and progress in multiple important research and development areas..

In terms of lithium-ion batteries, less cobalt and cobalt technology are important development directions. According to reports, cobalt is a scarce and expensive resource, so this technology is considered to reduce the key factors of battery costs..

At present, my country is actively strengthening research and development in less cobalt and cobalt technology.. In June, my country’s largest car battery company CATL New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd. announced a battery that can be used for 16 years and a mileage of 2 million kilometers..

CATL said that has its own “cobalt” battery technology reserves, which will be a new subversion product. Those who have been expressed in the past few times, positive and CATL jointly develop “silicon-donate lithium battery” technology, and will take the lead in the world to apply the battery technology, and the power lithium battery applied to the application. According to reports, compared to the current level of industry, the energy density of this battery will be 30% to 40%, up to about 1000 kilometers of battery life, 200,000 kilometers zero attenuation.

my country’s battery technology research capacity and launch of research and development results have also prompted foreign car companies to accelerate the pace of cooperation.. CATL is available to Tsla, Volkswagen, Honda, Peugeot Citroen and BMW and other pure electric vehicles large-scale production company.

Localized battery production helps foreign car companies reduce costs, and the results of R & D cooperation will further help reduce prices and improve product performance, and continue to open up electric car consumption market.. In March, my country’s second largest battery manufacturer in BYD officially launched a blade battery, and the battery life reached the same level of high energy ternary lithium-ion battery.

. According to reports, BYD plans to supply a phosphate blade battery to Daimler, and Ford, USA is intended to cooperate with BYD, and the British Jaguar Land Tiger is also looking for cooperation with BYD..

It is worth noting that BYD has announced that the Toyota launched a pure electric car type and the power lithium battery field.. Nissan Motors said that in response to a new generation of batteries applicable to hybrid vehicles, Nissan will discuss with my country’s battery company Xinwangda electric vehicle battery companies.

. It is reported that Nissan hopes to use a new generation of batteries on hybrid vehicles equipped with autonomous technology E-POWER. In addition to lithium-ion battery technology, the interest in fuel power cell technology in the industry in recent years is also new.

The hydrogen fuel power battery is very environmentally friendly, and can guarantee longer endless mileage, and the supplementary fuel is also shorter.. However, although many advantages have many advantages, fuel power battery technology is still facing off-cost and infrastructure lack.

. At present, foreign car companies are actively layout my country’s fuel power battery market..

Toyota has announced the establishment of a joint venture in my country, and established a joint venture company in my country, promoting the development of hydrogen fuel power batteries, and plans to use it for the upcoming fuel power battery car in Toyota.

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