Foreign batteries, strong return, CATL warm bed couch is difficult to snore

Foreign batteries, strong return, CATL warm bed couch is difficult to snore

Four-day ago, in the headquarters building, No. 9, Jindang Road, Ningde, Fujian, China, the first annual report of the office desk, made Zeng Yun Baixue. April 24, CATL announced financial report.

In 2018, the company achieved a total revenue of 29,611 billion yuan, up 48.08% year-on-year; net profit reached 3.387 billion yuan.

Since listed in June last year, this answer from him has saved the competitors.. CATL’s madness proceeds from policy dividends.

Under the leadership of Zeng Qun, the company only used the world’s first throne in 8 years, and the market value was once averaged 180 billion yuan, and the foreign giants such as Panasonic, LG chemistry were defeated.. But this year, policy Dongfeng mutation.

On February 1, the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce have publicly requested opinions on the “Encourage Foreign Investment Industry Directory (Draft for Comment)” and encourage foreign powertrain for lithium batteries to invest in.. The foreign giant is moving.

Panasonic, LG chemistry, etc. Japanese and South Korea dynamic lithium battery companies quickly carrying hundreds of billions of funds to return to our market. This made Zeng Qun have had to be able to call inside: “Don’t hide in the warm bed of policy.

. “But in the face of foreign capital with the return of technology and cost advantages, the Zeng Yun can awaken this” unicure “that is accustomed to the” unicorn “in the policy temperature, the foreign investment is fierce,” unicorn “has grown into a giant Tyrant. In 2018, the sales of CATL power lithium battery systems reached 21.

18GWH, and the first column of the global automobile power lithium-ion battery company shipments were ranked first, and the market accounting for 22.64%..

Keep up with yours, the old-fashioned market is 20.75%, only 1.89% behind.

But Zeng Qun is not stable on the throne.. While the policy dividends disappeared, the foreign giant tiger.

In “Encouraging Foreign Investment Industry Directory (Draft for Comment)”, foreign manufacturers will sit in key components such as power lithium batteries, fuel power batteries, and their related products and their local manufacturers.. The first shot of the return to my country is the pine.

On the eve of 2019, the world’s hegemony has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in my country’s new two production lines, and its output increased by 80%.. At the end of last year, at the Panasonic Entrepreneurship Centennial Memorial Meeting, Panasonic Head, Zi Ziyi, published more than an hour of speech and round table discussion, how is the core how to open up in my country?.

This occupational manager who is in charge of Panasonic seven years has a good brand. Unlike the cylindrical battery for TSLA, Panasonic is important in the Dalian factory to produce more advanced square power lithium batteries, and lower cost. Today, my country’s market is reopened, and Zupiyi Hong immediately challenged the CATL of the loss of policy, intended to take the world’s first printed battery.

. When the Panasonic opened in China, the Korean power lithium battery giant SK also announced the opening of the battle..

In the SK base, the Group President Cui Taike said, will vigorously support the group’s chemical department Skinnovation, and strive to become one of the world’s largest energy companies.. The Korean third largest multinational group is planned to 2022, the annual production of Skinnovation battery is increased from current 47GWH to 55GWH.

. In August last year, SK built a power lithium battery factory in Changzhou Jintan Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, expanded 7.5GWH.

At the same time, Skholdings is 270 billion won, which is the second major shareholder of Lingbao Huaxin Copper Foil Co., Ltd..

Ling Baohua Xin is one of the high-precision electrolytic copper foil companies that can produce power lithium battery standards.. SK is intended to master the battery full industry chain.

According to the incomplete statistics of the hornma energy, only the four companies, SK, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, in the past one year, the total investment power lithium battery industry has nearly 50 billion yuan. When the Panasonic confidence returns to our market, Ziyi Macro may remember the task in the past few years ago..

As early as 2015, Panasonic had investing nearly 3 billion yuan. In the battery factory of Dalian Construction, it can meet the carrying needs of 200,000 electric vehicles, and the supply area is important for North America and my country market..

Zeyi Hong Zeng Yisheng believes that my country’s power lithium battery market is the body in the sac.. But only one year later, this Panasonic promoted the fastest executive experienced a stick.

At the end of 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended model (5th batch)” (hereinafter referred to as “recommended directory”), compared to previous directories, new version revoked 5 models. The common point of these five cars is that the use of batteries produced by the list of “Automobile Power Battery Industry Specifications”, these products are from LG, Samsung SDI foreign companies. January 1, 2017, with the new version of “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Financial Subsidy Policy” began to implement the new energy models that explicitly use foreign powered lithium batteries will not enjoy subsidy policies, and they cannot enter the recommended directory.

. This new government makes the development of local suppliers, including CATL, and foreign suppliers have to accept the reality of failure..

But in more than two years, the policy is loosened, Zeng Qun “predict” into true. Goldbed is difficult to loosely tied more upstream customers. my country’s local new energy automotive manufacturers vote, some car companies began to “reverse” to foreign companies.

At the end of last month, President of Geely Automobile Group, CAN Cong Hui, said Geely will select the second battery provider, use it as a stock supplier, the supplier will be Japan and South Korea, and both parties will take joint venture.. And Jilly joint ventures, suspect is LG chemistry.

In 2018, the South Korea’s second largest group completed a large investment in my country.. In April last year, LG Chemicals and Hua Jinxin Energy Materials (Cangzhou) Co.

, Ltd. settled joint venture companies (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

. Three months later, the company announced the investment of approximately 13.8 billion yuan of construction of 32GWH Nanjing Plant.

The factory is expected to start mass production at the end of 2019, in 2023 to achieve comprehensive production. At the end of last year, the Korean giant announced that it will invest about 7.2 billion yuan before 2020, used to expand the Nanjing Plant, and build a small battery factory, and the relevant investment contract has been signed on January 9 this year.

. In order to cooperate with my country’s car companies, LG chemistry even transfer “sacrifice” production line and related technologies, to Geely, in order to exchange market share. Under the offensive of Japan and South Korea dynamic lithium battery companies, there will be more independent brand car companies in the future.

. Another crisis comes from the insufficient production of CATL self-production, single industrial structure, higher cost. “Insufficient production is one of the company’s competitive disadvantages.

“CATL said in the prospectus. Although this family with “GEM, a brother” is expanded, it is still difficult to meet the rapid rising market demand..

Not long ago, Dong Yang, executive vice president of my country’s Automobile Industry Association, 2018, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in the world is 2 million, of which my country has sold 1.25 million units, accounting for 62.5%.

. This number is still continuing. In the first quarter of this year, my country’s new energy vehicle production and sales completed 304,000 vehicles and 298,900, rising 1x and 1.

1 times higher than the same period of the previous year. It is expected that sales will reach 1.5 million this year.

. Although SAIC, Geely and other independent brands have placed orders, BMW, General and other overseas giants are also hugged, but the actual production of CATL nearly 30GWH is insufficient production, and the vehicle enterprises are supplied to a stable battery..

Unlike BYD, there is a vehicle, energy storage, information electronics, cloud track and other services, this star company only supports two business supports. Under the current situation of strong return of foreign investment, domestic power lithium battery companies continue to increase investment layout, CATL, high-cost, technical single constraint, may be difficult to compete with Panasonic. Swiss Bank (UBS) analyst has calculated the production cost of CATL, Panasonic and other global powered lithium battery companies.

The results showed that Panasonic 21700 cylindrical lithium ion battery cost is 111 US dollars / kWh, LG chemical cost is 148 US dollars / kWh, Samsung SDI and CATL costs more than $ 150 / kWh. Zeng Yunxun may have already expected the crisis that CATL will experience..

He has always emphasized that the company’s development is like marathon running, can’t rest, you have to have a goal.. The return return of the second half has been subscribed to the bureau.

A bowel competition market, a breeze, who has had to face it.. Tickets entering the second half may come from the field of intelligent manufacturing, and the recent series of tsla has sounded the alarm for this Fujian rich.

. Mandarund April 22, Tslaceo Elon Mask launched an automatic driving three-piece set in California headquarters: self-developing AI chip, Fullself-Drivng (fully automatic driving) computer, and Robotaxi (automatic driving taxi) deployment plan. Masque, it is widely considered to change the current situation of the automobile industry.

This is only a microcosm of the intelligent manufacturing industry.. As of 2018, my country’s intelligent manufacturing output value has reached 1.

69 trillion yuan, and it is expected that it will exceed 2 trillion in 2019.. The intelligent trend in the automobile industry is in the eyes of Zeng Yun in the body.

. Under his leadership, CATL opens strong combination. A week ago, Hua Zhijun, chairman of Huawei, conducted nearly half an hour of speech at the Shanghai Auto Show, announced Huawei officially entered the automotive industry.

. Subsequently, under the witness of Li Ping, the vice chairman of Xu Zhijun and CATL, CATL and Huawei official “hand in hand”, layout car supply chain. After experiencing the squad of the horse in the first half, Zeng Qun also had enough “ammunition” to run in the second half.

. This is benefited from the addition of new funds and adding advance payment..

In 2018, CATL’s annual operating activities have reached 11.316 billion yuan, up 362.04% year-on-year.

. However, before the official killing in the second half, Zeng Qun had to deal with the crisis from the first half, and the policy response is to bind the upstream vehicle enterprise..

In the past year, CATL frequently and SAIC, Guangqi, Geely, Dongfeng, FAW have independent brands have established joint ventures.. In addition, the company also has a corresponding binding agreement with North Airport, Chang’an, Yutong, and even BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler.

. On February 25, CATL and Beiqi Xin Energy, Pleide signed a five-year business deepening strategic cooperation agreement. In the next 5 years, CATL and Prad have the power lithium battery system products supplied to Beiqi new energy.

Just 9 days later, the company also set up a joint venture company and FAW Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd..

The new joint venture company registered capital of 2 billion yuan, CATL was funded by 1020 million yuan, holding 51% of the stock, and the FAW Group has funded 980 million yuan, and the share of 49%.. This series of initiatives reflects that Zeng Yun has already smelled the crisis.

. In fact, in April 2017, as a founder of CATL, Zeng Qun once announced a name “Typhoon is coming, is the pig really flying?”. This pragmatic entrepreneur has not only a warning employee.

If the foreign company is back, CATL’s good days will go to the head, the country will not protect companies without competitiveness.. Due to policy restrictions, my country’s powered lithium battery industry has ushered in two years of gold window.

Within two years, there is no foreign investment, CATL and BYD back to the territory of my country’s market, and successfully entered the first echelon of the global power lithium battery company.. In addition, including Bike, Yipi Lithium, Qiqi, China Aviation Lithium, Jievi Power, Wanxiangyi One Second, Card Negative Company Successfully Rise.

These later people have chased the first echelon in production, technical reserves, and customers.. Today, the power lithium battery market is not a blue sea dominant.

. In this trillion market, the technical and cost more excellent foreign company is watching the tiger, the second echelon is also in the palm. .

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