For the first time, the power lithium battery ‘five gold rules’

For the first time, the power lithium battery 'five gold rules'

Local time April 4th to 6th, 2017 European battery exhibition was held in Sindengen, Germany. As a total of CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, a global lithium-ion power lithium battery leader, a full product is unveiled, and the “five major gold rules” of the power lithium battery intersection was first proposed on the battery exhibition.. “Five Golden Law” Construct Green City Blueprint “safe, excellent performance, long life, low cost and cleaning manufacturing, is the five gold rules of CATL.

. “CTO Boge Ren said,” The first is the safety law, only the security products, consumers are willing to trust and choose electric vehicles; the second is to pursue superior performance, in addition to the market on high energy density, Products also achieve weather resistance to wide-area temperature changes, can be flexible to meet the world’s different use environments; third is battery products for long life, supply and vehicle with the same life, users do not need to replace the battery; fourth is low Cost, through the right price to promote electric vehicles to take the initiative to choose electric vehicles;. “” About the power lithium battery that has ended the service life, we will recycle it, and invest in the cyclic use in other applications.

. The recycling rate of the battery will reach 99%. “Bogeren introduces, from material, battery, battery pack development, manufacturing, battery recovery, ladder utilization, re-purification of raw material recycling, industrial chain core technology.

48V micrometric product is sought after 48V microcopyable stop system is a highlight of CATL in this exhibition. As a technique for improving car fuel consumption, the 48V microcopyable stop system solves the problem of energy conservation and emission reduction and transition cost this “fish and bear’s”. 48V microcopyable stop system has 30C charging magnification, 10 years of service life, excellent low temperature performance.

When using the 48V system to accelerate the motor, it is possible to fully exert its torque performance – achieving the maximum charge and discharge power in 10 seconds in 10 seconds.. And at the same time, the compact design of the battery pack improves the freedom in the compartment.

. The 48V microcampleting stop system gains highly evaluation at this exhibition, and the full range of lithium iron phosphate and three-dimensional cells are exhibited, including two star products “Enerspeedy” fast charged battery and “Enermagic” high-energy type. Core; has been recognized by German car brands, battery packs and battery management systems; and Golmud 50MWP grid-connected photovoltaic power storage project.

At the same time, it also exhibited its circular economy concept and intelligent manufacturing line, and it has been highly evaluated by visitors.

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