Flexible matrix charging stack: crack the electric car ‘charging

Flexible matrix charging stack: crack the electric car 'charging

One side is a large scale plan, and the utilization is extremely low, this is the two difficulties in the construction of charging pile layout in my country.. According to data shows that the current period of the state grid company operates the single pile of charging piles at the time of charging the length of 0.

35 hours, and the overall utilization is only 1.46%..

As of January this year, the Southern Power Grid System has built 4356 charging piles, most of which also have a vacancy.. According to the National Development and Reform Commission, “Electric Automotive Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020)” To meet the charging requirements of 5 million electric vehicles across the country.

In this regard, Zhang Yongwei, chief expert in my country’s electric vehicle 100 people, said, “If the strategy of building the pile strategy is constant, it can be expected that the future will cause huge investment waste”. The charging pile technology can’t drive the battery “upgrade” speed, this is a major reason for the low utilization rate of charging piles..

At present, the new energy vehicle charging magnification is rapidly improved, and the current air-fired charging pile has a considerable part of the charging speed, which means that the pile under today is likely to be discarded by the owner for more than two years.. Since the pre-charging standard is not uniform, the capacity and charging magnification of various types of electric vehicles in my country have different, and the difference in the output power requirements of the charger is large.

. In order to meet the charging requirements of various types of electric vehicles, the output power of the charger is very designed. When charging the electric vehicle with a small energy storage capacity, the waste of charging capacity will cause the charging capacity; if the output power of the charger is designed Small, although it can improve the utilization of the charging machine, when the electric vehicle with large energy storage capacity is charged, the charging time is extended, and the owner will bring inconvenience.

. Moreover, with the rapid development of the power lithium battery technology, future electric vehicles’ power demand for charging systems is getting bigger and bigger, how to use existing charging facilities to adapt to future high-power charging requirements in proper new investment, Is one of the confusion of industry rechargement facilities. The reporter learned that Shenzhen Ottun Power Equipment Co.

, Ltd. has been developed, and the flexible matrix charging stack technology with independent intellectual property rights is integrated with all or part of the smart charging module and monitoring system in electric vehicle charging station, using computer control technology to intelligence. Charging module for centralized control and dynamic allocation, supply electrical energy for electric vehicle power lithium battery.

This technology is expected to increase charging pile utilization and reduce a lot of investment waste.. Xiao Xia, chairman of Ott, said that comparing traditional charging pile technology, flexible matrix charging stack has the following characteristics: First, it is possible to meet the charging requirements of the future “battery upgrade” to prevent repetitive discouragement of charging piles.

. Flexible matrix charging stack technology can automatically identify and distribute the maximum charge power required according to vehicle needs, ensuring that each new energy vehicle can charge with maximum power..

Second, relatively centralized flexible matrix charging stack can reduce operational difficulty. Flexible matrix charging stack technology utilizes a charging cabinet, which can meet more than 10 charging piles, and arrange special person to maintain. On the one hand, this can easily prevent the fuel vehicle from accounting for charging piles; on the other hand, there is a special person’s value and operation maintenance, theoretically, the probability of accidents is low, even if an accident, it can also find and take measures.

. The third is the new business model to form a grid, operator, venue and owner’s interest community..

Once the utilization of the charging pile is improved, the enthusiasm of each participant can be improved.. In addition, the technical application does not require new land, and can take the mode of the station in the parking lot.

. For example, there is 10 to 20 parking spaces in a large parking lot, enforce the vehicle fast forward, and cannot occupy the parking space for a long time. This transformation stock can prevent the pressure of urban new land.

. At the same time, in business model, it can be divided into the parking lot, and ensure the power of the parking lot..

In addition, the flexible matrix charge stack technology can also prevent waste. Compared with the construction of a decentralized charging pile, the investment cost of the construction of flexible matrix charging stack is only a quarter of the latter..

Taking Shenzhen as an example, the current fuel passenger car daily is about 50 kilometers. If replacement of 500 kilometers of electric vehicles, an 800kW concentrated charge station (according to the full load of 10 hours according to the full load of 10 hours ) Can meet the charging requirements of approximately 1200 vehicles, investing about 2.4 million yuan.

If the demand for 1200 cars is used in a decentralized charging pile, it is necessary to build 1200 charging piles. It is necessary to invest about 12 million yuan..

If calculated that the supporting of the grid, reduced investment and prevention waste is more considerable. Regarding the new technology, Zhang Yongwei suggested that in the process of implementing the new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, the advancement of new technologies represented by flexible matrix charging stack should be considered, and the plan is appropriately adjusted, and the patent protection, standard development Assistance. At the same time, the region should be selected for the flexible matrix charging stack technology.

After verifying its advanced nature, expand the scope of promotion. .

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