First crack dynamic lithium battery recycling is difficult to create a powerful lithium battery traceability management platform

First crack dynamic lithium battery recycling is difficult to create a powerful lithium battery traceability management platform

New energy industry in rapid development, now facing a new topic: power lithium battery recycling. Dynamic lithium battery life is generally around 4-5 years, according to the industry, this year is the first batch of car battery retirement. At present, Beijing-Tianjin Hei has accelerates the establishment of regional recycling system to create a powerful lithium battery traceability management platform.

. Power lithium battery recycling, is imminent, and is in the long run. Now, new energy vehicles have risen rapidly, and the battery demand has increased, but the reality, the production of cobalt, nickel, etc.

required for the battery is very shortage, mostly dependent on imports. In this situation, the scrapped power lithium battery can also send a large number of usage – many retired automotive battery capacitys, can be transferred in the fields of energy storage, low-speed electric vehicles; Treatment, extracting metal such as nickel, cobalt, lithium, thereby realizing the recycling of materials “from the waste battery, to the new battery”, enhance resource utilization, alleviating the low pressure of raw materials. According to statistics, 2018 – 2020, the national accumulated scrap dynamic lithium battery will reach 120,000 to now to 200,000 tons, the front-end production and sales is hot, and the space recycling is equally wide.

. Although the market is large, there is also a lot of development problems..

Many companies are now squeezing in higher profits, and the investment in the recycling link is not enough; the recycling market is not standardized, the circular system is not perfect, many batteries have not entered the regular channel, but to the recycling “guerrilla”, small workshop In the hands; in addition to the recycling technology, some companies are still using artificial dismantling methods …

so, not only the recycling rate of raw materials is low, but also make the market chaos, leaving security, environmental protection and other hidden dangers. How to break? On the one hand, there is no rules that are not square, and new topics should be new..

In recent years, the relevant departments have successively introduced multiple policies and regulations, and the powerful lithium battery recycling has gradually followed; on the other hand, during the development process, each link is heavy, the company must have a clear social responsibility awareness.. At the time of the wind, there should be a form rate, can’t just focus on the short-time interests, no heart to overcome difficulties.

As one of the new energy vehicles, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei should play the advantages of regional industries, technology, first trial, to build recycling system, explore diversified business model, promote technological innovation, etc. The whole industry plays a demonstration take-up use. At present, the three companies are working together to build Hebei Huanghua Power Lithium Battery Factory, which is designed to build a decentralized dynamic lithium battery ladder.

Similar layout, it should be more appropriate, accurate. New energy car wind is in full, the wipe the city green traffic business card. As the first area of ​​my country’s green development, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is studying the green topic of car batteries.

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