First come, first served! Lithium battery big truck market ‘grab cake’

First come, first served! Lithium battery big truck market 'grab cake'

Under the background of national environmental protection and new “oil modification”, the trend of the forklium lithium electrification is constantly accelerating. CATL, BYD and other lithium battery are constantly incorporated, grab this “big cake”. In the manufacturing logistics handling link, the stringent conditions of the forklift are generally high, high frequency, high operating time, etc.

. In recent years, under the background of national environmental protection and new “oil to electricity”, the trend of forklium electrification is constantly accelerating. CATL, BYD and other lithium battery are constantly incorporated, grab this “big cake”.

CATL and other preceding games, the Jianghuai forklift 10 lithium-e-sports models successfully delivered domestic well-known automobile manufacturing companies. It is reported that the Jianghuai lithium-electric special model is standard with a CATL battery module, quality assurance, equipped with CAN communication system, grade fault processing, safe and efficient, bridge box integrated design, high transmission efficiency, low noise, unique battery sleep function, effective To energy saving protection, meet customer high-load demand. In fact, there is a layout in CATL in the forklift field.

. In November 2018, Hangfork Group announced the “XC series new energy forklift” and “Hangfork-C series lithium-ion battery” forklift, which is supplied by CATL supply to the module, joint venture with CATL and Hangfork Group. Peng Chengxin Energy Company assembling battery pack.

At that time, CATL technology director Hu Jianguo expressed its optimistic about electric forklift prospects: “The rapid development of warehouses, logistics and other industries, the market promotion of pure electric forklifts supply opportunities. In the next few years, electric forklift sales will remain a certain rise. “And another lithium battery BYD has entered the electric forklift field in 2009.

. In 2013, BYD was officially launched in the world’s first electric forklift to the market in the leading advantage in the field of lithium iron phosphate ion battery..

After several years of practice and development, BYD lithium iron forklifts have been approved by the excellent performance of environmental protection, high security, long life, maintenance, and rapid charging and rechargement and follow-up.. BYD, the person in charge, is expected to achieve sales of 5 billion yuan in electric forklift in 2020.

. It is understood that Guoxuan, who focused on lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, established a special forklift project department, and a battery product applied to forklift conditions..

Its lithium-ion battery has a very obvious competitive strength in terms of life, versatility, safety, and cost.. At present, the forklift power lithium battery pack of Guoxuan’s high-tech has passed a series of safety critical verification, including vibration test, mechanical impact, low temperature heating, high temperature heat dissipation performance, etc.

, ensuring the safety of products in practical applications. In addition, September 2019, Dongxu Photoeong along with his subsidiary Shanghai Carbon Source Huigi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

announced the lithium-ion battery products of graphene forklift.. Feng Wei, Vice President, Dongxu, said that the current selection of forklift lithium batter as the application area, is the optimization of graphene base power lithium batteries, the most real choice.

He believes that the graphene-based lithium-ion battery has a good security, high charge and discharge rate, and the natural advantage of the long-circulatory life. Just is the forklift..

In April before this, Yawei New Energy Holding Company, Yawei, Solid Solid Storage Technology Rujiao Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Ruyi Co.

, Ltd. signed a “cooperation agreement”. The two parties agreed that according to the contract by Ningbo as intended Buy the forklift battery pack of its production, 200,000 sets of total procurement.

It is worth noting that the micro-macro motivation in the fast-charged industry is also layout in the field of truck, and its lithium-ion battery products have fast charging, long life, high security advantage.. It is reported that micro-macro power and forklift giant Linde reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation, for its lithium-ion battery suppliers;.

Lithium electrical replacement lead-acid process accelerates the future, with the industrialization of lithium ion batteries, its proportion of use in electric forklifts will be higher and higher. In 2019, a forklium lithium-e-electric survey report showed that more than 60% of professionals continued to optimize and support the development prospects of forklift lithium-ion batteries..

Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have unparalleled advantages. Lithium-ion battery does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury, etc., pollution, pollution, pollution.

When charging, there will be no “chloride” similar to the lead-acid battery, which does not corrode the wire terminal and battery case, and environmentally friendly.. Lithium phosphate ion battery life is 5 ~ 10 years, no memory effect, no need to change frequently.

Not only that, the lithium-ion battery pack includes intelligent lithium-ion battery management and protection circuitry, which can effectively cut the main circuit response to the battery power, short circuit, overcharge, high temperature, etc., and can perform sound and light alarms, and tradition Lead acid battery does not have the above functions. It is worth mentioning that this year, the Eternal Lithium-ion battery stacker Erc216zi has been awarded the International Well-known Award IF Design Award.

. ERC216ZI is the most compact stacker in similar products, which is sensitive, which is important to renderately reduce the length of the forklift by removing the battery slot between the operator platform and the door frame..

Christianerlach, Eternal Sales Director, said: “The overall lithium-ion battery realizes the innovation of the forklift design.. The design of Eternal Lithium-ion battery stacker ERC216Zi is extremely compact and very flexible.

It is an ideal forklift in a narrow warehouse environment.. “Undoubtedly, this is a great advantage for lithium-ion batteries.

. Previously, the organism had predicted that the penetration rate of the forklift in the electric forklift in the electric forklift will exceed 50% in the electric forklift, and the demand for lithium ion battery will increase from 1.3GWH of 2017 to 5.

4GWh in 2020, and the annual complex rose More than 50%. The lithium iron truck market is about to usher in the outbreak period. According to the industry, the application of lithium-ion batteries in the field of truck will have a powerful impact on the original forklift market, and the emergence of the forklift of the lithium-ion battery is a general trend.

. The rapid development of the logistics industry should have a short charging time, long use time, stable performance, can withstand high-strength operations, automated intelligent extent, and the emergence of lithium-ion batteries is supported by the development of the ferriage industry.

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