Fire shadows Negative Korea charging lithium battery rehabilitation focus

Fire shadows Negative Korea charging lithium battery rehabilitation focus

2020 has been destined to become a happy year of the Korean lithium-ion battery. The recall of Lithium-ion batteries in Korea has involved four global excellent automakers, two Korean excellent lithium-ion batteries, and more than 200,000 electric vehicles..

In the electric car market still in the starting stage, the recall scale is not a huge. The safety of the Korean lithium-ion battery is again onlookers and questioned. Battery hidden, General Motors are forced to recall recent, another electric car recall message is sent to Korean industry sensitive nerves.

General Motors have announced that they have recalled about 69,000 Chevola Bolt electric vehicles due to fire hidden dangers, covering vehicles from 2017 to 2019.. Generally, the cause of the fire is not yet clear, but the fire accident occurs in a state where the car is close to completely charged.

The recall of the Bolt model has all used the battery manufactured in May 2019 in May 2019.. Before the final solution is issued, the recall will modify the charging control parameters, and the limit of charging is less than 90% of the maximum capacity.

. Recall is that the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that the investigation of BOLT electric vehicles was made after a month..

There have been a total of 5 vehicles in the previous car, and one accident has caused two passengers to suck smoke.. In the accident notification received by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fire position is below the back seat.

. This location is also the installation position of the lithium ion battery pack. Previously, the bureau has suggested that Bolt electric car users are parked outdoors, away from the house until the fire problem is solved.

. A number of car companies “in the middle of this year, after 7 fire accidents, Ford recalled 20.88 million Wing Tiger Phev in Europe.

. Analysis is considered that the fire causes are overheating with the battery system..

Wing tiger’s lithium-ion battery supplier is South Korea Samsung SDI. Modern Kona has been in the market, and the fire accident has been accumulated to 13. South Korea’s official survey believes that the cause of fire may be battery problems.

At the beginning of October, the Korean regulatory authorities were ordered to recall the Kona in the Korean market. Modern cars finally decided to recall about 77,000 Kona around the world..

Kona lithium-ion battery supplier is LGChem. Prior to this, BMW has recalls or stops 267,000 vehicles..

BMW represents the dangers of fires in the BMW brand’s part X, 3, 5, 7 models and MINI brands, and the dangers of fires occur when they charge, and ask customers to temporarily prevent charging operations.. As of last year, Samsung SDI is the only lithium-ion battery provider of BMW.

. So far, the above four vehicle companies have more than 200,000 vehicles that recall and stop selling around the world..

Among them, about 165,000 vehicles carrying the LGChem lithium ion battery, with approximately 47,700 vehicles on the vehicle of Samsung SDI lithium-ion battery.. LGChem is also a lithium-ion battery provider of TSLA electric cars.

No one can set out the market analysis of the market that these recall may become a turning point for the vehicle company to re-assessing lithium-ion batteries and expanding the supply channel.. Recall involving two head companies in the three “K lithium ion batteries” in Korea.

The safety of the Korean lithium-ion battery is undoubtedly to pay attention to and reassessage. In this year’s previous recall, the parties believe that the quality problems that may exist involve lithium-ion battery electrodes and electrolyte impurities, isolation membrane quality and product control, and battery pack fever management, almost covered Full field of lithium ion battery quality control. In fact, due to the characteristics of the working principle of lithium ion batteries and components of lithium metal, electrolyte, isolation membrane, the lithium-ion battery is also systematic while pursuing high energy density.

. “K Lithium Ion Battery” another company SKI has not involved recall. But obviously, security issues can eventually improve with scientific and technological progress.

With the strong demand of lithium ion battery, the competition of China and South Korea and Japanese lithium-ion battery companies is increasingly fierce. South Korea’s market research institution SneerenCh data shows that January to August this year, the LGChem power lithium battery has a total of 15.9GWH, at a market share of 24.

6%.. CATL installed 15.

5GWH, market share 24% ranked second. .

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