Female No. 1 in lithium battery – cobalt

Female No. 1 in lithium battery - cobalt

Tsla has also bought cobalt again, passing four months of cobalt battery, and finally face reality. According to reports, TSLA can purchase cobalt from Jianeng, which is planned for Shanghai Factory and Berlin Factory..

I have said that someone can’t see what he said, what to do. TSLA is bought and cobalt means that there is still no floor-free battery technology for a small half of the industry, and it is difficult to inhibit the strong demand of cobalt-containing three-yuan materials from the industrialization level..

Pavilion, the global new energy car market can’t get rid of the crafts of the waves. The female No. 1 in the lithium ion battery – cobalt in the battery raw material market, the role of the most exciting rain, is not the lithium of the male No.

1, the number of people, the flow-type female No. 1, cobalt. Cobalt ore cobalt is one of the core materials of lithium-ion batteries.

The lithium cobalt-ion battery technology is currently quite mature, in addition to widely applying the consumer cell field such as mobile phone, laptop, electric vehicles are the weight of lithium-ion battery applications.. However, in order to solve the old difficulty of electric vehicle mileage anxiety and charging, lithium electrode uses cobalt + lithium + nickel-nickel polymer, such as lithium nickel-watery or nickellate acid.

. The starting point of cobalt price is from 2016, ending the volatility of the volatility of the international cobalt rose from 10 US dollars / lbs to $ 40 / lbs, only two years, I don’t know how many investors have a goddess. Cobalt’s price is rising and the development of new energy vehicles is closely combined.

. It can be said that the new energy car handles cobalt to the current cobalt grandmother..

According to Antaikata, the global cobalt consumption is approximately 1.27,000 tons, high temperature alloy, ceramics, catalysts, and other traditional fields of approximately 42%..

In the battery sector, the consumer battery and new energy vehicle power lithium battery requirements of digital products account for 43% and 15% of Cobalt total consumption.. Although the new energy vehicle power lithium battery currently occupies cobalt market share is not high, but the demand for cobalt is greater, the future rising prospect will be very considerable.

After all, WashingtonPost data indicates that a smartphone battery may contain 5 to 10 grams of refining cobalt, and a single electric vehicle battery may contain 15,000 grams of cobalt.. An important cost of new energy vehicles comes from the power lithium battery, and the important cost of the lithium-ion battery comes from the positive material, the cost is more than 40%.

. Distinguish, the positive electrode material in the lithium iron phosphate ion battery takes approximately 13% to 15%. In a three-dimensional lithium ion battery, the current material exhibition battery cost is about 30% to 40%.

. This is because more than lithium, nickel or manganese, aluminum, etc., the price of cobalt is too expensive.

. According to WashingtonPost, the price of refined cobalt has fluctuated from $ 20,000 per ton to $ 2,6,000..

Why is the price of cobalt so expensive? Supply and demand theory has supplied our answer. Less supply, more demand, natural prices go up. The energy car headed by TSLA has grown into a global hot industry.

my country’s new energy auto industry is later, under subsidies, policies, markets and capital catalysts, the new energy automotive industry is tweak in 10 times the average growth rate of the market.. In 2017, my country’s local production and sales of nearly 800,000 new energy vehicles, which took nearly 35GWH power lithium batteries, with a country’s power to exclude the global half-Wanjiang Mountain.

Cobalt is a rare metal, mostly accompanying. According to the study of “Mineral Utilization and Protection” journal, the content of cobalt in the crust is very low, and the average abundance of cobalt in the crust is only 0.0025%, and the cobalt 90% in the crust is in a dispersed state.

. Compared with the mineral in the bottom of the ocean with ocean-rich cladding and ocean-rich housing, the content of the cobalt on the land is less. This scarce resource is naturally tightly seen by various countries.

. Both the United States and the EU have included cobalt into the key minerals and materials lists affecting national and regional security and future economic development. According to my country’s mining federation, cobalt will become a serious shortage of nine mines from 2020.

. Cobalt mines relatively rich Australia, Russia and Canada have developed policies to limit domestic cobalt ore exits..

There are not many people left, open on the Congo gold in Africa, with high mine reserves, accounting for 48.6% of the total reserves of the world. However, in reality, rich mineral resources have become the curse of this country, let them deep into the quagmire, and the government officer is turbulent to make cobalt mines.

. At the same time, the Congo gold often faces ethical morality because “hand-caught cobalt mines”. According to Huachin Securities, the cost of the cobalt product, the cost of raw materials accounts for about 80%.

. Hand excavation of cobalt mines (Source: WashingtonPost) With Apple, Samsung, Daimler and other companies claim that the battery does not use the cobalt source of the hand, the Congo Government also announces the rectification of the mine, which will inevitably affect cobalt. Yield, giving the increasingly rising cobalt.

This lithium-ion battery is essential “female No.1”, expensive scarce but not she can’t, how can it make people love and hate?. It is also no wonder that the new energy car enterprise is called to change her, but it has been found, this is to pull the cobalt to pull the altar, and the time is still not mature enough.

How to become “cobalt grandmother” in the world, cobalt is an expensive scarce big star, but about my country, cobalt is more than just a female No.1, but also a cowymid..

my country is the largest cobalt wasteland in the world, but it is also the largest cobalt entrance country.. According to Huachuang securities, my country’s cobalt consumption has continued to rise rapidly, and the proportion of total consumption in China is constantly added.

. Since 2015, my country has become the forefront of the big cobalt consumption..

However, the corresponding thing is that the world’s scarce cobalt storage amount, my country is even more natural.. According to the 2015 US Geological Survey Bureau, in the world’s 7.

1 million tons of cobalt reserves, my country is only 80,000 tons, accounting for 1.13% of total reserves..

Cobalt product industry chart (Source: Huachuang Securities) But in the entire cobalt production chain, my country still comes to the opportunity, firmly catering his position. It turns out that the layout and smelting of cobalt have a problem in regional mismatch in a global scale..

Due to the lack of smelting technology and supporting facilities, industries, such as Congqu Progo, there is a large number of downstream batteries in my country, and the demand for alloy industries has created imported raw materials, and the production of smelting and processing into intermediate products.. Among them, there is a large number of Huayou Cobalt, Jinchuan Group, Greenmei, Tengyuan Cobalt, Cold Cobalt Industry.

The mid-switten product production company has rely on the sharp rise in resources and the control of the procurement channel, and it is unhappy to eat the market bonus, but it is not possible to cover up the cost of the raw material account for about 80% of the total cost.. At present, my country’s cobalt industry has substantially rely on imported cobalt raw materials, and the dependence of imports reaches 95%.

. my country’s cobalt processing company has hit the source of upstream raw materials, and its own ore source is prone, often caught in any part of the slaughter..

In the face of the price and unstable supply of cobalt ore high operation, the company has to worship in front of the “cobalt grandma” altar. 2007-2016 Global and my country Cobalt Yield (Source: China Chuang Securities) Cobalt Grandma is in the international, and it is not the monopoly mining mining giant behind the wind..

It is a vigorous mineral source that is a vigorous mineral area in the world.. Cobalt processing company is now facing, as the original my country Iron and Steel Company.

As the world’s first steel production, my country has been lacking iron ore, it is tragically suffered from Daduo River Valley, Rio Tinto, Buli Billion and other international iron mines giant card neck.. Today, cobalt resources have also been held in their hands by the mining giants, which is unfavorable news about the battery industry that is in urgent to develop in the market.

. However, in the electric motor vehicle industry where the downstream demand is rapid, the safety, stability, and industrial chain binding level must be guaranteed..

Coupled with the resurrection of new energy subsidies, the company has given the cost of control, pressure and headache, gave the cobalt plus industry in the middle.. Either strive to “upstream”, either two air, there is not much time to leave the cobalt processing company.

. Current cobalt processing companies are in the integrated model transformation of “cobalt mines + cobalt smelting” evolution into “(cobalt mine + cobalt smelting) + (nickel mine + nickel smelting) – three-dimensional precursor – termit material”. At the same time, it is also necessary to enter Indonesian nickel ore resources while attacking the Congo.

. To put it bluntly, it has passed the era of raw materials to eat the bonus. Future Cobalt companies must develop in the context of controlling resources, and eat the entire lithium-ion battery industry in the context of developing the industrial supporting technology.

Middle upstream. my country’s cobalt companies are not unprepared. From a decade ago, my country’s cobalt capital entered Africa, behind the country’s will, and after the financial crisis, the difficult international mining giants stripped from assets self-help.

In 2011, Jinchuan Mining was acquired to buy Tori Mining in Torres in South Africa. In 2012, my country’s five mines acquired the Congo Goldenvvil Mining. In China, my country Iron, my country Electric Construction and Huayou Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Co.

, Ltd. The annual friend cobalt industry also acquired the PE527 cobalt mine to which the Congo national company is. To say the biggest cheap or 16 years of Luoyang Molybdenum Industry.

When the old Dongjia International Copper Giant Free Hong Kong, when my country’s company ate the largest copper cobalt mine in this Congo. my country’s cobalt plus industry that has been suppressed by Western giants has finally been breathing. At present, Huayou Cobalt Industry, which is more in place, as an example, according to Anxin Securities, three years later, its own cobalt supply can guarantee 75% of the three-dollar battery material precursor production, own nickel The supply can basically meet all the needs of themselves.

The mountains, no new energy cars are “cobalt” this year, TSLA announced the lithium iron phosphate ion battery. A stone aroused a thousand waves, BYD’s response, the price of cobalt, cobalt fell sharply. BYD, CATL has released the progress of battery technology, and the bitterness of the cobalt company to work for a time seems to be an argument.

. But as TSLA can purchase cobalt again to Jianeng, the unobstructed non-cobalt rumors are again broken again..

Review the past cobalt rumors, have always been the strongest competitor of the cobalt triple lithium-ion battery, is a lithium iron ion battery.. After all, from the cost of the lithium iron phosphate cost is much lower than the cobalt triple battery, which is very attractive to the new energy car, including TSLA, including TSLA.

. According to Ouyang Minggao’s information on the 2020 electric car hundreds of people’s annual meeting, the current cost of the lithium iron-ion battery system is only 600 yuan, which is half of the ternary batteries, the price advantage is very obvious..

In addition, the safety of lithium iron phosphate is higher than the cobalt triple lithium ion battery.. How to fight TSLA’s abacus, it seems to be obvious.

. However, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate is obviously half a body, which is limited by the reform of the battery structure..

Moreover, because of the different natures of the two batteries, they are more than alternative competition, but their respects in different segments.. Now the most recognized direction of the industry is to try to use other metallic substitutes in the original three-dimensional materials, or add nickel to reduce cobalt.

. There are also some companies want curve overtaking, and they will work hard in the native material materials..

For example, a nickel-manganese acid-free ion battery design of honeycomb energy technology, graphene batteries for Guangqi new energy designed. However, so far, the cobalt battery is still in the laboratory stage and cannot achieve mass production..

Reducing the proportion of cobalt does not solve the consumption of cobalt from the root cause. From the industrial level, in the case of electric vehicle demand, the demand for cobalt will only rise. The other development direction of the battery – the fog spread of the cobalt battery of the graphene battery, in the next few years, with the rise of the global new energy vehicle rises, the pattern of the supply and demand of cobalt industry is probably difficult to change.

Cobalt grandmother will still be our cobalt grandma. However, as my country’s cobalt plus industry completes the industrial chain integration, cobalt grandmother is no longer in the wind, and will take the voyage of cobalt processing company. Reference: [1].

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