Exploration on the use of power charging lithium battery based on large data

Exploration on the use of power charging lithium battery based on large data

At present, new energy vehicles on the market are calculated on the quality assurance of 5 years / 80,000 kilometers. The vehicle powered lithium battery promoted by 2009 to 2012 has been replaced and maintained. Before and after 2020, there are more 12-17 million tons of scrap.

Battery to be recycled. Mr. Power Gao Pengran said: The ladder utilization of lithium-ion batteries is a solution that appears in response to environmental protection, energy saving, cost reduction, etc.

, is also worth working together to practice its commercial model.. The ladder is very beautiful, and the promotion of more beautiful new energy cars can be practiced.

Environmental protection is the theme. At the same time of reducing carbon emissions, there is a problem equally: if these new energy batteries can’t get good processing, what will this affect the environment? Will the lithium ion batteries used in the electric vehicle power system after retiring, will it become a potential “pollution source”? The ladder is used, and it is simply: after the power lithium battery is changed from the new energy car, it can be used in other application markets..

Gao Pengran believes that these applications include energy storage markets, light power or low-speed vehicle markets, telecom base stations, and some other markets of lead-acid batteries.. In addition to the negative effects that can reduce the negative effects of lithium-ion batteries to the environment, the cost is much lower than using lead-acid batteries.

. Shanghai Jiaotong University Automotive Engineering Research Institute said that the media said: the ladder of the power lithium battery is definitely considered for energy saving..

On the other hand, if the ladder is popular, it will undoubtedly reduce the cost of new energy vehicles.. Such an important green business opportunity is worth researching and practicing in various aspects of technology, market, industry, policies and environmental protection, and improve the related supporting measures for electric vehicle market.

. Responsibility + business opportunities, strategic layouts, traders. In 2015, the recovery rate of domestic scrap dynamic lithium battery is only 2%.

The reason is the problem. The important existence is as follows: the policy and regulatory system is not perfect; the industry is not standardized; the market is not yet mature; the market is high, economical and safety good. In order to create a more environmentally friendly power lithium battery ecosystem, and the potential ladder is used to use the recycling market, Xiongou Group gives full play to the market advantage, combined with the performance of the retired dynamic lithium battery for industrial layout.

Xionghu Group has run more than 20 years in the field, accumulating the related experience of rich theoretical research and development and development practices, especially in lithium-ion battery production, Xiongou Group is a company engaged in lithium-eugenic research and development and mass production in China.. Xiong said through the data of the service lithium battery, there is a feasibility analysis theory in the ladder utilization of retired dynamic lithium batteries, and through the safety dismantling of the retired power lithium battery, the battery performance test, through the remaining capacity, Internal resistance, OCV, self-discharge and other data analysis established a set of unique battery life model systems.

Moreover, according to the acquired operational data, it is based on the objective and regular data model. According to the processing data of the power lithium battery, it ultimately meets the market, using existing market resources in the backup power supply UPS, energy storage, communication base station , Electric forklift, low-speed electric vehicle, etc..

Xiongou Group is also actively focused on the integration of related industrial chains and the strategic cooperative relationship between the establishment of resource sharing. The latest development of green batteries: First, the National Battery Recycling Pilot Committee was established in Beijing on March 21, the national environmental protection lead-acid battery production and recycling, the Pollution Prevention and Control Engineering Technology Center Battery Recycling Pilot Commission will be held in Beijing, and Xionghu is Member of the members and meet this meeting. The meeting discussed and passed the charter of the Pilot Committee, elected the first director committee, which marked the National Environmental Protection Lead Acid Battery Production and Recycling Pollution Prevention and Control Engineering Technology Center Battery Recycling Pilot Committee officially established.

. All member units will strengthen communication cooperation, innovate recycling model, and solve the recycling of batteries together..

 II, Xiong Zhuo and “The 5th Automobile Power Battery Recycling and Recycling and Secondary Battery Recycling Renewal” Seminar “The” 2017 Fifth Auto Power “held in Beijing on March 29th Battery Recycling and Secondary Battery Recycling and Regeneration Technology Seminar “. Dr. Gao Pengnan has done a speech entitled “Research Exploration of Xiongqi Power Lithium Ion Battery Ladder”: Everyone sees including Models, Beiqi’s super-running energy car, the shape is very beautiful, and the new energy is pure electric Car.

In 2016, new energy vehicles include battery shipments, and will cause the future of the entire powered lithium battery in the future, which has created a ladder using commercial scale background.. Gao Peng still believes that through the power lithium battery data in service, what kind of products we can do? How do we choose the battery used? How to assess the good consistency? Through these data, it can be analyzed, so there is a certain advantage in the cost control; we can also cooperate with the car factory to promote electric vehicles including Bus and other power lithium batteries implement financing lease, replacing the current telecommunications base station with relatively low purchase price, let more application scenes apply new energy iron lithium ion batteries.

The ladder uses the business model to balance the interests of the car factory, the battery plant and the personal customers can work smoothly, and he also introduces some of the research content and results of Xiong.. Gao Pengran and said that Xionghao will build a new business model with recycling of lithium-ion battery ladder, and has been related to relevant strategic layouts.

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