European charging lithium battery market growth is followed by my country Japanese and South Korea harvested?

European charging lithium battery market growth is followed by my country Japanese and South Korea harvested?

Many people in Asia are expected to use European explosive energy storage to establish production facilities, intend to further open the European market.. my country has risen the first fast, Europe’s second fast? The report is expected between 2018 and 2023, my country will become the fastest lithium-ion battery market, followed by the European market.

. At the moment, the company’s lithium-ion battery market share is only 1%, but many Asian companies such as CATL, LG chemistry, SK innovation, etc. in Europe, which will help Europe to increase in global production to 10% to 15 %between.

Analysts expect that the European market will achieve a 56% annual rate, and the output will reach 118.7GWH in 4 years..

In 2018, the global lithium-ion battery manufacturing capacity reached 3275GW, which is expected to rise twice as much as 2023.. Japan and South Korea drags Asian retreat? According to the report, in 2017, as the emergence of lithium-ion batteries used in the energy storage, the technical needs of mobile phones and laptops, the technical needs of lithium-ion batteries have declined sharply, and due to failure to achieve energy storage capacity, Japan and South Korea’s market share will fall.

The report further stated that the fate of Japan and South Korea reflects the greater retrogression of the entire Asian, while the continuous stability of other countries in Asia can only partially offset this retrieval.. Some people should also consider the efforts of Indian Prime Minister Modi to speed up the development of domestic battery manufacturing.

. Although some alarmist is listening, but the nervous relationship between Japan and South Korea is indeed considered. In Japan’s export control of South Korea, the trade between the two countries has been affected.

It is reported that “Japan deletes South Korea in the export preferential country), the crisis of the domestic semiconductor industry is further high”, “LG chemistry South Korea, such as Samsung SDI, SKINNOVATION, has world-leading technology in electric vehicle battery, but core materials are imported from Japan.. “And this, the boycott-boycottic exercise in South Korea will also adversely affect Japan’s power and energy storage battery industry.

. Think of the internal battle, Asia is aimed at the European energy storage market, and to deploy the battery factory in Europe, and this is in fact, and the European to build a local battery industry to violate the local battery industry. It is expected that the Europe will use Asia.

The manufacturing capability is made in power and energy storage deployment, and builds its own battery factory, and focuses on the future, and work hard in battery technology.. The report said that by 2023, the transportation industry will account for 68.

4% of the lithium-ion battery, emphasizing the introduction of electric trucks is an important factor in the battery market, will be flourishing with the battery in the European battery market.

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