Electronic flow bike ‘is more love? Which battery is there?

Electronic flow bike 'is more love? Which battery is there?

With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry in recent years, the number of express delivery logistics is strong, and the number of logistics vehicles is also rapid year by year, and the requirements for the performance of logistics vehicles are also getting higher and higher, in this advocacy green environmental protection In the times, the advantages of new energy vehicles, especially pure electric animals, in the city distribution areas, so that many related car companies increase the research and development and manufacturing of pure electric animals.. PK Traditional logistics car pure electric electric flow bike is significantly better than traditional fuel logistics vehicles, pure electric animals traffic vehicles occupy advantages: 1, green environment: Compared with fuel vehicles, electricity belongs to secondary energy, is made by others Energy conversion is made, it is more convenient, and there is no exhaust pollution during operation, which can effectively improve urban air quality and create a green traffic environment.

. The standards of running noise are lower than the internal combustion car, which greatly reduces urban noise pollution, and creates a quiet living environment..

2, the economic benefits are obvious: the pure electric motor train is consumed daily, the expenditure of service and maintenance is 50%, 11.6%, and half of the overall operating costs, and the fuel-saving advantage is obvious compared with the fuel power. Especially for some restricted cities.

And the advantages of road power can also save a lot of time costs for logistics companies.. 3.

Government policy support: According to statistics, all localities have mentioned electric logistics vehicles, such as free cards, unlimited, and other policies to promote pure electric animals.. For example: Shenzhen, China issued a “new energy pure electric motor train to implement a special preferential policy”, Shanghai issued an electric truck pass, Tianjin pure electric light, miniature closed freight motor vehicle is not affected by freight motor vehicle restrictions.

Some provinces also clearly promote the planning of electricity flow vehicles as a plan to promote new energy vehicles.. Purgent electric flow bike “Powerful” power lithium battery demand is about to put on the beginning of 2016, the industry’s production and sales of pure electric animals is 100,000, but eventually complete 44,000 vehicles (December monthly completion ).

In 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced a total of five batch recommendations: 3 batches of 3 batches, affected by “fraud,” after 8 months, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the fourth batch of the fourth batch on December 2nd, and December 29th announced the 5th recommended directory. Battery my country Network found that there is no new energy logistics car in front of 1-3 batch directory, until the fourth batch of recommended catalogs appear in the figure, in the fourth, fifth recommended directory, electric flow The specific gravity of the car has increased to more than 36%. The above factors also delay the time to market in electric animals.

. After 2016, it entered 2017, despite the face of subsidies, it is advantageous as the policy is gradually clear, the market about pure electric motor vehicles can make the car enterprise to get rid of excessive dependence on subsidies. Forcing the company to strictly control your product quality.

The industry is generally believed that in 2017, the production and sales of pure electric animals will usher in the blowout. The pure electric motor train will make a big contribution to the new energy car..

The outbreak of the pure electric flow bike market will also bring the powerful lithium battery demand.. In the newly announced new energy car recommended catalog in 2017, a total of 65 models of 60 companies, a total of 65 pure electric animals, accounting for 17%.

Among them, on January 23, 2017, the first new energy car recommended directory included 15 car companies, 36 pure electric animals, including 3 yuan lithium-ion batteries, 9 models of lithium ions Battery, 4 phosphate ion battery, as shown in the following table: A total of 13 companies in the second new energy car recommended by 13 companies released on March 1, 2017, 25 models selected three The lithium-ion battery, 3 models selected lithium iron-free ion battery, 1 use of lithium-manganese acid ion battery, as shown in the following table: According to statistics, in the two groups published this year, the pure electric animals train is important. Three-dimensional lithium ion battery, followed by lithium iron phosphate ion battery and lithium-manganese acid ion battery. Analysis of the reasons, there may be a certain relationship with the advantages and disadvantages of various types of dynamic lithium batteries.

. It can be seen from the above table data, a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, a lithium-manganese-manganese acid, and the lithium iron ion battery has advantages and disadvantages, and they have also been widely used in the new energy market..

The three-dimensional lithium-ion battery is slightly insufficient in terms of safety, but the energy density is large, the room is more, the service life is long, whether there is basically no effect on high temperature and low temperature.. About the pure electric motor train, the efficiency of logistics operations is the most important, and the current pure electric motor train is important for urban express delivery, commercial super transportation, urban handling, etc.

, this is also a comprehensive consideration of most logistics companies. After selecting the key to the three yuan lithium ion battery. Lithium iron phosphate and lithium-manganese acid lithium-manganese acid decline in the low temperature and high temperature environments, has a small impact on the high-speed development logistics industry, which is also limited to two types of batteries on logistics vehicles.

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