Electricity Separate Frequency Deng Hot Soft Lithium Battery Standardization is coming

Electricity Separate Frequency Deng Hot Soft Lithium Battery Standardization is coming

Although the new energy auto market has been in full swing in recent years, the production and sales have risen, but many car cars still have a certain degree of doubts about new energy vehicles, especially the mileage and life of the powered lithium battery, and is converted to whether or not fuel-cost, plus new energy Car prices are still high, these factors become a major obstacle to consumers considering electric vehicles, and the “Electric Separation” model of the most recent frequent Soushi may become a solution. Recently, CATL (300750) Tongji Automobile, Guotai Juni Thai Junan International Holdings Co., Ltd.

and Hubei Science and Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the establishment of Wuhan Weiyuan Battery Assets Co.

, Ltd. to promote “electricity separation” new business model The development of the new energy automotive industry and launches BAAS (battery rental service) business on this basis..

The company’s registered capital is 800 million yuan, of which CATL has received 25% equity and board seat at $ 200 million.. CATL said that the “Electric Separation” mode has positive driving significance about the cost of building a green energy ecological network, reducing the user’s purchase cost, alleviating mileage and charging anxiety, will supply more convenient, economical, efficient technology + financial services to consumers.

“Electric Separation” business model core is battery quality, only long life, high quality, high reliable battery to meet this business model, this is the product and technology advantage of CATL, and we also engage in electricity “The source of confidence in the new business model”. “Change” or “charging”? In fact, last year, the market has long been discussed in “Electric Separation”. In June 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ecological Environment Department, and the Ministry of Commerce in “promotes key consumer goods update upgrades.

” “In clear, it is clear that the new energy automotive battery rental and other vehicles are promoted, and the cost of purchase is reduced.. Drawing on the power transmission mode and application related experience, encourage the company to develop the charge, the battery configuration is flexible, and the new energy car products that have a long-lasting mileage is difficult.

. At this point, a discussion of “power-on” or “charging” is “charging”. At present, most new energy vehicles often use charging piles.

The charging pile is divided into fast charge and slow charity, slow charging mode, and a new energy vehicle is often 6 to 8 hours to complete charging, and some fast charge 3 to 4 hours. However, the charging speed of the charging pile is continuously improved, and the first TSLAV3 charging station built in Shanghai in Shanghai is the first TSLAV3 charging station in Shanghai. 15 minutes can charge 50% of the power, and the battery is 300 km.

. Unlike the traditional battery charging mode in our daily life, the so-called “electric shift” refers to direct replacement of battery to charge new energy vehicles. Due to the separation of electricity, replace the speed of the battery is fast than charging, and About some owners who are difficult to fit piles are more gospel, and due to the “power-exchange” mode is the battery and not buy batteries, consumers will also save a large cost when purchasing new energy vehicles.

. The electromechanical separation mode has become a new generation of electricity separation patterns to become a new generation of charging. It is a car that Baas’s successful launch is an important milestone in the history of development.

. BAAS will greatly reduce the number of car purchases, making the car purchase cost and car costs below the petrol model of the same level, and the systemic solves the battery attenuation. The battery cannot be upgraded, the vehicle’s preservation rate changes have always influence the popularity of electric vehicles.

. In addition to Baas, which is a car launched, there is currently a large-scale application of car companies in China, and Northern Automobile..

On July 27, Beiqi Group and Guo Net Electric Motor Company signed an agreement. Both sides will comprehensively cooperate in the construction of 100-seat power station before June next year..

In addition, Beiqi and Lawda CHF (Sanya) Energy Co., Ltd. launched the Hainan exchange market layout in Sanya.

It is expected that the operation of 4-seat power station in Sanya will be built in Sanya this year. It will be jointly promoted in Sanya, Haikou and other places to carry out no less than 2,000 Beiqi new energy power exchange taxis, the network of net approximation. At present, the development of the electric separation model has developed rapidly.

For example, cars are planning and including CATL, Huading Kingdoms, have been launched, and the project is scheduled to be “battery bank”.. It is reported that when users buy pure electric vehicles, the cost of the battery is not undertaken by the user, and the power lithium battery will be obtained from the battery bank lease, and the rent is not paid.

. About 40% of the cost of pure electric vehicles is the cost of power lithium battery, and the battery bank project will greatly reduce the first purchase cost..

The implementation of the power transmission mode will disperse the owner’s concerns about the number of power lithium batteries, and the power lithium battery is generally stored, centralized charging, unified distribution, and security, it can also be guaranteed by the centralized charging station. However, the electromechanical separation is still facing a lot of problems, especially for the quality of the power lithium battery standard..

Dynamic lithium battery standardization? The debate of “charging sent” and “changed power” has been long long. In 2007, BetterPlace describes this modulation mode: “When you drive on the road, the power reserve is nearly 50%, it will Automatically prompt to charge, and bring you to the nearest Betterplace battery house with in-vehicle mobile navigation system. There, use 1-2 minutes to complete the replacement battery.

“But it is subject to high construction and maintenance costs of battery house. After burning financing, BetterPlace has to announce bankruptcy..

In recent years, many car companies have tried the model of car electricity separation, but it is difficult to go to horses. It is important because the power-saving power is high, and the battery standard is difficult to unify these two concerns..

The power-saving station serves as a producer of supply of a complete set of batteries and electricity replenishment services. It is necessary to build operational costs, electricity spending and battery discount costs. According to relevant data, a substantial operating cost of a power saving station is 6.

8 million yuan, actual Operation costs may be higher, this tests the funds of car companies. Another problem is that the power lithium battery standard is not uniform. Due to the large difference in battery packages, weight and installation position, strong dependence on single brand models.

In this context, how to conduct technical standardization is the biggest problem with the current objective existence. Different models of dynamic lithium battery size specifications, plus the position of the installation is different, and how to adapt to the market, how to adapt to the market will be a major challenge. The promotion of the power transmission mode may promote the standardization of the power lithium battery monomer to a certain extent and the standardization of the vehicle power-on mode, which may also include the design of the battery and battery pack.

. However, insiders said that at present, the power-saving mode is not necessarily an important complement mode of new energy vehicles, but in a taxi, webmark, logistics car, bus, etc. Randida has a convergence in a class of models.

Feasibility. Due to the uniform battery standard, the power-saving mode or the effective supplement of charging, there is a certain regional characteristic. Whether it is “exchanged” or “charging” or other ways, as a consumer, the topic of concern will never go around the economy and safety, the continuous development of the dynamic lithium battery will also be higher in the price of consumers.

product. Perhaps, as CATL chairman Zeng Qun said in my country’s Automotive Blue Book Forum, “Everyone said that the battery is too expensive, the battery needs some new business model. Future exchange, rent, etc.

, all kinds of patterns, are very good exploration. Only through new innovation, it is possible to truly drive the process of intelligence and electricity..


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