Electric vehicle power lithium battery recovery dismantling problem

Electric vehicle power lithium battery recovery dismantling problem

With regard to power lithium battery recovery related companies, since electric vehicles have not yet entered the batches of scrapped in batches, the scrap-demanding is not an important source of powerful lithium battery recycling.. Regarding the recycling company, on the one hand, it is desirable that “there is a law can be re-established”, to recover the dismantling supply basis and indicate the road to prevent damage due to irregularity; on the other hand, the introduction of relevant regulations also means recycling company All links have to increase investment, leading to the rise in overall recovery, and the company’s economic benefits are worrying.

. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has officially announced the “Technical Specification (Draft for Comments)” (Draft “) (hereinafter referred to as” Opinions “), which clearly dismantled the electric vehicle category, and dismantling electric vehicle Special requirements have made special requirements for venues, battery dismantling technology. Electric cars and traditional cars have a big difference in scrap disassembly, where is electric cars dismantling? What effect will the issuance of the “Opinions”? Can it also bring how much better supply to the power lithium battery recovery related industries? The electric vehicle scrapped recycling is starting related data.

As of the end of 2018, my country’s electric vehicle has reached 2.61 million, and an electric vehicle in which some early investment in the market has also ushered in the decommissioning period. The number of scraps is gradually increased.

. Zhang Ying, secretary general of my country Recycling Resources Recycling Association, introduced that the motor vehicle scrapped company can disassemble and collect waste-powered lithium batteries as long as the equipment, venue requirements and personnel configuration of the dismantling of the waste electric vehicle can be disassembled and collected..

At the same time, the disassembled power lithium battery needs to be consistent with the implementation of the scrapped machine train recycling management method (seeking opinions) “Article 30: Removing, collecting, storage, collecting, storage of other types of energy storage facilities for new energy vehicles , Transportation and recycling should comply with national relevant regulations. According to industry insiders, electric car scrap recycling is working steadily, against its important recovery resource – the expressing provisions of the power lithium battery dismantling recycling are also introduced. However, for the powerful lithium battery recovery related company, since the electric vehicle has not yet entered the batch scrap phase, the scrap-demanding market is not an important source of powerful lithium battery recycling.

. “From the current market, the scrap battery is important to have 3C lithium-ion battery, power lithium-ion battery and start power supply. Among them, most of the 3C batteries are recycled from the scrapped demolition site, and most of the power supply is recycled from the maintenance station, while the power lithium There is currently no stable recycling channels in the battery.

The market is mostly refunded after the battery and car qualification test, which is used for the ladder. “General Manager of Hubei Derm Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

said in an interview with reporters. Li Miao, told reporters that although the battery contained in 2013 has entered the decommissioning period, the current recycling channel is not smooth, and the new power lithium battery cost is more than the factors that the owner is unwilling to replace, actually retiring The number of batteries is not much. According to industry insiders, once the electric vehicle reaches the batch scrap stage, the waste battery is revenue through regular channels such as locomotive, recycling or smoother.

. Safety, technology and other bottlenecks to be broken through the industries, the registered electric vehicle regular dismantling newspaper is expected, and it is foreseen that its future development space is broad..

However, some of the bottleneck problems of electric vehicle dismantling, especially the disassembly of power lithium battery, undoubtedly test the dismantling capacity of relevant companies.. Zhang Ying said that as a classification of motor vehicles, scrapped electric vehicles also face the same market problem with fuel-saving recycling: low value, difficult recycling.

Moreover, electric vehicles are dismantled in safety, and the technical requirements are higher than traditional fuel vehicles.. Different from the “heart” and traditional fuel engine of the power car, and the rapid economic lithium battery will lead great safety issues.

. In addition, if it is recycled, dismantling, if the operation is not properly operation, there may be problems such as fire explosion, electrolyte leakage, organic waste emissions..

“In terms of technology, during the dismantling of electric vehicles, the power lithium battery is completely complex and safe hidden dangers.. “Zhang Ying told reporters that the domestic power lithium battery size and structural norms have not yet been possible, the battery system design is completely different, so that the recycling dismantling company cannot use the same set of pipeline to disassemble all electric car battery packs and modules, resulting in The battery is extremely inconvenient.

At the same time, the consistency of waste dynamic lithium battery products is poor and the remaining life and battery condition cannot be evaluated, which affects the downstream recycling company assessment. The recycling company expects support policies in this case, industry insiders pointed out that before the arrival of electric vehicles, the car scrap disassembly industry should prepare as soon as possible, formulate relevant workflows and standards, and prepare for it..

Zhang Ying said that the newly introduced “Measures for the Retirement Motor Vehicle Recycling Management” and “Requiring Opinions) will further promote the system reform of the scrapped machine (including electric vehicle) recycling industry, guide the scrapped car The industry will travel to specialization, intensification, marketization, promote scrapped vehicles to dismantle into the right track, seeking root. Zhang Ying told reporters that the biggest highlight of the “Opinions” has added electric vehicle dismantling technical specifications, and proposes corresponding safety issues, especially regarding battery disassembly, storage, etc., further promoted the scrapped machine.

System reform of the recycling industry. At the same time, the introduction of “Opinions” has actively promoted the rational use of resources, further reducing carbon emissions, guiding the recycling of waste power lithium batteries to orderly, standardize, and drive the development of the power lithium battery recovery industry. From the actual operation angle of the entity recycling company, “Looking for the long run,” Opinions “introduced, dismantling the standardization, which is conducive to the health and stability development of the industry, escorting the recycling industry.

But now ‘happy ginseng. Regarding the entity recycling company, on the one hand, I hope to have a law can be based on the construction supply basis and indicate the road, preventing the loss of investment due to the future, on the other hand, the introduction of relevant regulations, means the recycling company The recycling and construction will increase investment, improve the overall recovery cost, and the economic benefits are worrying..

“Li Miao Strue suggestion, the relevant regulations, should have relevant support policies, let the recycling company” favorable map “. .

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