Electric vehicle development can’t be worried, or will there be serious consequences?

Electric vehicle development can't be worried, or will there be serious consequences?

Earlier this month, the Trump government threatened to terminate the federal tax credit of electric vehicle (EV). Soon, the Congress decided not to expand the electric car federal tax credit, which is disadvantageous for automakers and potential electric car purchases..

However, although this brings disappointment to many people, it is important to understand how government subsidies bring unexpected consequences.. Over the years, European governments have levied lower taxes to diesel fuels to encourage buying diesel vehicles rather than vapor vehicles.

The reason is that the fuel economy is superior, and. But decades, diesel proven that it is not environmentally friendly, and Europe is forced to ban diesel vehicles because they become an important cause of air pollution and smog..

However, although the government’s judgment in diesel has certain mistakes, Europe, my country and other countries are using more environmentally friendly alternative electric vehicles to replace gasoline power vehicles.. Almost all important global automakers have plans to convert all their models into some form of battery power cars, but these risks and ambitious investments are assume that future development can overcome the current financial disadvantages of electric vehicles.

. Battery costs increase the price of electric vehicles to the level of internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles much higher than equivalent, this premium is not canceled by gasoline costs..

Therefore, governments attempt to use a variety of cash rewards and other allowances to offset the power of electric vehicles to promote electric vehicles to achieve “more green future”. The Norwegian government has been very successful in improving the level of electric vehicles on the road by supplying various incentives..

Norwegian electric car drivers can use buses, discount parking and tolls, and exempt from various and vehicle-related taxes.. However, when the consequences of the contemporary surface surface surface, Norway gave up some incentive measures.

. For example, when there are three vehicles in the bus-specific road, it is an electric car, which means that the bus from Oslo cannot be completed on time, and users of “green” public transportation are very inconvenient..

In another example, the Netherlands is from 19,000 in the taxation of each car, and the loss of gasoline tax is another unexpected consequence of electric vehicles, forcing states (and even electric vehicle leaders California) to electric vehicles and mixed. Power owners collect various expenses to make up for tax losses. Many people believe that the financing burden of key road projects funded by gasoline tax cannot fall in the population with the oldest and most economical vehicles.

. With the surge in electric vehicles, the costs of the government have increased in quantity and frequencies, but it is not clear whether these costs are sufficient to offset the loss of gasoline tax revenue..

There are also many unresolved issues, as well as potential accident, affecting the life of the life of electric vehicles and the social burden of adapting to this transformation.. Who will build and invest in charging infrastructure in our city and family, including multi-family buildings? Military vehicles simultaneously on the charging of the grid, especially the life of the transformer (after all, there are currently 2751,000 cars on the road today, including only 800,000 electric cars)? Since the battery life is no more than ten years (since five years begins significantly downgraded), how will the owner adapted to the short life of electric cars? Battery replacement may spend the current value of the car itself, although all economic problems related to electric vehicles, the most surprising and unintentional consequences may be pollution.

Even in the United States, most of the electric vehicles have appeared by “dirty”, which means that in many markets, electric vehicles will lead to more air pollution.. As the CEO of the Volkswagen Company Herbert Distribute, “renewable energy is required.

“. If you have no renewable energy or at least there is at least low carbon energy share, then you are using coal instead of oil, and there is no meaning..

“There are still some problems due to improper end processing – life batteries. Less than 10% of the previous electric car battery is recycled, because there is no economic significance. As Europe’s banned diesel engine, many countries in the world have been convinced that electric vehicles are answers, if accelerate electric vehicles research solve many problems around electric vehicles, the situation may be.

But before this, the government and electric car industries must first overcome the obstacles they fail to solve; if not, there will be more consequences that you can’t think of. .

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