Electric vehicle charging pile industry development trend analysis Charging facilities have stable increase

Electric vehicle charging pile industry development trend analysis Charging facilities have stable increase

The charging pile is a equipment used to charge the electric vehicle (EV), which is a replacement of traditional gas stations and Gaspump.. Charging piles are important consisting of piles, electrical modules, metering modules, etc.

, generally have power meter, billing, communication, control and other functions.. The charging pile equipment itself does not have too high technical content, and the competitive difference is important to reflect the stability, compatibility, cost control, brand word of mouth and bidding capabilities in the production of equipment.

. In the first half of 2018, my country’s new energy auto market maintains an upward trend and stabilizes. At the same time, domestic electric vehicle charging pile market is further expanded.

. In the first half of this year, the provinces, districts, municipal public and private charging facilities have risen smoothly, and the charging power continues to rise in three months. The overall increased from last month.

. Due to the rapid rise of new energy vehicles, the problem of lack of charging infrastructure is inadequate..

It is estimated that my country’s electric vehicle guarantee will exceed 5 million yuan by 2020.. The demand for supporting charging infrastructure also increases.

In 2015, it is necessary to add more than 12,000 centralized recovery power stations in 2015, and more than 4.8 million decentralized charging piles, to meet the national 5 million electric vehicle charging requirements..

The overall analysis of the public charging infrastructure shows that as of June 2018, the members of the Union reported 27,1751 public charging piles, including 119,446 exchange charging piles, 87956 DC charging piles, 64,350 DC integrated charging piles. June 2018 is more than 5520 public charging piles from May 2018. From July 2017 to June 2018, there were approximately 8345 public charging piles in the month, and June 2018 rose 58.

4% year-on-year.. In June 2018, my country’s public charging infrastructure monthly summary and new situation data Source: Prospect Industrial Research Institute organizes public charging infrastructure operators, there are currently 16 national-scale operators companies (charging facilities = 1000) In the first half of this year, the new part of the public charging pile (including special) rose by 90.

6% year-on-year, in which the 2015 version of the national standard is about 90%, the electricity volume of the special vehicle such as bus and rent is stable.. Among them, the number of charging piles in special electricity operations, including self-built and managed charge piles reached 112003.

The public charging infrastructure listing analysis sections, the public charging infrastructure data provinces, districts, and the city conditions (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan), the number of public charging piles owned in the provincial administrative region The 4,0865 Beijing, 34773 in Shanghai, 33,588 Guangdong, 28,378 Jiangsu, 3909 in Shandong, 11,668 in Zhejiang, 11,429 in Hebei, 10,812, Hubei,. The national and local governments have vigorously support the construction of charging facilities because the configuration of charging piles is the factors that most users sell the primary consideration when buying new energy vehicles, and the improvement of charging facilities on reducing user mileage anxiety is critical..

Therefore, clarifying the recruitment of the charging trap industry has become a key link for the development of my country’s new energy vehicle development.. Since the second half of 2015, the relevant departments of the state and localities have introduced the relevant policies of charging piles to better promote the development of new energy vehicles.

. The intelligence of charging pile needs to be further improved under the promotion of new science and technology such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual assistant, and the intelligence level is getting higher. At present, users who use mobile phone charging equipment location occupy most of the charging users.

Charging customers can also perform system access and charging payment via mobile client. Charging pile owners can achieve remote monitoring of charging equipment through mobile phones to ensure normal operation of charging business. In addition, the pile and mobile phone are paired, the pile owner can charge the mobile phone remote error, saving charging costs.

These mobile applications fully excavate the functions of the charging pile, which greatly improves the efficiency of charging piles.

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