Electric ship is sailing to start CATL, billion lithium, Guo Xuan first layout

Electric ship is sailing to start CATL, billion lithium, Guo Xuan first layout

“Deep Sea 01”. Recently, “Zhongtian Electric Yun 001” boat slowly drove into the Xi’an River in the Yangtze River, marking the first thousand tons of pure electric ship ship in Changjiang River Basin in Changzhou successfully trial. The ship is driven by a lithium-ion battery and a supercapacitor, and the entire ship battery capacity is 1458 kWh, which is equivalent to 40 electric vehicles.

. According to the annual operation of 150 voyage, the annual electricity consumption is about 450,000 degrees, can replace the fuel 20.16 tons.

. The first thousand tons of pure electric ship ship successfully tried, and then provoked the “Thousands of Waves” of the ship electricization..

New energy tentacles have long extended to the field of ships. Since the opening year, there has been a number of dynamic lithium batteries such as Kuaxuan Haoke, Yi Lithium..

With the “limiting sulfur”, the prevention and treatment of ship pollution is increasingly inevitably, and from the market size, there are many bottlenecks in my country’s electric ships, and whether the future is expected to achieve technical breakthroughs and cost reduction? Can it be widely used? 01 Electric ship sags in recent years, environmental protection, reducing harmful gas emissions, etc.. With the continuous improvement of the power lithium battery technology, the cost is continuously declined, the electricity trend of the ship is promoted, and the lithium-ion battery has begun to promote the application on the ship.

. In 2018, the high-quality development strategy of the Yangtze River economy has put forward higher requirements for environmental protection along the river..

The Ministry of Transport clearly proposed that “accelerate research on the pure electric ship ship, realize the electric shipping ship to the shore and charging”. “The electric ship has the advantages of green environmental protection, zero pollution, safety, and low cost of use. Its operating cost is significantly lower than diesel and LNG fuel vessels.

. “According to industry insiders, in order to improve the environment, reduce noise, current domestic Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, etc., etc.

are driving the inner river ferrous ship, sightseeing boat, cargo ship and port tow trails and other electric substitutions.. In addition, many domestic lakes are also promoting the “oil change” of the ship.

. National Network Jiangsu Electric Power Innovation Technology Promotion and Application, launched electric replacement research in the field of freight ships, using the ship-load power lithium battery to replace the sailing fuel main unit to achieve the operation of the cargo ship, stop zero pollution, zero emissions, and further help the Yangtze River ship Pollution prevention. In December 2018, the National Network Jiangsu Electric Power and New Energy Ship Manufacturing Company signed a cooperation agreement, and jointly build the first thousand tons of pure electric ship in Changjiang River Basin in Changzhou.

. On May 8, 2020, the success of the ship launched a new chapter in the Yangtze River Basin freight ship opened clean energy..

On April 28, my country’s first sea dangerous goods emergency commander “deep sea 01” round in Guangzhou successfully underwater. It is understood that the ship adopts 3 diesel generator sets to add 2 groups of phosphate-based lithium phosphate powered lithium batteries, and the endless mileage can reach 1000 sea..

This is the first marine business ship in China as a mixed promotion power, and the related technical application fills the gap in the domestic lithium-ion battery in the marine sector.. It is reported that the lithium ion powered lithium battery system mounted by “Deep Sea 01” is supplied by CATL.

Each group of phosphate ion battery has a capacity of 750kWh, a total of 1.5MWH phosphate ion battery..

CATL said that the “deep sea 01” water also marks the success of CATL first marine ship power lithium battery system successfully launched. On the morning of January 16, with the sound of the two sounds, the first 18-meter-level pure electric driving channel maintenance speed boat passed by CCS system certification – “Yangtze River Waterway Electric 1001” boat bridge The waterway maintenance base marks the construction of the Yangtze River Waterway Ecological Environmental Protection. It is reported that the ship has a total length of 18.

9 meters, a width of 4.7 meters wide, and a deep design is 0.9 meters.

It is designed to design a hydrostatic speed of 21.5 kilometers / hour; the battery storage battery is 1290 kWh, in design speed Hour. Differences in traditional ships, the ship is driven by lithium iron phosphate ion battery power supply, double full rotary row pad, configured a variety of anti-pollution measures such as living sewage, domestic sewage pump, garbage collection device, no oil sewage, “zero pollution , Zero emissions, noise, low vibration.

Market institutions predict data show that due to good performance, the cost, legal ban, etc.. 02 Power Lithium Battery Company preemptively developing green ships is a general trend, and many domestic power lithium batteries have made substantive movements in product development, industrialization layout, standard formulation.

. Including CATL, billion lithium, Guo Xuan has taken the lead in making breakthrough in electric ship field. Among them, CATL has overcome the safety, long-life, high-power, long life, etc.

, battery pack system design, using battery packs that meet IP67 protection level, can effectively deposit water vapor, salt foam and dust caused by safety risks , Meet the IP level requirements in the full life cycle. In addition, CATL also launched the research and system research and system of electric ship safety norms in my country’s Classification Society, established a security specification system from battery cells, modules, battery management systems to battery systems; and United American Classification Society (ABS) Co-research the lithium-ion battery propulsion system of next-generation ships, including promotion systems, charging systems, power lithium battery compartment layouts and fire protection, etc., and safety-related key technical controls, etc.

. Yi Qi lithium can also be very rapid in the field of ship electricity. Up to now, more than 200 electric boats carrying the lithium-free lithium-free battery of the 100 million latitude, applied to the paintings of the major scenic spots, along the river coastal ferry, sightseeing boats and inner river ships, port tugboats, Jianghai intermodal bulk ships, etc.

. It is to be noted that although lithium iron phosphate has been fully verified, safety, energy density, and cycle performance in the new energy vehicle, safety, energy density, and cycle performance have been apparent, but the lithium iron phosphate ion battery applied to electric ship will also face For more technical verification, stricter standard standards. In terms of standard standards, my country ‘s Classification Society (CCS) has also been combined with domestic mainstream battery production companies, and has a comprehensive development of relevant standards.

. In December 2019, the CCS officially announced the “Pure Battery Power Ship Inspection Guide”, replacing the CCS “Solar Photovoltaic System and Lithium Ion Battery System Inspection Guide”, is the first domestic dynamic lithium-ion battery inspection guide for electric ships. According to the requirements, all marine power lithium-ion batteries must meet the requirements of the inspection guide and pass the certification.

. Analysts pointed out that combined with the current promotion of the current government in the field of ships, the sales and after-sales maintenance conditions in the ship, the scene of the ship electricization will be important in the coastal city ferry, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats, sightseeing boats in the river Inland River (Lake) cargo ship, port tugboat and other markets. 03 large-scale promotion applications still need multi-partial integration worth noting that unlike new energy vehicles, electric ship field is still in the initial introduction stage, and there are not many battery production companies.

. “The electric boat is not the same, the customization is very high, and the current of each ship we support is not the same, the maximum charge is 2200kwh.”.

“A battery manufacturer disclosed that, in addition, the ship’s battery is also high in safety, service life, etc., these are tested battery companies..

The first batch of new energy pure electric boats were put into use in 2013. After years of research and pilot applications, pure electric ship technology gradually mature, showing rapid development trends, and the application scenario continued to expand. It is understood that the current pure electric ship has a variety of ship types, ordinary passenger boats, travel boats, official ships, engineering boats, dry bulk vessels, and container ships, and the tonnage, and some particular scenarios have been More than 2000 load tons.

Ji Yongbo, director of the ship transportation technology research center of the Ministry of Transport, introduced that the capacity of the currently configured lithium-ion battery has increased, and the battery capacity of new energy pure electric ship reaches 2.4MWH (2400KWH), and the new energy source for the recent planning construction Pure electric tour ship battery capacity is 7.5MWH (7500KWH).

Although my country has made a major breakthrough in key technologies in lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, my country’s pure electric ship development remains insufficient based on safety and economic consideration.. Taking the pure electric ship application of my country’s inner river as an example, there are approximately 130,000 ships in China, only more than 60,000 ships in the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, but the currently built invested inner electric ships only more than 20 ships.

. Xiao Yuming, the Ministry of Classification, Wuhan, my country, said that from the current point of view, the battery cell itself has not yet been in the essence safety. The motor vehicle accident probability company is confidential, and it is impossible to assess the motor boat.

safety. Therefore, to keep the bottom line thinking and keep cautious attitude. On the one hand, we must increase research and development, enhance the safety of lithium-ion battery itself; on the other hand, in the standard standard, the technical means can reduce the application risk on the lithium-ion battery board.

. He suggested first from the government’s strict business ship, and after accumulating a certain relevant experience, in the regional tour boat, cross the Jiangfu wheel gradually spread. In addition to considering fire protection, the cost of lithium-ion battery has also become a major constraint for pure electric ship promotion.

. Xiao Yuming said that the price of lithium-ion batteries is high, leading to new amount of shipping investment in ships, and the burden on the initial investment of the company..

At the same time, because the life is insufficient, the tour boat may not sustainable in the tourism golden period, which will also have a certain impact on operating income.. In addition, the current life of the boat power is generally within 10 years, but the life of the ship can reach several batteries in the life cycle of the ship.

. Considering the importance of the subsequent operational costs, depending on the power grid power supply and the life of the lithium-ion battery. In general, most companies are difficult to bear high construction and transformation costs before the cost of lithium ion battery is significantly reduced.

. Current battery production companies in the field of electric ships, are relatively small, and important for battery head companies. Ship electricity in the early days of the market, there is an urgent need of national policy leading and support, solving key bottlenecks through technical research, clear business model through demonstration operation.

In addition, industrial chain companies need to cooperate to cooperate to jointly promote the key technology R & D, supporting facilities, economy, and convenience of shipping, etc.. In the future, with the advancement of electric ship industrialization, the robbing battle around the lithium-e-sales market share will also kick off.


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