Electric cars future, not coming

Electric cars future, not coming

Just in Tslaceo Elon Mask March 1 announced that the official sale of $ 35,000 standard version of Model3, the car home founder, car and home CEO Li Zhifa Weibo reminded domestic car companies : “TSLA has already hit the door”, “Don’t worry about the publicity of people again” when promoting electric cars.. If you don’t have a revivisite, “I really didn’t have a bowl in the future, and the days will soon end.

“. Li Xi’s so-called “leased propaganda means” refers to the practice of flicker consumers such as domestic car enterprises..

He is in the microblogging: “Seeing a lot of people having a few faces in China, they are still using 60 isometric to promote their own life, and even directly put this kind of false life mileage number on the car butt, it is a bit big leap forward. a feeling of. “The virtual standard mileage does not only have domestic cars, and foreign car companies have this, but in recent years, the domestic electric vehicle market is rapidly expanding, and the virtual standard is more and more striking, so that consumers are dissatisfied.

And even do not trust the entire electric vehicle industry. Prior to 2018 3.15, the first electric network Joint car headline APP made a questionnaire survey on electric vehicle satisfaction, and the results showed that 39.

75% of the owner believed that the purchased electric car did not completely achieve the performance standards of official publicity. And the battery life is virtual standard is the first slot point of the owners..

The survey also showed that 35.22% of users expressed regret purchased electric vehicles..

Among them, it feels that the manufacturer will flicker is one of the important reasons for electric car powder.. It seems that Li Xi’s worry is not reasonable.

. And to understand the seriousness of the problem, we have to first understand what is going on..

Simply put, the battery life of the electric car refers to the distance from the automotive battery to drive the vehicle.. This miles are related to many factors, such as road conditions, weather, carriers, use car internal appliances, driving habits, etc.

. It is because there are many variables, and the measurement of the room is determined to determine a standard..

There are currently many standards in the world, such as EPA standards in the United States, European NEDC and WLTC standards, etc.. my country’s current standard is the “National Standard GB / T18386-2017” of the People’s Republic of China from May 1, 2018.

. There is also a big difference in the final ending mileage in different standards..

In general, the closer the standard test method, the more reliable results, the more reliable results, the more reference value for consumers.. However, because these standards are more than mandatory standards, which standard does not have a hard demand, and Based on “publicity”, the car enterprise is willing to choose the standard that can make numerical looks.

. Different standards are different, the resulting gap is also very obvious..

Let’s take a look at a comparison test of foreign institutions: Choose the 4 quantities of BMW I3, Jaguar I-PACE, Nissan Leaf and Tslamodels, and test according to WLTP standards and NEDC standards, and then compare with the actual road test.. The results show that the NEDC standard has a maximum mileage, reaching 300km, 500km, 387km and 632km, respectively.

. WLTP standard decreased, 225km, 480km, 285km, and 460km, respectively. The actual road measurement has changed, 231km, 313km, 228km, and 422km, respectively.

. This, it is understood that the number of times under the WLTP standard is closest, and the NEDC standard is generally larger..

The test results and the actual deviation are I-PACE, which can only reach 65% under WLTP standards.. And BMW I3 actually tests the value of the battery than the value of WLTP standards, it can be said that it is very real.

. Models not only has the longest life, reaching 422km, but also close to the WLTP standard test value, it is more objective..

Based on the endless mileage data from different standards, the vehicle enterprises can certainly take propaganda, but must understand to inform consumers, this is the ideal data under a standard, for reference only, does not represent the actual battery life. But in reality, many cars do not do this, often take the best data to promote, and deliberately hidden to “ideal conditions”, so that consumers are mistaken this is the actual battery life..

This is the nature of the flicker.. According to the data, the mainstream of my country’s mainstream pure electric car types in China is about 150-200km, and in 2017, the mainstream pure electric car type of working conditions on the market is basically 250km.

. In 2018, there is further improvement, mainstream pure electric car types have no problem with completion of the mileage of 300km..

However, the cargo enterprises can unwilling to use this data, they are mostly “addition”, let the data better. A little penny is 10%, 20%, more than 30% of the false report, and the most dare to report nearly 60%..

Consumers who don’t understand may be used, but in front of people who know, they are naive, they will do things.. A agency in the United States has purchased 15 electric bus from a car company in my country.

This is a typical propaganda of the domestic media as an independent new energy vehicle to the international market, but unfortunately, soon, this US institution will propose all returns. Requirements, the actual life-end mileage and promotion of the purchased vehicles. A company is returned to the customer, if most car companies play virtual standards, affect consumer confidence, let them pink, this will continue to develop throughout the new energy automotive industry, that is serious.

To understand, do anything to be honest, the development of electric automotive industry must also do it, relying on flicker, can not earn. .

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