Electric cars demand-selling internationalized competition excavation potential benefits will become the subject

Electric cars demand-selling internationalized competition excavation potential benefits will become the subject

2016 is the landmark of electric vehicles development. From the global perspective, the automotive industry has entered the creative destruction period, and the guards will face huge challenges..

From the domestic perspective, many companies are “trying to see”, turning to “iron and heart”, putting the development of electric vehicles in the central status of the company’s strategy, the research and development path is turning to the open conditions, the degree of importance of R & D and Benefit. There is a batch of emerging companies that focus on new energy vehicles. Since there is no stock to drag down, the ideas are more liberated, these new entrants, new ideas, new development paths, new production organization models, bring new vitality to the industry, and have far-reaching.

In this sense, after the growth period, the electric motor industry has gotten. At the same time, the development of electric vehicles in China has entered the growth period by the import period, and the transformation of the policy-driven to the policy market is increasingly appearing..

In 2020, as the landmark year of my country’s electric car, it will usher in the post-subsidy period.. Direct purchase of car subsidies will fade out, but non-subsidative “functional policies”, such as carbon emissions, fuel consumption limit, zero emissions, and car purchase licenses, restrictions, etc.

will also be maintained to make the market have stable expected. At present, the competition between domestic companies is just a prelude, and when the subsidy of the government is faded, it is the day of foreign capital and joint venture brands into our market. It is also the company to meet international competition.

. After the subsidy, the iron is still hard..

my country’s company must be calmly, the production and sales size is not equal to competitiveness. We have a small gap between our advanced levels, such as weak technology, low original innovation ability, lack of core technology, lack of brand influence, etc., enhance these soft power with cultural color, to accumulate One-day work.

Electric vehicle development has not been reversible, looking forward, challenges and opportunities coexist. If the opportunity is greater than the challenge, the international competitive status of the automobile industry will change, and the relevant company should make full use of policy support cycle, and do three things well: First, people have no serious, There must be near worries, both forward, developing a long-term development strategy, and intensifying deployment and implementation. Second, continue to grow research and development capabilities, master core technology, attack “uneconomical, unassured, inconvenient”, the foundation of electric vehicles and fuel trucks counter.

Third, seize the new opportunity of electric vehicles, with the quality of the product, taste the excellent independent brand, win the market trust. In addition, the system planning, early deployment “electric car + Internet”. Today’s electric car is hot, not due to the exhaustion of traditional energy, but because of its powerful positive externality.

. At this moment, everyone is more concerned about the basic function of automobiles as the basic function of automobiles, electric vehicles low carbonization, informationization, intelligent potential social benefits, only with new energy, intelligent transportation, smart cities, and Internet organic integration to play. With the advanced technology in these areas, the potential efficiency of excavating electric vehicles will be the theme of government and company concern.

. Informatization, intelligent will be the high point of electric vehicle differentiated competition, the development space is huge, and the current auxiliary driving, no driving has been in front. The state should have early development of electric vehicles and distributed energy, intelligent transportation, smart cities and 5G communications, carry out unified planning, carry out top-level design, super-deployment, start, guide the company’s technical development and infrastructure construction, and promote “electric vehicles + Internet + Traffic “, apply the technical achievements of stage technology to improve transportation efficiency, reduce logistics costs, ensure traffic safety, etc.

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