Electric car winter endurance shrinkage ‘curse’ is difficult

Electric car winter endurance shrinkage 'curse' is difficult

The problem of electric car’s winter life shrinkage has been long, and it is impossible to solve it, it is an important factor in “advising” consumers.. Optimized usage can avoid this problem to a certain extent.

Winter, the headache of many electric car is coming again.. “Obviously written 600 kilometers, with a few halfway?” “In order to save electricity, the air conditioner dares to open.

“. “” I have escaped the self ignition of the summer, the winter is coming again? ” “The reporter found that the” Tucao “that can always be seen after wintering, including Tslamodel3, BYD Han EV, SAIC General Wuling Miniev and other popular models. A Shanxi car owner has recently encountered extensive attention.

. The owner said he only opened a half-long battery life version of BYD Han EV. In the winter, it was used in winter, and it was found that it was only 230 kilometers after the electricity.

2/3! “Battery” nature “makes it in fact, the phenomenon of electric car winter life is a long time. The endless mileage is the most important element of consumers to buy electric vehicles, and the life-fire mileage published by the car enterprises is NEDC battery life..

The NEDC test method is to simulate the working conditions during the actual driving process, not the actual road test.. However, in winter, the actual life-end mileage of electric cars and the NEDC endless mileage announced by the manufacturer is far away.

. “Some drops 50%, some falls 70%, and even more. “A owner said helplessly.

In this regard, the deputy dean of the Beiqi New Energy Research Institute, said that the characteristics of the capacity of the dynamic lithium battery with temperature change are one of the reasons for the decline in electric vehicles in winter life.. According to data shows that the general lithium ion battery is reduced by 20% when zero copying, and the temperature can only be less than half of the temperature.

. Generation of Coewei further said that from the perspective of technology, the power lithium battery is transferred by lithium ions in the electrolyte and embedding in the positive and negative electrode..

In low temperature, the activity of the battery positive and negative electrode material and the internal electrolytic liquid conductivity are lowered, the internal resistance increases, and the operating current is small, and the external manifestation is the power lithium battery available capacity, resulting in the endless mileage “discount”. At the same time, the decline in the winter life of electric vehicles is also related to air conditioning, this is also the reason for many electric car owners “do not dare to open air conditioners”..

Genesis, the heat source of the air-conditioning system of the fuel air conditioning system comes from the engine waste heat. The transformation efficiency of the engine is used for only 40% of power, and the remaining 60% of the heat conversion can fully meet the needs of the driving air conditioner heating..

However, because there is no engine in electric cars, all heating must power the new heating source of lithium batteries, so air conditioning is also an important factor in the winter life of electric vehicles.. In addition, Dr.

Coewei also mentioned that since the winter air density became large, the wind resistance and tire resistance of the whole vehicle were increased, and the lubricating grease in the transmission system was changed after the temperature dropped, so electric cars used the same power in winter. Drive, consume more than other seasons. Technology encounters “ceiling” to improve the performance of pure electric vehicles in low temperature environment, how does the car enterprises work? The reporter learned that about low temperature on battery capacity, to be solved by battery heating to ensure that the battery has a suitable operating temperature.

. Electric vehicles produced in recent years have basically installed battery heating systems. Although there is indeed a problem that the battery life is lowered, it is very effective for ensuring the endurance.

. In terms of heat, the current car enterprise is more common solution is to do not use PTC air conditioner, change to heat pump..

The heat pump is simply a reverse process of air conditioning refrigeration, and the external air temperature is collected or even the temperature of the electronic component to heat the cab.. Although the efficiency is better than the resistance, the dependence on the external air is higher.

. Generative Warwei said that conventional heat pump systems generally adapt to minus 10 ¡ã C, and the efficiency will decrease with temperature. In addition, a few car companies are developing an all-weather battery.

It is understood that the all-weather battery is different from the heat-heating structure of the electricity, and the traditional power lithium battery is different. It takes only a few hours to make the battery temperature rise from -20 ¡ã C to 0 ¡ã C, effectively improve the battery in low temperature. performance.

However, there are industry insiders that the safety and stability of the climate battery need to be further verified, and the large-scale commercial application needs time.. The way of use can further optimize an industry insiders that consumers need to carefully consider their own situation when they are purchasing new energy vehicles in the face of electric vehicles.

. “If you live in the northeast, there are long and low temperatures in the northeast, or travel high speed for a long time, there will be a large mileage anxiety..

“The above-mentioned industry is further stated that electric vehicles are still unable to prevent, vehicle enterprises and powered lithium battery manufacturers still need to strengthen technical research.. He suggested that the car is important to plan a weekly charging time and mileage based on the actual life of winter, and try to charge the remaining 30% of the electricity volume.

It should prevent excessive discharge, affect battery life.. Conditions can park the car into the garage or basement to heat the battery, suitable temperature is more conducive to the charging efficiency of lithium ion battery, ensuring that the vehicle is started under better temperature conditio.

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