Electric car pain points: quality is not bad

Electric car pain points: quality is not bad

Electric vehicle pain points, many automotive manufacturers, due to the importance of technology is not independent, battery and motor, etc., to reduce costs, often use more cheap parts, leading to high quality. These manufacturers involved in the field of new energy are important to obtain national subsidies, and there is no real input to the performance, technology, security of the vehicle.

. Lan Yu (pseudonym) in Changping District, Beijing is 60 kilometers away..

In order to get a license quickly, Lan Wei applied for a new energy number plate at the end of 2016, and finally obtained the indicator in the second year.. He is full of luck: “The sign rate in the fuel car license has dropped to one thousandth, and the new energy license is getting more and more unhappy.

If you have a year, you must queue up until 2022.. “Different cities, the positioning of new energy vehicles is also different.

In Tianjin, Shanghai and other places, plugging mixing models can also be counted for new energy vehicles; while in Beijing, only pure electric vehicles are new energy vehicles.. “I have no choice, I can only buy electric vehicles.

. “Lan Yu is do not accept electric cars, and after purchasing electric cars, there is a short life, suddenly power off, battery attenuation, etc., let him regret it.

. “Electric vehicle will be a mainstream direction of the future development of my country’s auto industry, this is unquestionable..

“Zhong Jing, who car commencher, at present, some manufacturers involved in the new energy sector only to obtain national subsidies, did not put important energy in electric vehicle research, leading to electric vehicles, it is necessary to improve threshold, strengthen supervision Prevent the appearance of excessive output of new rounds. After the problems of the electricity problems, after the new energy car indicator, Luoyu immediately purchased a model of Geely New energy pure electric vehicle for Evhao EV, the transaction price was 145,000 yuan..

The manufacturer said the car life is 250 kilometers.. Because there is a fixed parking space and charging pile, Blue Yu is more convenient to charge the car, full of battery 45 degrees, spend about 30 yuan.

However, shortly, Lan Yu discovered that the actual battery life and car display mileage did not match. Especially in winter, whether it is not open air conditioning, the actual renewal mileage and the mileage are about 25%..

“Usually full of electricity can run more than 200 kilometers, 150 kilometers in winter. “Lan Yu said. “More troubles are suddenly powered off.

According to Lan Yu memory, the first power-off occurred in the early winter of last year. He drove to pick up his child. At that time, the car showed 30 kilometers.

When I was preparing to go back, the car showed that kilometers became 0, and there is no sign of the car. Electric, unable to start. After that, the maintenance person tells Blue Yu, in the winter, the display power and the actual power of the vehicle have indeed a difference in order to ensure that the power is sufficient, and the winter should be recharged in winter.

. Since then, Lan Yu’s electric car has only a few times of power failure, because he is afraid of accident, he does not dare to open the high speed..

There is also auto insurance, which is unsatisfactory. The transaction price of this Emgrand EV is 145,000 yuan, but it is necessary to insure according to the price of more than 200,000 yuan..

On June 2, the reporter visited several new energy vehicles in Beijing.. Sales staff in many new energy automotive sales points said that due to the current state and local payment of new energy vehicles, the actual price of general consumers car purchase is about half of the official guide price of the vehicle, consumers have already enjoyed a lot.

Affordable. Regardless of the purchase price of the vehicle, you can only purchase insurance according to the official guidance price before the subsidy..

However, what projects can be guaranteed about insurance, Lan Yu does not know. Some experts said that according to the official guidance prices given by the 4S shop, they are too knife cut, very few consumers pay attention to the specific underwriting content, and may trigger payment in the later period..

Jia Haomao, chairman of China Bao Research Automobile Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. pointed out that during an interview with reporters, the current domestic electric vehicle battery damage is a problem.

. Jia Haimao introduced that in practice, the battery damage caused by the accident, according to the procedure, the insurance company should pay according to the battery damage status, but the manufacturer requires recycling of the battery, and the battery technology is not possible to openly publicly, the insurance company is not allowed Vegetable battery. “Insurance company cannot assess the battery damage, no payment; vehicle manufacturers are not announced by the excuse for excuses and value.

These two aspects make battery underwriters and payment into empty talk. “A sales personnel of the battery underwriting, the salesperson of Beiqi New Energy Car told reporters:” There is no problem with battery performance, and the battery will not have problems during the warranty period. Attenuation is normal.

. As for which manufacturer is produced by the battery, what model, you don’t know. “The quality of the car is not inseparable, in addition to the problem of electric car owners, the quality of the car is also worrying.

. According to media reports, many users reflect, Jianghuai City E Elf IEV6E electric car frequently puncture accident. The rule of law weekend reporter contacts one of the users of Wang.

Mr. Wang, said that on the evening of May 13, he drove the above electric car and took the grandparents from Zhuzhou to Xiangtan..

Tracking in about 60 km. “A family is trapped in the suburbs for more than two hours. I didn’t overload at the time, and there was no speed, and the road was very flat.

. The burst position is close to the hub, obviously non-hardware. I suspect that there is a problem with the tires of electric cars.

. “Mr. Wang said that as of now, the manufacturer did not respond to this puncture incident.

. “IEV6E electric car manufacturers no longer supply. “The person in charge of a Jianghuai New Energy Car Sales Store told reporters that in accordance with this year’s new policy, the renewal miles threshold for the electric car of national policy subsidies will be increased to 150 kilometers, and the endless mileage is less than 150 kilometers will no longer be subsidized.

. The car cannot continue to enjoy national policy subsidies due to short life, and have been discontinued..

“IEV6E pure electric car puncture and electrical system relationship is not large, it is important to have quality problems in tires. “Zhong teacher analysis pointed out that there is no problem in the use of electric vehicles, and some internationally renowned brands are no exception, but in contrast, there is more comprehensively brand problems..

Many car manufacturers have important relying on the purchase of the core components such as technology, battery and motors, to reduce costs, often use more cheap parts, leading to high quality of vehicles. These manufacturers involved in the field of new energy are important to obtain national subsidies, and there is no real input to the performance, technology, security of the vehicle..

The trail-to-retryation is difficult. “Traditional fuel cars can also sell again in the second-hand market, but the second-hand electric car of the independent brand is rarely recycled..

“Zhang Xian (pseudonym), General Manager of Zhongtai 4S Store, told reporters that most of the early domestic electric motor vehicle battery life is short, the performance is general, the service life is not long, and the recovery value outside the warranty period is not large. The electric vehicle used in the public domain is recycled by the manufacturer before the waste..

What should I do with the scrap battery? Will it happen to the environment? How should I deal with? “The current national promulgation is still in promoting the development of new energy vehicles, but there is no more talk about sensitive environmental hazards.. Yang Weilin, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, pointed out that the current review of new energy vehicles clean and environmentally friendly is only floating on the surface, which is limited to the examination of the automotive body, and the new energy vehicle industry chain, and new energy car Industrial pollution is important from the manufacturing and other upstream industries and the unclea-free and recycled reuse of the power source of electricity.

. Some scholars predict that the life of the battery in the market is generally around 6 years, calculated with the quality assurance of 5 years / 80,000 kilometers, and the power lithium battery of the vehicle or driving mileage promoted by 2009 to 2012, has been replaced Or maintenance, from this year, my country is about to usher in the “reportable tide” of the power lithium battery. On February 26, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Interim Measures for the Management of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Management”, clearly reported that the waste battery “Who produces who is recycled”, emphasizing the implementation of the producer’s responsibility extension system, requiring automobile production companies to undertake the power company The subject responsibility of the battery recovery, and the relevant company performs corresponding responsibility in power storage battery recycling.

“But now the domestic recycling battery industry has just started, and the corresponding recovery rate is only 2%.”. “Zhang Xian pointed out that the dismantling process of the waste car power lithium battery is complex and has a safety hazard, the product is poor and the remaining life and battery condition cannot be evaluated, and the recycling economics is poor.

. Zhang Xian added, should increase professional technical support and research input on battery recovery company, formulate relevant laws and regulations, and strengthen supervision and management of production companies. .

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