Electric car ownership surges surge to recharge the lithium battery

Electric car ownership surges surge to recharge the lithium battery

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Nights News, New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Policy Research Symposium Recently, in Beijing, aims to speed up the recycling of new energy vehicle power storage batteries. The meeting introduced the power storage battery recycling related management policies, and made opinions and suggestions on improving new energy vehicle power storage batteries..

Due to the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the agency expects that by 2020, my country’s electric vehicle power lithium battery has reached 120,000 to 170,000 tons.. At the same time, with the rising rising prices of lithium-electric raw materials, lithium battery has had strong economics, which is conducive to relevant companies to carry out business layout.

. my country’s automobile technology research center forecast, 2015 my country’s powered lithium battery accumulated scrap volume is about 20,000 to 40,000 tons. According to the 2015 new energy car sales sales of more than 5 million, nearly 5 million new energy vehicles, in 2020, my country only pure electric (including plug-in) passenger cars and hybrid passenger cars Dynamic lithium battery, accumulated scrap volume will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons.

Due to less than 2% of my country’s battery, a large amount of abandoned battery has caused resource waste and environmental pollution.. In order to support the healthy development of new energy vehicles, in early 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries will announce the “Electric Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Technology Policy”.

It is proposed to strengthen the technical guidance and norms of electric vehicle power lithium battery recycling work, clear dynamic lithium The responsible subject of battery recycling, guiding the relevant company to establish upstream linkage of power lithium battery recycling system to prevent industry disorderly development. From the previous series of policies, the focus is on strengthening power lithium battery steps and recycling management, guiding dynamic lithium battery production companies to strengthen recycling and use of waste dynamic lithium batteries, encouraging the recycling company of development specialization, and clarify the power lithium battery Technical standards and management requirements for collecting, storage, transportation, processing, regeneration and utilization and final disposal. In addition, in order to speed up the construction of new energy automobile after-sales service system, research to develop power lithium battery recycling policy, explore the use of funds, deposits, mandatory recycling, etc.

. Due to the rapid volume of electric vehicles, the price of lithium-ion battery is rapidly increased..

At present, battery-grade carbonate prices are from 160,000 to 170,000 yuan per ton, positive material, diaphragm, electrolyte and hexafluorophosphate, etc. appear. At the same time, with the rising rising prices of lithium-electric raw materials, lithium electric recycling has strong economic and urgent, and relevant companies will continue to pay attention to the development of lithium-electric recycling fields, which is expected to form new profit rising points.

. The institution expects that the new energy vehicle will still maintain a rapid development situation under the subsequent automotive integral system, the production of electric vehicles..

The increase in electric vehicle sales will bring huge market space to the lithium-ion battery recovery market, and the company has been able to obtain the first advantage.

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