Electric car lifes the hidden and challenge under the premium of lithium TV big country ‘

Electric car lifes the hidden and challenge under the premium of lithium TV big country '

With the rapid development of the electric motor industry, my country has become the world’s largest lithium-powered lithium battery producer, and dominates lithium-powered lithium battery market with South Korea.. Under this “prestigious”, the resource development and utilization capacity is behind, the power lithium battery technology is not high, the battery recovery is re-uses the system blanks, limiting the industrial competitiveness.

. Looking forward to the future, the research and development of the new generation of power lithium batteries is being launched, and the developed countries in Europe and the United States may also enter the industry to form potential challenges..

Lithium-ion battery is the mainstream of the current dynamic lithium battery, and closely related to the future development of the new energy vehicle industry.. Industry experts believe that in the critical period of the promotion of the power lithium battery industry, my country has made a large country in the production of power lithium batteries, and must get rid of the existing bottleneck, speed up the construction of standardization system, and improve the recycling system, and master the breakthrough core technology.

Competition seized advantage. Resource rich use of the lack of 2018 my country (Qinghai) lithium industry and power lithium battery international peak forum, held in Xining. The “Lithium Ion Battery Development Report (2018)” released by the forum pointed out that my country’s lithium resources is rich, but the utilization rate is relatively low, and as the nickel, cobalt resources of important materials for power lithium batteries, and the external dependence is high.

. my country’s lithium reserves ranks in the forefront of the world, but this is very unpredictable. At present, the ore raw material for lithium product processing and production in my country is very high.

. According to the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the director of the Yanhu Center of my country’s Geological Academy of Geological Sciences, Zheng Mianping team estimates that the actual external dependence of lithium resources is about 70%..

The lithium resources of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Salt Lake are rich, but the “magnesium ratio” in the brine is extremely high, and it is difficult to separate the separation and extraction of lithium.. Although these regions have initially formed a industrial chain of Lithium Lake to a lithium-ion battery, it is affected by factors such as technical level restrictions and lack of industry, and the lack of effective docking between upstream and downstream companies.

. Zhang Yongwei, secretary general and chief expert in China Electric Motors, said that my country’s electric motor industry has developed rapidly. It is expected that the production of 10 million units by 2030 will be particularly prominent, while the development of technical bottlenecks will be particularly prominent, and the entire industrial chain can be made Cost pressure steep.

Analysts believe that the competition of global dynamic lithium battery companies has extended to the field of upstream materials, and the resources can take the initiative.. my country Electric Motors Chairman Chen Qingtai suggested that my country should use lithium, nickel, cobalt as strategic resources, attach importance to survey, evaluation, mining and recycling, further strengthen market supervision, guiding prices rational regression, thereby reducing resource security.

Based on battery recovery According to experts, new energy vehicles eliminated by the power lithium battery remains substantially of 70% to 80% of the initial energy, and the battery also contains some valuable metal materials, such as unreasonable recovery is necessary to cause waste.. Chen Qingtai said that my country’s dynamic lithium battery recycling technology is not much mature, and the acquisition network is not very perfect.

Management measures are not strong enough, support policy is not enough, business model and profit model still to explore. He said that my country’s earliest car power lithium battery has begun to enter the decommissioning period, the recycling and ladder of the dynamic lithium battery is important for environmental protection, and the relevant technical, safety, environmental standards, and research issued a powerful lithium battery recycling. Excited mechanism.

Zhao Xiaoyong, the general manager of Beijing Saidimei Resources Rejection Research Institute Co., Ltd..

He suggested that the battery recovery into the company through legislation.. Future lithium competition fierce data shows that in my country, Japan and South Korea have basically dominated the global lithium battery market.

. Among them, my country’s powered lithium battery shipments reached 38 GW (GWH), accounting for more than 60% of global shipments, and the top ten power lithium battery companies in China have seven in my country..

However, Zhang Yongwei pointed out that although my country is currently running in production, there is still uncertainty in the new round of competition, “If you do not speed up the next generation of battery technology, the competition pattern will rewrite”. Currently mainstream three-dimensional lithium-ion battery and lithium iron phosphate ion battery have low thermal decomposition temperatures, flammable and explosive defects, energy density improvement space is also limited. In contrast, the full solid-state lithium-ion battery is gradually generating industry recognition due to high density, high security, may become the trend of future battery development.

. Japan New Energy Industry Technology Comprehensive Development Agency has announced that some of the automobiles, battery companies and academic institutions will jointly develop, and strive to comprehensively grasp the relevant technologies of solid-state batteries in 2022; German Volkswagen Group also announced the investment of $ 100 million for solid state Battery development and mass production. Industry insiders believe that my country has entered a solid-state lithium-ion battery sector, and it is important to support research institutions or colleges, and the industrialization process is slow.

. From the global perspective, although European and American companies lost their position in this round of competition, it is a potential powerful competitor for the next stage of competition layout..

Chen Qingtai said that the most important thing to continuously improve its competitive status is to master core technology, and have the ability to create core technology. “The key is to condense outstanding talents, maintain enough research and development investment. Battery companies also have to support the basic research of high schools, research institutions, and carry out dynamic lithium batteries.


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