Electric Car ‘Heart’: Power Lithium Battery is safer than you imagined

Electric Car 'Heart': Power Lithium Battery is safer than you imagined

The representative of the car enterprise and the battery company said that although both parties look “divided into labor”, they do not have to “two clear”.. Car companies collect data in the user’s use, reflect user experience and problems, battery companies can better improve the performance and safety of batteries as a reference.

Editor’s note: As the “heart” of electric cars, the progress of the power lithium battery has achieved today’s electric car, and it also determines the future of electric vehicles marketing.. In 2018, the dynamic lithium battery industry entered the development of expressway.

With the continuous maturity of battery new technology, the safety of the power lithium battery gradually became the focus of attention.. In May, a TSLAMODELS in Florida in Florida hit the concrete wall and quickly fired, causing two high school students to die, another high school student was injured.

. In the same month, a TSLA car accident in Switzerland, causing the battery to get fire, the driver died on the spot ..

. The continued accident once again pushed the electric car battery safety problem to the tip, and the consumer of the purchase of electric car will increase the consumption: electric Car, until safe? Power lithium battery safety is waiting for a well-known brand mobile phone battery explosion for a long time, but still makes a lot of people feel awkward, and the recent electric car is more embarrassing..

With the advantages of energy-saving and environmental protection, cost-effective, can electric cars let everyone sit at a big battery in a big battery? “The overall technical level of domestic power lithium battery production and foreign advanced levels have a gap. “Quality Engineer introduction, in recent years, the number of domestic power lithium batteries has rapidly rising, new technology, new route is endless, but the manufacturer is generally unparalleled, and the technical strength has improved space..

Under the existing system, the market threshold is relatively low, some small manufacturers have not yet established a standardized quality assurance system.. “Most companies use semi-automated and automated production equipment in the production process, product quality levels are unstable, and there are also some improved spaces in terms of production and safety.

. “According to reporters, lithium iron phosphate and three-dimensional lithium-ion battery is currently the highest use rate of use..

Data indicates that the energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries does not have a ternary lithium ion battery, but it has better safety than ternary lithium ion batteries.. The positive electrode material is a key factor in determining the energy density and performance of the battery, and the diaphragm is a key material that guarantees battery performance and safety.

. It is well known that the larger the battery capacity, the higher the energy density, the more important the importance of safety. Experts emphasize that in the development of electric vehicle power lithium batteries, safety is always the first, energy and other performance indicators.

. “Impact battery safety, not just the battery cell itself, also related to battery pack, power system, vehicle, etc., especially BMS (battery management system).

“Experts said that the current BMS cannot be” cold and warm self-knowledge “like a human nerve. All batteries are passively being controlled by BMS, while the internal activity is very active and cannot see internal operation in the case of atmospheric exposure. Although material analysis technology is very mature in Japan, South Korea, but in China has just begun.

So people’s concerns are not reasonable. The battery is more secure industry than what you imagine, TSLA is angry because the three-dimensional lithium ion battery is “thermal out-of control” in the encounter with strong collision, resulting in rapid temperature rise. Also is a car, why are you sitting on a gasoline car every day, everyone is not so worried; and in electric cars, people are very concerned about safety? Because the factors affecting “electricity” is more than gasoline more.

“There are five in failure mode of the battery system: electric shock (electric energy is abnormal release), burning, explosion, collision, corrosion. “Vice President, Beijing Ples New Energy Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

, Zhang Renbai, said that there are at least four major safety tests, the first is chemical safety, including material flame retardation, battery safety; second is electrical safety, including expansion Force, sensing, voltage collection, temperature collection, etc .; the third is mechanical safety, such as corrosion resistance, vibration resistance; fourth is functional security, such as automatic cutting circuit extinguishing in the crash. “Whether it is full, or short, most of the causes of the cause of the battery.

In the future, we still have to continue to commit stable positive and negative materials.. “Industry insiders said that safety measures that are currently adopted include possible fuse, relay, box, battery, battery module, liquid cooling system, thermal management, etc.

. Experts emphasize safety is the fundamental of electric vehicles. “Electric car safety is safe, requiring no fire before people escape, do not explode.

“But she also said that the safety of the battery is level. “Safety is relative, unsafe is absolute. We just have to put unsafe possibilities with unlimited approach to zero.

“In addition to technical improvements and strict testing, the power battery for electric vehicles, my country’s Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and my country’s National Standardization Management Committee jointly announced” lithium ion power battery pack for electric vehicles ” And systems Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods “(GB / T31467.3-2015), etc., and fully implemented in 2016.

On January 24, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “Notice on the Issue of 3 Mandatory National Standards (Draft for Comments), etc.”. A series of national standards will be uniformly quantized by battery safety, setting a clear “safety bottom line”.

Industry comments indicate that different standards have the mutual connection and combination of power lithium batteries, modules, systems, etc., which are conducive to the healthy development of the power lithium battery industry..

Battery company, car companies teamed up to build security industry experts generally stated that new energy car safety is not a one-piece, but a company, but a full chain including battery, motor, electric control, vehicle manufacturing, charging facility and other full chain System engineering. Ensure that battery safety is not just the “hosting” of the battery company, and the vehicle company is responsible for. Battery company, “To ensure that power lithium batteries and energy storage batteries are designed to production, from the sale.

“Expert advice. If the battery company focuses on the R & D of the battery performance, the vehicle company is more concerned about the battery and user experience..

The representative of the car enterprise and the battery company said that although both parties look “divided into labor”, they do not have to “two clear”.. Car companies collect data in the user’s use, reflect user experience and problems, battery companies can better improve the performance and safety of batteries as a reference.

Experts suggest that the vehicle company should throw the traditional supply and demand relationship between the vehicle factory and suppliers, and the supplier has become closely matched partnerships, and jointly promote the iteration and evolution of battery technology.. Industry insiders said that the development of power lithium battery technology directly affects the fluctuations and control capabilities of the cost of the vehicle company.

The two sides of the whole vehicle and components are interdependent, joint progressive relationships, and must stand in the high development of the industry, uphold, cooperation The mentality, jointly responding to challenges, giving out a new way to adapt to new energy auto industry. .

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