Edge charging edge detection new energy car battery can “physical examination”

Edge charging edge detection new energy car battery can

The new energy car market is hot, but the new energy used car is no one.. On the one hand, because the new energy vehicle is frequent, the endless mileage continues to advance; on the other hand, the key factors affecting the new energy used car preservation rate – the battery residual assessment has not been unified standard.

In addition, electric car safety risks are increasing, and the safety test of dynamic lithium-ion battery usage is still blank.. However, this “dilemma” is about to be broken.

. November 9, Shengde Southeast New Energy Automobile Ecological Park officially opened, its first power lithium-ion battery online detection technology allowed the industry “” “. When the technology is charging, it can complete the “medical examination” of the battery.

More importantly, the first time makes the battery have evaluated and safe test standards.. Fast-charging edge detection rapid and high efficiency accuracy “No need to dismantle the battery, only by charging pile with detection function, the battery state can be detected while charging, and issued a paper report after the test.

According to Zhou Zhenhao, the company’s general manager, the core of this technology is not to disassemble the battery to complete the test, which has fast and efficient, easy to implement, low cost, high precision technology.. Not only that, the system can detect a wide range of models, all new energy vehicles can be detected.

Zhou Zhenhao told reporters that in the past few days, the owner of the car to the park for the new energy car is endless. Most of the owners are worried that the battery has not known after a while, and the safety is nothing..

All-round test results, giving the owners to eat “fixed pills”. The reporter also saw a lot of used car owners in the park also queued to test. Mr.

Huang, the second-hand car, is coming with Xiaopeng P7 just acquired.. He told reporters that because there is no corresponding dynamic lithium-ion battery testing technology, it can only rely on related experience, the risk of buying and selling is large.

. Now there is a professional inspection system, and the price assessment will be more accurate, and the buyers and sellers will be guaranteed..

The test standard recognizes that President Ye Geng, president of the new energy vehicle market development company, has been approved by the Southeast Power Lithium Ion Battery Online Detection System, has been recognized by the National Electric Automobile Industry Metrology Center, and the Shenzhen landmarks coegrant with Shenzhen Metering Institute “New Energy Car Car Power Lithium Ion Battery System Test Method” officially implemented on July 1, 2019, is the first local standard in the field in China. As a third-party automotive power detection, the new energy used car residual value is assisted, the work of dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery. Ye Geng said that the battery rapid detection technology on Xiamen online is the fourth product.

It is an iteration on the basis of the original technology, as long as the modular, embedded testing equipment is added to the charging pile, it can be detected.. He believes that with the help of professional online testing technology, the new energy vehicle market will realize monitoring management of the full life cycle of dynamic lithium-ion batteries, and establish an electric vehicle used car’s residual assessment system, not only allows consumers.

The car is more assured, can also solve the industry’s pain points, and promote the development of the new energy automobile market, play a good promotion purpose. (Xiamen Daily reporter Hu Jian Duo Lei).

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