Dynamic lithium battery safety analysis: the ‘tutane’ of electric cars?

Dynamic lithium battery safety analysis: the 'tutane' of electric cars?

Three topics of electric cars in can’t be inseparable: battery life, charging and battery. Over time, most mainstream electric vehicles update iteration, its battery life and charging speed have certain improvements, but only battery safety issues have always been the pain of electric cars..

In recent years, there has been an electric car when there is electric vehicle charging, and the news is exposed, so that many people “smell charging color change”, parking is also hiding from electric cars and charging piles, and I am afraid that they will be fired.. Friends who purchase electric cars will also have worry: how the battery life of electric cars, how to charge safety, etc.

. Although my country has considerable regulations on battery system security and battery performance, it is affected by the innate chemical characteristics of dynamic lithium batteries. The unstable factors under certain special conditions can lead to spontaneous combustion, and the battery thermal out of control of electric vehicles.

It is difficult to estimate that the difficulty of extinguishing is higher than traditional gasoline vehicles.. Of course, the battery security issue at this stage has always been a big event for battery manufacturers and automakers.

. Taking the two major electric vehicle batteries in the market, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery and the ternary lithium ion battery are used as an example. We will analyze the safety and advantages and disadvantages of the next two.

. The lithium phosphate ion battery is more stably the lithium iron phosphate ion battery and the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery in safety. The difference is that the high temperature is high, and whoever is high temperature.

Who is the stability, this is also Decided by their respective chemical properties. Taking the lithium phosphate ion battery as an example, the PO key in lithium iron phosphate crystals will reach 700-800 degrees Celsius, even if violent impact, acupuncture and short circuit are, no oxygen molecules, Will not have severe burning. And the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery compared to this, there is a decomposition of 250-300 degrees Celsius, which encounters the electrolyte and carbon material in the battery, and the heat of the heat further exacerbates, thereby changing the case, this The instability also allows the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery to achieve high requirements in thermal management.

. Thanks to the high temperature resistance and chemical stability of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery, most of the pure electric vehicles in the previous period use the lithium iron-ion battery, the high-rise production research, GGII research data, 2015 and In 2014, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has always dominated in the new energy passenger car market..

However, since 2016, the share of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery started against the lithium-phosphate ion battery, and the market of the power lithium battery was dominated. What is going on? The three-dimensional lithium-ion battery energy density is higher, and the three yuan lithium-ion battery is later dominated the market, the biggest reason is that its energy density is higher than the lithium-phosphate ion battery, and the new energy introduced by the country Policy shows that subsidies and battery energy densities are hook, and the higher the energy density of the battery, the more subsidies that manufacturers can get..

Seeing this, many people may question these new energy cars, in order to seek profits, prefer to give up the lithium iron phosphate ion battery with higher safety, but also take risks to the three yuan lithium-ion battery.. In fact, lithium iron phosphate ion batteries are not the best choice.

From the information supplied by the Bike battery, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery of 18650 batteries has reached 232WH / kg; and the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has been in. Around 170-190Wh / kg, plus the former energy density, smaller volume, lighter quality, spatiality and endurance, is the latter unmatched. Of course, it is also necessary to mention the low temperature resistance of the power lithium battery.

. As we all know, the electric vehicle is a comparative egg pain in a low temperature in winter, and it is basically able to play a part of the battery..

The phosphate ion battery and the three-dimensional lithium ion battery have different differences in low temperatures, and the data shows that the lithium phosphate ion battery is only 204% in normal temperature when 20 degrees Celsius is 20 degrees Celsius. Can not reach 70% of normal temperature. In terms of low temperature resistance, the three-dimensional lithium ion battery does have more advantages, which is equivalent to offset the shortcomings of high temperature resistance.

. Lithium iron phosphate ion battery prospects can be seen from the current two-fitted bracelets, and the assembly share of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries is basically reflected in BYD’s model, which is also safe for BYD DM and EV models. Sex.

Others are still using the phosphate ion battery, and the North Airlines, etc.. Tsla represented by three yuan lithium ion batteries, as well as the new forces such as Xiaopeng and other domestic.

It can be seen that the brand of this type of battery has the characteristics of high performance, high performance, completely meet the needs of the current consumer’s new energy car, and with these two advantages, the three-dimensional lithium ion battery rapidly rises. Almost overwhelming advantages, lithium iron phosphate ion batteries. However, when things always have inversions, the time came to 2020, we saw the seedlings of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery.

. At present, BYD, which is the core technology of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, will launch the latest “blade battery” technology this year, which not only increases battery safety, but also over 1.2 million kilometers, and reduces the volume of the battery pack by 50%.

This technology has undoubtedly promotes the development of lithium iron ion batteries, and the official means that this technology will be applied to the ultimate Han EV and Tang EV battery pack.. In addition, in the new energy vehicle promotion application recommended in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the domestic TSLAMODEL3 standard constituent endless version is equipped with “cobalt-free battery”, which is no cobalt-free lithium iron battery.

. In addition to the reduction in the cost of the car, the energy density of the battery is lowered, and we also found this domestic model3’s battery life has added 23 km..

It can be seen that the strength of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has no three yuan lithium ion battery to a certain extent.. With the complete exit of future new energy subsidies, more car enterprises return to safety, lowering phosphate ion batteries are not impossible.

After all, most consumers are still in 200-400km. Between, performance parameters are not important. If the future technology is changed, we also hope that more vendors can return to a more reliable battery technology route.

. Write in the last on new energy car companies, their own products have more advantages and reputation, and they can resist the impact brought by a self-ignition accident..

Just as the saying goes, “not loyal, hundreds of no use”, consumers finally value whether a car is safe. At present, the security problem of new energy cars is thousands of holes, and can ultimately improve, all of which are in the property of the manufacturer, we will still be able to change it.

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