Dynamic lithium battery recycling calls ‘normalization’

Dynamic lithium battery recycling calls 'normalization'

As an important part of the new energy vehicle industry chain, the retired dynamic lithium battery recycling is always the focus of interest in the industry.. However, the current market “Wild Road” company is mostly, the operation does not standardize the hidden dangers, the battery model is not unified, the recycling is difficult to increase the cost, still plaguing the industry.

Recently, many strong companies have entered the game, and the power lithium battery recycling industry can not focus on “tall”. The Dynamic Lithium Battery is adjacent, and Greenmeal Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as “Greenmei”) accelerates the pace of deploying dynamic lithium battery recycling recycling. On July 17, Green Mei announced the announcement that the wholly-owned subsidiary Wuxi Greenmei and Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone Management Committee signed the annual recycling of 100,000 sets of power lithium batteries and 100,000 new energy automobile projects, proposed investment 5.28 100 million yuan plus code power lithium battery recycling.

On July 22, Greenmei once again revealed that this year will invest 1 billion yuan in Wuhan, Jingmen’s two major parks, three-yuan precursor materials, manufacturing and power lithium battery recycling and utilization, and strive to use the 5- and 10 years A garden of a million yuan annual output value. Two investments won the two “battlefields” data in Wuxi and Wuhan showed that Greenmei has gradually formed “battery recycling – raw materials recreation – material recycling – battery pack in 2001 Reengine – New Energy Car Service “New Energy Full Life Cycle Value Chain. In recent years, with the continued rise of new energy vehicles, and the new energy vehicles sold early, Greenmei further accelerated the footsteps of the layout of the power lithium battery recycling area.

. On July 17, Greenmeal announced that the investment management agreement has been signed with Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone, planning to invest 528 million yuan layout new energy high-value recycling project. On July 22, Green Mei also in Wuhan, Hubei, Jingmen’s two major parks “Hao” to invest 1.

0 billion yuan in Jingmen Park, plus three yuan precursor materials manufacturing and power lithium battery recycling Wuhan Park investment of 1.018 billion yuan, built a 1.5 million tons of urban industrial solid waste recycling network and centralized green processing projects for 3 years.

“Investment agreements signed in Wuxi Airport Economic Development Area, which helps further promote the company’s global competitiveness in the Yangtze River Base in Wuxi Base, Wuxi Base Lithium battery and new energy car green recycling base, fully meet the long triangle new energy car scrap period arrival to dynamic lithium battery and new energy car green recycling. “Greenmeal relevant person in charge reveals. The Green Mei Wuhan Park in Hubei Province will become the main battlefield of its next green industry business.

. “Wuhan as the” two-type society “test field, Yangtze River Protection main battlefield, the development of circular economy is huge. “Green Mei Chairman Xu Huahua said that Greenmeal should strive to build a new project in Wuhan Park in three years, achievement of 10 billion yuan in output value in 5 to 10 years, so that it has become the second billion yuan-grade output value park after the company after Jingmen Park.

. The chaos still saves the “Wild Road” company to harm the industry health journalists to understand that relying on the leading circulatory technology, green concept and industrial cycle value model, the current Greenmeal has signed power lithium batteries with more than 200 well-known fireworks and battery packs around the world. Recycling agreement and unfolding cooperation.

“Green Mei’s 4-May motivational lithium battery pack has exceeded last year, and it is expected that the full year will be doubled.. A obvious feeling is that the number of recycling of the power lithium battery has also been doubled in the speed of acceleration.

. Zhang Yuping, Deputy General Manager of Green Mei, said that in policy guidance and market development, the current dynamic lithium battery recycling will present a rapid new trend..

In fact, companies currently choose the laundering of lithium battery recycling and use of Greenmei. After the reporter, the reporter queried the new energy vehicle national testing and power storage battery recycling and traceability, the number of companies that included battery recovery in recent years have skyrocketed, only more than 700 new companies in 2019, as of 2020, the number of companies It is more than 3,000, and the “hot” extent of the industry can be seen..

“But in addition to the third party of Guanghua Technology, Greenmeal, Zhangzhou Haopeng, Hunan Bangpu, etc.. They have no formal processes, and they don’t comply with environmental requirements.

. Informal recycling is even more than regular companies, playing a *** to change a place, not only disruption of market order, but also leave pollution hidden dangers. “A dynamic lithium battery recycling practitioners told reporters that for the healthy development of the industry, such industry chaos should be contained.

. Prospects are still in the current political and enterprise, in fact, the development challenge of the dynamic lithium battery recovery industry is not only reflected in the existence of market chaos, the battery model is not uniform, the recycling is difficult, and the cost is high. Healthy development.

“At present, most of the dynamic lithium-ion battery specifications from most of the market are different, the battery model is complicated, variety, and the recycling of a single model battery is difficult to form a scale, adding recovery costs. In addition, the residual assessment lacks consistency, has not yet established the problem of industrial chain eco circles that have been united, and also affect the development of the power lithium battery recovery industry..

“The above practitioners told reporters that although Greenmei has established a full life cycle value chain belonging to its own new energy vehicle, the information data cannot be shared because the ecotrial of the entire industry is not perfect, so the company still faces many restrictions and barriers.. “Overall, my country’s motivational lithium-ion battery recovery is good, but the status quo is not optimistic, still need to work hard to cooperate with the government.

. “In this regard, Zhang Yuping said. He believes that the current dynamic lithium battery recovery market is still in the early days of the industrial development, the total recovery and total installed capacity does not match, the current power lithium battery recycling market opportunities and challenges.

“But the market growth has gradually opened, and the future power lithium battery recycling market competition or will focus on the recycling network construction of each company, efficiently handle battery and automobile recycling technology and supply more value-added services for customers. superior. “Zhang Yuping pointed out.


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