Dynamic lithium battery ‘ladder use’ has become high frequency

Dynamic lithium battery 'ladder use' has become high frequency

Recently, “2018 my country New Energy Power Lithium Battery and Energy Industry Conference” is held in Jiangsu Taizhou with the theme of “New Motion Conversion ¡¤ High Quality Development”.. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, my country’s driving battery will gradually be gradually formed, and the vehicle power lithium battery will be retired, consider its ladder utilization and recycling and reuse.

. Experts from the industry have mentioned the problem of recycling of dynamic lithium batteries, of which “ladder utilization” becomes high frequency. So, how does the dynamic lithium battery step use? Where is the power lithium battery that retired? Liu Yanlong, secretary general of my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, said that after retreating from electric vehicles, there are 80% of capacity to be utilized.

Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to power lithium battery ladder. Liu Yanlong emphasizes that it is necessary to carry out a tradder, first to understand the quality and safety of retired batteries..

Battery companies should establish large data traceability system platforms, and methods for battery detection. Big data should include production data, battery pack research and development, production data, battery pack car operation monitoring data, etc..

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the standardization of battery cells and battery packs, and use less specific single batteries in one company, which can improve production automation levels to reduce costs and improve product consistency, and make it easy for future traders. Disassembly and recombination. Therefore, in the dynamic lithium battery design phase, you must prepare for subsequent tradder utilization and dismantling recovery.

. Of course, not all power lithium batteries are suitable for tradder. Wu Hui, the Ivene Institute of Economics Research Institute, pointed out that since the three-dimensional lithium battery contained a rare metal such as nickel, cobalt, manganese, by dismantling, cobalt, nickel, manganese, copper, aluminum, graphite, diaphragm, etc.

It can realize economic benefits of approximately 429 million yuan per ton, thereby achieving economic feasibility. The lithium iron phosphate ion battery can only achieve economic benefits of approximately 0.93 million yuan per ton through scrap disassembly, and it is difficult to cover its recovery cost, so the lithium iron battery is more suitable for the ladder.

. So where is the battery after the ladder use? “From the retirement battery recycling, we applied to the energy storage area, after the tradder utilization, eventually take the battery back to dismantle, recycle, using automation technology to physically sort, and finally return raw materials. Zhang Chunxi, director of the Second Division of BYD Bad Battery Business Group, pointed out that taking BYD as an example, at this stage, the lithium iron phosphate, ternary material, and our negative electrode materials are treated.

. At present, feasibility study has been completed and has a certain scale of recycling production lines..

The operation mode of the dynamic lithium battery ladder is the problem of continuous exploration within the industry.. In this conference, the person in charge of a dynamic lithium battery company said, building a storage power station, or continues to use the low-speed electric vehicle, perhaps the feasibility direction of the dynamic lithium battery ladder.

“At present, whether it is a large energy storage system or a small energy storage system, generally, the dynamic lithium battery ladder is more useful in energy storage.. “He said.

It is understood that in 2015, BYD has cooperated with other companies to do a storage power station.. “For example, in Wuxi, we combine the new energy vehicle charging pile, built a battery-style charging system, and now the charging station is directly” hanging “on the power grid, so we are all charged during the day, charging Cost will be relatively high.

Our charging base station can reduce charging prices through “peak-filling”. “Zhang Chunyi emphasized that BYD is also working in the future, in the field of dynamic lithium battery recycling industry, come to hand in hand to recycle the company, do a good job of powerful lithium battery recycling work.

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