Dynamic lithium battery is only 500 cycle life?

Dynamic lithium battery is only 500 cycle life?

Do we have to 500 times a battery? Regarding ordinary consumers, the number of cycles of batteries is an uncommon concept, usually seen in vehicles, key components warranty year and kilometers. In general, 8 years or 120,000 kilometers is a quality assurance standard for key components such as dynamic lithium batteries. Many car companies will extend the warranty time such as 150,000 kilometers, or supply diversified sales service.

. In order to further disseminate market doubts, even some car companies have proposed “battery life warranty” contract agreement. There are also battery companies and car companies to rive their longevity on long life batteries.

. For example, CATL launched a long life power lithium battery in the life of 16 years or over 2 million kilometers in June this year; TSLA also proposed millions of miles (about 1.6 million kilometers) batteries.

What is the concept of 2 million kilometers? That is, a 2,000-kilometer electric car, the battery is full of 4,000 times.. For example, a taxi such as a vehicle, a generally required battery warranty in 6 years or 600,000 km.

As we all know, the operation vehicle is finally basically there is no recycling value, only the scrapped road can go. That is to say, CATL launched the battery, can be used to scrap, but the battery can also be equipped in another car to continue use..

Of course, I have to understand all this, first to clarify the relationship between cycles, time and kilometers.. Then there is another analysis, we need to circulate life at 4000-5000 batteries.

. How many kilometers can I run at 500 cycles? To calculate how many kilometers running 500 cycles, you have to understand the renewal mileage of the battery pack loading battery pack..

Take 400-500 kilometers of pure electric vehicles in the past two years of domestic car companies, 500 cycles, means that electric vehicle power lithium batteries is between 200,000-300,000 kilometers.. According to the current use of the current private vehicle, it is common to travel for 2-30,000 kilometers a year.

. In other words, a private car power lithium battery can be used in full contrast, 10 years. However, it is necessary to meet the national standards, the number of battery cycles reach 1000 times.

According to GB / T31484-2015 “Electric vehicle power storage battery cycle life requirements and test methods” test standards, the number of power lithium battery changes in 500 times when the discharge capacity should not be less than 90% of the initial capacity, or the number of cycles reaches 1000 times. The discharge capacity should not be less than 80% of the initial capacity..

As an electric car user, the Manager of Guo Xuan Gaoke Electric Pool Safety Mechanism, Li Yunjie, showed his use of “Electric Automobile Observer”. Li Yunjie said that he has been approaching 50 kilometers per day before, and the mileage in 1 year is 15,000 kilometers..

That is to say 10 years, he only circulates 300-400 times.. “When I bought a car, I was told that the battery cycle life was about 1200 times, which fully met the use of its full life cycle.

. Li Yunjie said. Car enterprise, battery company opinions each of them believe that car companies have generally designed for dynamic lithium batteries.

(1) Car Enterprise: The longer the life of the power lithium battery, the longer the reporter discovered that the car companies did have a relatively high demand for the battery life.. Inquiring the view of a state-owned car enterprise, the reporter of the battery life, the higher, the higher the better, the higher the better.

. Yunxia New Energy CTO Fu Zhenxing also believes that battery cycle life can not be too low. “Consumers spend more than 100,000 yuan to buy a car, at least 10 years or 170,000 kilometers of service life; and the running mileage of the operating vehicle is basically more than 600,000 kilometers, so there is a certain renewal mileage under time and The cycle life under the BMS control must meet the above-mentioned service life requirements.

. “Fu Zhenxing also pointed out that unless the battery technology has revolutionary progress, if it is now liquid lithium-ion battery technology, there is a new life, about three aspects, one is to improve the chemical stability of the positive material; the second is new package Additives, third is to control the use of battery use conditions such as charging and discharge ratios, which will reduce the actual energy density of lithium-ion batteries. To achieve the same renewal mileage, it is necessary to carry more batteries, so that the vehicle is It is definitely a new increase in material costs.

Of course, there is also a car company that is not worried about the cost of cost.. In September this year, the vast platform of Geely Character announced, using CATL million without attenuation, 2 million kilometers long life power lithium battery.

The Bed Kick’s vast platform is equipped with a long life battery for a relatively longer life, and the vehicle company is common.. (2) Battery company: The cycle life is good, but in some batteries, the long battery life is neither verified, and there is no need.

. Mr. Zhang, a battery company R & D person, a million kilometers of dynamic lithium batteries, not to verify.

“About 200,000 kilometers of batteries, if you open 500 kilometers a day, you have to verify that this battery is more than 10 years, basically unable to verify. Mr. Zhang said that if it is improving battery life, other indicators of the battery may affect, such as volume energy density, cost also affects.

Mr. Zhang believes that no one will use the electric car as a hebit, generally open 10-.2 million kilometers, will be replaced or reported.

“If the design is 1 million kilometers of batteries, I only used 10-20%, this is designed.. “President Yang Hongxin, president of honeycomb, also said when talking on battery life, reducing battery cycle life can reduce costs, and they are considering relatively low battery life.

What is the benefit of a low life battery? The following is aware of the standard, and the vehicle enterprise and battery company. Is the battery end user and holder like a long life battery? In the view of Nie Liang, the holder of the battery does not like this long life battery..

However, Nie Liang also explained that there are several premise of the 500 cycles of the 500 cycles.. “500 and 5000 times here, there is a premise, suppose the price of each cycle is the same.

For example, 1000 yuan per kilowatt time 1000 times, 500 yuan per kilowatt Pack cycle 500 times. At the same time, all the number of cycles is empirically rather than using the table..

“Nie Liang said, with the same price, of course, the battery life is, the better. But under the same mileage, the price is definitely, the better, the reaction is reacted, that is, there are 500 and 5,000 different points..

Nie Liang believes that the battery is used as a depreciation asset, and private consumers should shorten their holdings. It is the best, 500 enough, don’t do 1000 times, or 5,000 times. “Battery costs decline year, may also have new technologies to replace existing technologies, private long-term holding is not economical.

“Nie Liang example said, for example, the battery cost on a private car is approximately 80,000 yuan. If this user uses this car for 8 years, then the depreciation fee of the battery is 10,000 yuan..

In addition, add 5-6% of financial costs per year, a year of private consumer batteries held in 140,000 yuan. And on operation vehicles with higher operating intensity, Nie Liang believes not to live longer battery. Because the operation vehicle is a money-making tool, the requirements for cash are very demanding, the less the rent is, the smaller the risk.

“How much paying is to comply with consumers’ psychology. “For more popular understanding, Nie Liang has gone an example of life,” the battery and gasoline are almost, will you buy more than ten years in advance? Or say you go to the US shop, will you charge a member card for more than ten years? “In Nie Liang, lower battery cycle life is more cost-effective to consumers..

With the promotion of power-saving modes, more and more car companies and battery companies began to launch battery bank related businesses.. Battery Bank has become the actual owner of battery assets.

As a battery holder of the new promotion, what kind of battery is that battery bank like? For this year, the reporter interviewed Hainan Hao Shu Electronic Energy Management Group Co., Ltd. CEO Zhou Wei.

Zhou Wei said that they are analyzing battery routes with relatively short life expectancy, feel feasibility. Zhou Yu explained this from three aspects. First, battery cost, life, power, energy density are not complicated.

Therefore, they would rather sacrifice the life of the cycle, to achieve the advantages of cost, energy density, etc.. Second, the battery’s circulation life is actually not verified.

In Zhou Yu, no matter whether it is 1500 or 2000 cycles, the battery has been used very little, whether it can be done, there is no empirical, so uncertainty is too high. Third, the battery cycle life is low, the frequency of the battery will be accelerated..

Zhou Wei believes that this will bring two benefits. Turn turn helps battery asset management companies earlier more low price lower batteries. In addition, Zhou said, although it is a rental battery, the core is the model payable by the user, and can effectively reduce the one-time cost of purchasing electric vehicles.

. In Zhou Yu’s view, relatively short battery cycle life, more in line with market demand, is beneficial to all parties. The product meaning of the power lithium battery is the strongest period.

. However, as the electricity separation and the rise of battery banking models, the ownership of the battery has changed, and the economy is the maximum pursuit, the middle and short-life batteries may become the mainstream market mainstream..

Overall, Nie Liang proposed a very original power lithium battery product direction.. However, one of his claims, that is, the price of battery packages and cycles is proportional, this is controversial.

As far as the “electric car observers” learned from the battery company, the battery of the circulation drops to 500 times, and the cost is only about 10%.. This cost declines the feasibility of the benefits, and the time window of this income, but also needs to use practice to verify.


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