Dynamic lithium battery is coming to ‘retirement’ has hidden recycling cost high technology difficult

Dynamic lithium battery is coming to 'retirement' has hidden recycling cost high technology difficult

Human living in Daxing, using new energy cars for three years, although the vehicle’s battery life has declined, but he doesn’t worry about the problem of vehicle power lithium battery: “For two years to change the new car, this car I Don’t, who considers this battery? “Zhang Chengbin, director of the Electric Motor Hundred People ‘s Research and Consultation Department, told reporters to calculate the quality assurance of 5 years / 80,000 kilometers, and the vehicle or mileage of vehicles or mileage promoted in 2012-2009 Power lithium battery, already replaced or repair. By 2020, there will be 12-17 million tons of scrap cells to be recycled..

In early February 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Renewal Resources”. System, advancement of waste dynamic lithium battery steps “. However, my country’s dynamic lithium battery recycling technology has just started, and individuals and companies are not paying attention to powerful lithium batteries.

. Zhang Chengbin said that the powerful lithium battery recovery will result in environmental pollution and resource waste..

12-17 million tons of power lithium batteries will be retired from 2009, my country’s new energy vehicles have maintained a high-speed rise, and in recent years, it is even more burst.. According to statistics from my country Automobile Industry Association, in 2015, the sales of new energy vehicles sold 331,100, 2016 sales have surged to 507,000 vehicles.

. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that 674,000 units of new energy vehicles have been produced in the first half of 2009-2016..

According to the “Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)”, in 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles have more than 5 million units.. It corresponds to the huge production and sales volume is a large number of new energy vehicle power lithium batteries facing scrap and recycling.

. According to my country Automotive Technology Research Center, until 2020, my country’s pure electric (including plug-in) passenger car and hybrid passenger vehicle power lithium battery accumulated scrap volume will reach 12-17 million tons..

The new energy car promoted by 2009 and 2012 has entered the battery scrap period.. Zhang Chengbin said that the recycling of power lithium battery is urgent need to pay attention.

Most of my country’s dynamic lithium battery is a lithium-ion battery, an electrode material of a waste lithium-ion battery, and a hydrolysis, decomposition, oxidation, etc. of other substances in the environment, and heavy metal ions, strong base and negative electrode carbon powder. Dust, causing heavy metal pollution, alkali pollution and dust pollution; in an electrolyte enters the environment, hydrolysis, decomposition, combustion and other chemical reactions, HF, arsenic compound and phosphorus-containing compound, resulting in fluorofluid and arsenic pollution.

Wu Feng, a professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, publicly said: “1 20 grams of mobile phone battery can pollute the water of 3 standard swimming pool, if it is discarded on the land, can make 1 square kilometers of land pollution for about 50 years. Imagine, such as a few tons of electric vehicle power lithium battery discarded in an environment? “In addition to environmental factors, scientific recycling of lithium-ion batteries can save 51.3% of natural resources, including reduced 45.

3% ore consumption and 57.2% fossils Energy consumption. In addition, there is a valuable material such as nickel, cobalt, manganese in the lithium ion battery, by recovering and reused.

Waste Recycling Station does not harmit the lithium battery through search engines, can find a lot of recycled batteries, batteries, but they do not recover new energy vehicle power lithium batteries.. In the South Six Ring, Near the Huanhua Middle Road, Beijing Evening News reporter found an old goods market, there is a commercial electricity, electric bicycle, senile and its accessories inside and outside the market.

. A door outside the market sells electric bicycles, also sells electric tricycles, senile sways, and boss, old Tang is busy assembling battery..

“The power lithium battery of the new energy car? It is a lithium ion battery, that no one wants. “Lao Tang said that the car in his store is a traditional lead-acid battery. This battery is recycled, but the lithium-ion battery has never been needed.

. From the market, there is a community specialized recycling waste in the junction of Daxing District and Tongzhou District..

A trafflers who collect waste have told reporters: “Lead-acid batteries, we will get, direct disassembly, the lead plate inside can sell money. Lithium-ion battery, we don’t know how to deal with, don’t receive. “According to the reporter, private hawkers have a low cost through violent disassembly, and are currently the main force of lead-acid batteries.

. At this year’s national two sessions, the people from the battery industry represents Zhang Tian as Zhang Tiand, said that the proportion of regular recovery accounts for less than 30% of the total lead-acid battery..

The recovery of lithium-ion batteries is more unligation, and a set of data in 2015 shows that the power lithium-ion battery recovery is only 2%.. Recycling power lithium battery cost high technology is difficult to visit the waste recycling market to tell the circular economy expert Liu Qian, he listened: “The market is keen, the waste station does not harmit the lithium battery, prove that this battery does not make money.

Liu Qian said that some domestic companies have research and practical power lithium battery recovery technology, the relevant national ministries have also begun to pay attention to the recovery, but has not formed a complete closed recycling cycle.. “Like traditional plastics, paper, metal recycling, from production to recovery, it has long formed closed loop.

Recycling companies don’t want to find waste, some people send them to the door. “Power lithium battery recovery clearly does not meet the level of closing of traditional material recovery. Zhang Chengbin also said that a company recycling of iron-free phosphate ion batteries, recycling of 1 ton of waste phosphate power lithium battery is 8540 yuan, while the regeneration materials are only 8110 yuan, loss of 430 yuan.

How difficult is the driving lithium battery recovery of many domestic recycling companies and collection waste hawkers? Zhang Chengbin believes that from the technical point of view, whether it is a dry method, wet or biological recovery technology, it is complex process.. And during the dismantling process, the complexity of different types of battery manufacturing and design processes, skewers are parallelized in groups, service and use time, the diversity of models and use conditions will affect the degree of dismantling complexity and safety.

. According to reports, Beiqi Ev200, Teeng, BYD E6, Chery EQ, Jianghuai IEV5 and other models have warranty and maintenance services for powered lithium batteries. A series of problems such as retired battery, replacement, cost, and recycling, etc.

, there is no clear answer. Only Dongfean Nissan clearly proposes the 5-year-quality preserved repurchase service. Since 2012, the relevant Ministry of State has begun to issue policies, planning, and methods for the recycling of dynamic lithium batteries.

. However, due to cost and technical problems, Zhang Chengbin believes that the current main body of the power lithium battery at all levels is not optimistic..

There are also rarely recycling of lack of lack of lack of lack of lack of lack of dynamic lithium batteries, including professional circulation technology companies, institutions, battery manufacturers, new energy car companies. Zhang Chengbin said: “The dynamic lithium battery retired is still 70% -80% of the initial energy. If the direct disassembly recovery is the waste of the remaining use of the battery.

. “So, the ideal situation is the first way to use the retired battery, such as the energy storage equipment used for home, mobile power, backup power supply, emergency power supply, etc..

Then, resource recovery is performed. However, in practice, due to safety and stability problems, it is not suitable for the ladder..

Guangdong Bangu Circular Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional waste battery and scrapped automobile resource recovery and high-end battery material.

National Torch Program Key High-tech Company. The relevant person in charge of the company told Beijing Evening News reporter, Bangpu has cooperated with domestic and foreign companies, power lithium batteries, materials companies. Using original directional circulatory technologies, nickel-manganese comprehensive recovery rate is 98.

5%, economical is remarkable. After the power lithium battery is recovered, it has been prepared as a three-dimensional battery material, manufacturing a powered lithium battery, re-introducing into a new energy vehicle, realizing the enclosure of the material, the sustainable development of the clean energy automotive industry. However, in the actual recycling business, Bangp discovered that the difference in the dynamic lithium battery structure of different automakers, the material system is different, and the recycling difficulty has increased and the cost of recovery.

. The person in charge said that the policy stipulates that the vehicle company should bear an important responsibility for the recycling of dynamic lithium batteries..

At present, the joint venture has dealt with the waste of the waste, lithium battery is more in line with the national policy spirit, and the waste-powered lithium battery is handled by the qualified battery recycling company. Relatively, domestic autonomous brands handling battery is relatively weak..

At present, the production of Bangp power lithium battery recycling is 30,000 tons / year, but the actual recovery is far from designing production.

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