Dynamic lithium battery company is getting angry with the sound from the first line.

Dynamic lithium battery company is getting angry with the sound from the first line.

Distance to the 2020 subsidy exit time node is getting closer and closer, the competition in the power lithium battery market has changed, and some power lithium battery companies are actually taking their own business ideas for the post-subsidy era.. Recently, my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association’s Power Lithium Battery Application Branch Joint Battery China.

com China.com has been carried out in full swing, and the battery is collected and selected from partial power. Lithium battery company’s most authentic sound, reader.

Survival is the biggest benefit of the market.. “If the comprehensive strength of the battery company is not strong, the faster the financial subsidy threshold, the more you can’t keep up, and finally eliminate a group of companies, the country’s starting point should be like this.

“. “” I hope “anti-housing law” or other policies will come to constrain, so that the power lithium battery industry is beneficial..

After all, the country takes so much money to support this industry, can’t get the upstream individual companies to get profits.. “” We may have a factory in the Ningbo and college team to build a sodium battery, find ways to make it industrial.

Because the sodium battery is really low, it replaces many limitations. This truth says that we don’t have to press the material factory..

“” Domestic power lithium battery-related standards are now relatively large. The current situation is from all industries and reference standards, in fact, the power lithium battery’s own standard system has not set it yet..

“This model is now in the style of cooperation in this shared production line, because there are many powered lithium battery companies last year have begun to stop production.. It is useless to put it over, we are out, out of technology, do all the control points on the production line according to our requirements, which is equivalent to the discarding production line, and the company is willing to cooperate with us.

. “” Battery company survives is the biggest benefit of the market, but at the same time, you must take responsibility..

“” Solving “is a very attractive market” Now the power transmission mode has gradually been landing, this mode’s profit balance point believes soon, can now be found, now you want to do the same as Watma as much as possible, put more and more Many related parties pull to this chain. “From our company’s point of view, ‘changed’ is a very attractive market, very attractive market. Car enterprises, operators, governments, including some big energy companies, everyone will find their position in this chain, this interest balance point is very easy to find some degree, this is likely to solve our country One direction in the market development.

“” The reason why the power-saving mode is not very widely pushed, because it has a certain problem in the country, it is difficult to determine this subsidy, how do you say this battery is not replaced? So, this is why we say that it has an incubation period, and it is over 2020, and it doesn’t matter if it is charged and exchanged.. “” At the National Grid Corporation, they used to make a modified mode.

So biggest problem is that all car companies, including each battery company, this product specification is completely correct, so it is not universal between the replacement batteries.. “” ‘Sport’ this piece, I am not very optimistic at this stage, but it will be a trend.

However, once the market atmosphere of this mode is formed, the pressure on our battery company will be very large, which is equivalent to the power-on mode, the battery is rent, cost is crushing here, causing the price of the battery to be very low.. “There is no subsidy, how do the company going?” The energy density requirements may also increase some next year, because the national subsidy policy is to support individual outstanding companies, rather than Pu Hui system, suggestible energy density can improve some Do.

But I believe that we will definitely reach the highest goal, because this industry is more than competition among my country, more is the competition of Panasonic, Samsung, LG and other Japan and South Korea, so at this stage highlights the technical company. It is a good trend. “I think it is likely to have a breakthrough, new technology, replacing this lithium-ion battery, and now everyone will pay great attention to this matter.

. “In fact, there are many domestic aluminum plastic films, and the sample’s indicators are not bad better than Japanese and South Korea. Now the problem is poor batch stability.

. “” There is no subsidy, anyway, the foreign battery will definitely use. “” Many people argue here, which cell is used in the end.

Have a good argument, to meet the needs of our customers, this is nothing else.. “” In A00-class car, there are many companies anyway, two extremes are walking.

“. One is the battery; the second is to reduce the battery, after the low speed is sold. I think the practice of damaging the battery is better, and this practice has deviated from the original intention of the development of new energy vehicles.

. The battery is suitable for large market demand, and car enterprises can do civilian products..

“Just like Tim S ¡¤ Gro written in” brutal evolution “, you want to be unstoppable, you only never stop. The battery has believed that in the “honeymoon” in policy, the “honeymoon” will become the past, the future, cost, quality, and new operation mode will be the key to consolidate the relevant experience strategy of the power lithium battery company to win the market..

And at the same time, power lithium battery companies are also getting more and more.

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