Dynamic lithium battery ‘cold waves’ will be refined to be the way in SMEs?

Dynamic lithium battery 'cold waves' will be refined to be the way in SMEs?

As of October, the sales of new energy vehicles have been “four downs”. At the same time, the power lithium battery industry is also quite quiet, bankrupt, and other news constantly exposed..

At the 7th my country Battery New Energy Industry International Summit Forum, Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance, the Battery “Davos” Secretary-General said that there are about 80 production companies in my country’s powered lithium battery industry, but Realize the only half of the scale, the top 10 companies occupy more than 80% of the market share. The general manager of the national new energy automobile technology innovation center is predicted that the power lithium battery industry is carrying the shuffle, and the company will not live in the future will not be more than 10 or 15. ■ The power lithium battery industry still transform my country has become the world’s largest new energy automobile market is already unexpected.

. However, in the face of such a huge market, the top three batteries in the domestic and international installed capacity in the past three years are CATL, Panasonic and BYD..

Sun Huanli, Director of the Battery Research Institute of the New Energy Development Institute of FAW Group, did not feel: “How is the competition faced by the company behind the rankings?. “About the” cold winter “in the current undergoing car market, Director of Tsinghua University Lithium-Ion Battery Laboratory said:” The dynamic lithium battery industry has developed too fast, the quality of development is also a bit, now slowly, to high quality transformation. “Because since the second half of this year, the entire industry is not booming, industry insiders even forecast, may not be very optimistic next year.

. Therefore, how to improve product competitiveness, price competitiveness, and brand advantage, become a problem that needs to be considered now..

In the Qing Dynasty, some domestic power lithium batteries have returned to the 3C battery business or stepping into the energy storage industry, and the listed companies from the cross-border contraction or directly return to the main business.. Pang Bo, the investment director of Beijing Automobile Group Industry Investment Co.

, Ltd., told reporters: “Whether it is TSLA, foreign-funded car companies, or Japanese and Korean battery companies, we will fully enter our country, my country’s market has been gradually become a mature market after cultivating for many years..

Because of this, it will be the place where the soldiers must fight.. “” Dynamic lithium battery development is relatively long, there is a cross between multidiscies, and the competition in the future dynamic lithium battery industry will be the competition of the entire industrial chain.

“. “For such a competitive situation, Jiang Wen Feng, deputy director of the Lithium-ion battery business group of BYD Co., Ltd.

, is suggested:” The entire power lithium battery market is slowly dividing, small and medium-sized companies can choose the right main attack market.. “It is understood that the current low-grade passenger car and the mid-range passenger car use a lithium iron ion battery, high-grade vehicle is used in three yuan batteries.

. In the commercial vehicle area, most of them will use lithium iron phosphate ion batteries..

Therefore, some industry people said that SMEs can explore some niche, competing relatively small segments, and the ship is good.. Sometimes, small companies are more advantages in this regard.

. ■ Battery R & D should be based on demand and use scene “No matter how powerful lithium battery industry changes, the positioning of battery companies is producing valuable products..

“Knowledge is difficult,” said Liang Rui, vice president of Xinwangda Electronics Co., Ltd. Group, “It is very difficult to make batteries that meet the vehicle conditions.

. “Industry disclosures, due to the high requirements of taxi and webmarks to battery, many power lithium battery companies are not willing to supply batteries for taxi and webmarks..

Sun Huanli said that from the perspective of vehicle company demand, the vehicle, shared car, taxi, operation vehicle, etc., the vehicle, etc., the vehicle, the vehicle needs to be different.

. With regard to the power lithium battery company, a battery pack will not pass the way..

Therefore, from the demand end to the supply, the power lithium battery company should develop products according to different needs and use scenes.. At present, there have been batteries that have developed different performance based on different models.

. The person in charge of the Wanjin One or Tweli Supreme Co., Ltd.

said that pure electric vehicles are more in the battery’s cycle performance and fast charge performance.. Therefore, the company fully considers the customer experience when developing this battery, and can achieve 80% of the mainstream rechargeable pile for 30 minutes, and verify the cycle performance.

. This will make battery performance more ground, suitable for vehicle applications. “About how to make the whole vehicle and battery companies more tacit understanding, Sun Huanli suggested that the vehicle enterprises should work with the battery company to have more in-depth understanding of the battery unit, and make a more comprehensive assessment; battery companies should study the corresponding Market demand and user needs, refine battery performance.


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