Dynamic lithium battery big mix war is about to open anyone is the best solution for future new energy vehicles?

Dynamic lithium battery big mix war is about to open anyone is the best solution for future new energy vehicles?

New energy vehicles have gradually developed into our important means of transport, but the core components of new energy vehicles – the types of power lithium batteries have been controversial. Those who stand in the three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries believe that higher energy density and stronger battery life are the important direction of future dynamic lithium batteries; and those who are lithium iron-ion battery camps believe that while increasing energy density, It should pay more attention to the safety of the power lithium battery. Of course, in addition to the view of the outside world, these two battery technology itself is constantly competing, and constantly develop rapidly to their respective advantages.

. To talk about the development of my country’s automotive power lithium battery, or the evolution of lyophonicate and three-yuan lithium-ion batteries in my country, always can’t escape two companies, and a family is BYD, and another is the rapid rise and later CATL..

In 2008, BYD and lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, with the first new energy models, which equipped with lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, mass production, domestic new energy vehicles, and powerful lithium battery fields officially kicked off.. In the subsequent period, BYD has always been exclusively market with “alone losing”.

Perhaps because of the lack of opponents at this time, it doesn’t seem to realize the upcoming two crises: one is BYD’s closed-loop sales model for its powered lithium battery, and the second is that the Lithium iron phosphate ion battery of BYD is still present. Disadvantages with low energy density and low temperature conditions. Later, CATL and its three-yuan lithium ion batteries have ushered in a new energy vehicle rapid development in BYD, and my country has ushered in a period of high-speed development of new energy vehicles.

At this time, no matter whether it is national policy, new energy automotive manufacturers or new Energy car audience groups, all hope that new energy vehicles can have a long development in the lifeplace mileage. Then, because of the poor battery capacity, it is not so much lowering the lithium iron phosphate ion battery and the BYD closed-loop sales strategy to leave a huge market space for the power lithium battery industry..

11.jpgcatl quickly occupied the market quickly with high energy density and excellent battery life..

In 2017, CATL and its three-dimensional lithium-ion battery completed the contrast of Yadi and lithium iron phosphate ion batteries in shipments, and became the overlord of the domestic power lithium battery industry, and kept remained so far.. At this point, a more secure lithium phosphate ion battery has given a dual lithium-ion battery that has given a battery life.

. The huge amount of the market insurance is not perfect in recent years, although the three-yuan lithium-ion battery takes great advantages to occupy the market of automobile power lithium batteries, but the ternary lithium-ion battery is not perfect..

The energy density of the three-yuan lithium-ion battery is high, and the strength of the battery life can be said that it is a human being known, but with its strong sales record, “self ignition” has also become synonymous with new energy vehicles carrying the three yuan lithium-ion battery.. According to incomplete statistics, at least 20 self-ignition accidents have occurred in the first half of 2020, and the vehicles involved in vehicles were only counted by the self-ignition of the media reported.

. If at least 20 new energy vehicles that have occurred in half a year have not shocked you, then continue to look down..

On average, there is a new energy car spontaneously every 2 days! If the lithium phosphate ion battery is afraid of cold, lower temperatures can cause its endurance mileage, then high temperature about the three-yuan lithium ion battery is more deadly.. There is data showing that new energy vehicles equipped with a three-yuan lithium-ion battery is especially high in winter, in the winter, in the winter, is especially high in winter! Single only in August this year, there are 15 new energy vehicles spontaneous combustion Accident exposure! August 2, Wuhan a pure electric bus smokes; on August 3, Dalian a new energy car suddenly splared on the road, and the fire swallowed the vehicle in a few minutes; August 6, The electric car that is charged in the charging station suddenly fires; 9 o’clock in August 7, Heze has a pure electric car, spontaneous combustion; August 11, Guangzhou Haizhu District, Xiaopeng G3 fire; eight On the 12th of the month, a white electric car on the Shenzhen Pingshan Avenue suddenly fired spontaneously, the smoke was burst, the fire rushed; August 13, a white GAC new energy AionS new energy vehicle sudden self-ignition; August 15 On the day, a TSLAMODEL3 in Changsha fired on the highway; August 16th, a new energy car in Taiyuan was suddenly fired.

On the same day, Yan’an’s new energy bus also had spontaneous combustion; August 2 On the 10th, one of the Sanming City, a northern enemy energy car suddenly exploded. On the same day, a leader charging of the underground parking lot was also burned; August 21, Shanghai’s Zhongtai E200 electric car At the outer ring high-speed spontaneous fire; August 23, a white GAC New Energy Aion is burn; on August 27, a North Air EU5 new energy electric vehicle in Changsha is surrounded by a fire. August 2 days averaged in August, the self-ignition rate of the self-ignition is, it is worth noting! It is worth noting that the most models use a three-yuan lithium-ion battery.

. The life is tight, the lithium phosphate ion battery is about to play a variety of different reasons, but can not be deducted to three yuan lithium-ion batteries, but many car companies have decided to rear adopt a higher safety performance. Phosphate.

Lithium ion battery. The fastest movement is still a long-lasting BYD in the lithium iron phosphate ion battery field..

BYD is undergoing market stress in the past few years, and its passenger cars are also three-yuan lithium-ion batteries.. On March 29 this year, BYD re-announced the phosphate ion battery-blade battery after major technology innovation, and took the lead in carrying it on BYD’s flagship sedan Han EV, which is expected that all models of BYD will be equipped with this.

A black technology battery. It is worth mentioning that BYD learned the previous lesson in the sales strategy of the power lithium battery, breaking the previous closed-loop sales model, since then BYD’s power lithium battery products will be sold out. When BYD is replaced, the lithium phosphate ion battery is replaced by the new energy automotive industry, the model of the new energy vehicle industry is also officially released in September in September.

. Summary In summary, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery and the three-dimensional ion battery have been sublimated in accordance with the corresponding technological sublimation after the face of their respective difficulties..

In the future, the “war” of the power lithium battery will still start again! But now the international parties have “participation”, the market environment has become more complex, this power lithium battery will not be limited to BYD and CATL. Two giants. As for the lithium phosphate ion battery and the three-yuan lithium ion battery end up, who will unify the industry, then, whoever, who first breaks through the current technical barrier.

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