Dongxu Optoelectronics: ‘Elen King’ Battery Second Generation into New Energy Passenger Cars

Dongxu Optoelectronics: 'Elen King' Battery Second Generation into New Energy Passenger Cars

Dongxu Photoelectric Person in charge stated that my country’s Securities News reporter said that new energy passenger cars with corporate grant alkenyl lithium-ion batteries is expected to enter the market.. Photoelectric display service, graphene application industry, new energy automotive industry has become “three driving carriages” to promote the company’s development.

Import alternatives, the early 2017 Cover glass production project. Xuhong Optoelectronics relying on the overall equipment of Dongxu photoelectric opportunity, investing 1.5 billion yuan for building a surface display cover glass production line.

The general manager of Xuhong Optoelectronics said to my country Securities News reporter that the company’s curved cover glass products lead, international advanced, imported alternative spaces. Xuhong Optoelectronics launched the first high-aluminum ultra-thin touch screen for 4 years ago, Shaohong Optics, the “King Panda”, breaking the previous Overseas companies such as Corning, Japanese Asahi nitrate and electrical nitrates, etc..

“The company’s cover glass products are very good, despite the price but still. After several years of market applications, customers have gradually recognized our product performance, quality, etc., market penetration rate and export volume are gradually expanded.

. Compared with overseas leaders, our products have cost-effective advantages, many brand mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad use our curved cover glass products..

“Ren Shi Xing said that the current Yudhong Electric Annual output of 5 million -6 million pieces of standard size cover glass. After all of the fundraising projects, the annual output of 36 million small-sized surface cover glass is produced..

According to the price of 60-100 yuan / piece of the surface cover glass, 36 million surface glass will support more than 2 billion yuan of annual sales.. According to the performance commitment, Xuhong Optoelectronics 2017-2019 Net profit is no less than 0.

75 billion, 198 million yuan, 11.5 billion yuan. Ren Shi Xing said that the completion of the results should not be a problem.

. According to IDC prediction, the global smartphone shipments will reach 1.8 billion units in 2019.

. According to 50% permeability, it is expected that the size of the surface cover glass market will reach 40.5 billion yuan in the 2019.

Industry insiders introduced my country Securities News reporters, 5G networks and wireless charging require mobile phone backplanes to use glass materials. This will make the surface of the surface of the surface of the surface of the surface..

Ren Shi Xing said that this year, the company will enlarge production through technical upgrade, will improve the product rate, develop new equipment, and further reduce costs.. At the same time, continuous development of new products, further expand the market.

Promoting graphene products Application At present, Dongxu Optoelectronics, Baotailong, ornate family and other companies are promoting graphene R & D and industrialization.. The relevant person in charge of Dongxu Optoelectronics said that the company has constructed the company’s preparation, application research and development, technology introduction, product landing to the promotion and application of graphene industry chain development model.

After the company launched the “Elen King” battery “Elen” battery, the company has successively introduced the “ultra-extreme lamp” of the graphene electric heater, graphene cooling high-power LED lighting product, currently forming a graphene-based lithium-ion battery, graphite Ethylene energy-saving lighting, graphene electric heating three series of applications. It is understood that Dongxuang electric graphene “ultra-extreme lamp” has completed street lamp transformation in more than 20 cities such as Tongzhou, Hebei Tangshan, Heilongjiang, Harbin, has more than 10 kinds of street lamp shells, and more than 16,000 modules..

At the same time, the company has won the first overseas orders, and the Japanese Daxu Co., Ltd. is signed by the exclusive agent contract for less than $ 160 million.

. In the context of environmentally friendly constraint, there is a large market space with environmentally friendly attributes..

The above person in charge, the company’s launch of the graphene electric heater does not cause pollution to the environment, while significantly improving the heating efficiency. At present, the company has promoted graphene “coal change” engineering demonstration project in Shanxi..

In addition, Dongxu Optoelectronics set up a plurality of graphene industry funds such as Taizhou and Deyang to accelerate the marketing progress of the graphene industry.. After the layout of the new energy passenger car field, the Shenlong passenger cars, Dongxuo Guang electric has achieved new energy vehicle production licenses.

. The above person in charge stated that my country’s Securities News reporter said that the new energy vehicle, providing more diverted application platforms for the company’s high-end materials, equipment and other products..

The company will use the new energy automobile industry as a platform, strengthening technology and industrial collaborative innovation, promoting industrial intelligence upgrades, and constructs “high-end material-grapel lithium-ion batteries – new energy vehicles” industrial chain closed loop. Dongxu photoelectric representation, the new energy passenger car with the company’s grant alkenyl lithium-ion battery is expected to enter the market. The company’s “graphene Ledian LED light”, can achieve industrial collaboration with new energy auto business.

Ren Shi Xing said that Xuhong Optoelectronics is doing large-sized car display glass product development, preparing for mass production. It is reported that Dongxu photoencers have built a new energy bus project in Guangxi, Nanning, Guangxi, has built 300,000 new energy logistics special vehicle production base in Mianyang, Sichuan..

At the beginning of this year, the company has built a year of 5,000 new energy passenger cars and 50,000 new energy logistics special vehicles in Jiangsu Suhong City.. About Suqian New Energy Car Project, Dongxu Optoelectronics Related person in charge stated that the project will be divided into two constructions, the first phase of the year, the annual production of 5,000 new energy passenger bus production line, started this year, the construction cycle 18 months, It is expected to be put into production in 2019 – 2020; the second phase of the year production of 50,000 new energy logistics special vehicle production lines, and the construction will be arranged according to the specific situation.

. Data show that Shenlong Bus 2015 and 2016 operating income are 1.6 billion yuan and 2.

12 billion yuan, respectively.. In 2017, Shenlong Bus orders more than 7,000 units.

Among them, new energy passenger cars account for more than two-thirds. According to the person in charge of Dongxu Optoelectronics, with the production base project, the new energy vehicle will become a new rising point of the company’s revenue.

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