Don’t let new energy car batteries become “new pollution sources”

Don't let new energy car batteries become

1. Recently, Cui Dongshu, the Secretary-General of my country’s Automobile Flow Association Automobile Market Research Branch (Passenger Market Information Conference, Abbreviation) Secretary-General, said in 2021 my country’s new energy vehicle has emerged, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in September reached 20%, 2021 new energy automotive penetration rate is expected to exceed 15%, 2022 new energy vehicle market penetration is expected to exceed 20%. 2.

However, when my country has become the world’s largest new energy auto market, new energy automotive battery recovery is still not fundamentally solved.. 3.

Can introduce deposit systems in Europe and the United States, consumers are purchasing new cars, some of them are deposited as deposits, when they replace or scrapped, only the designated institutions sent to national recognition can return deposits.. my country’s automobile technology research center data shows that in 2020, my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery has about 200,000 tons, and 2025 has a total retirement amount of approximately 780,000 tons.

. In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, announced the “Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling”, establishing the main responsibility of the vehicle enterprise. At the same time, the corresponding large data trace source management platform has been established.

. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also announced two batchs in accordance with “New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry Standard Conditions”, a total of 25. Source: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but the market is clearly high in relevant departments.

. Industrial and commercial information query platform data shows that there are currently 15,000 companies related to the powerful lithium-ion battery recovery. In the first half of this year, 9435 have been added this year, up 2611.

2% year-on-year.. However, in the recycling system of the car enterprise, battery company, raw material company, third-party recycling company and other links, data statistics of multiple sources show that the battery recovered by the car enterprise and the regular recycling company, only 10% of the total market -30%, at least 70% of the battery “go unknown”, “Gray Industry Chain” is amazing.

The medium is that the cost of the gray industry chain treatment is low, and the battery can be recycled with a relatively high price. The seller with the battery has no power to actively find a regular company recycling battery. event.

On the other hand, the current large data trace source management platform cannot be mandatory to retrofit the battery in the “Gray Industry Chain”.. The battery currently entering the recycling link is mainly based on a lithium-ion battery, and the technical difficulty requirements of processing links are relatively high.

. Even if it is included in the Compliance Company that meets the specific list of specifications, there will be problems..

This year, the Bangpu Circular Technology under the Ningde Times of Ningde, this year, has taken a discharge accident.. The new energy car battery uses 8 years, you can’t meet the driving needs of the car, but still reserves nearly 80% of the remaining capacity, most of which can be a ladder battery, my country Tower Company is digesting using a ladder battery.

However, due to models, manufacturers, the battery is different, and the specifications are also different, but not only make subsequent performance testing and dismantling work, but also improved the cost of tradder utilization.. Most of the companies in “Gray Chain” have no compliance, safe ability to handle, most of them are directly disassembled and broken, and the internal cobalt, lithium, manganese, nickel, etc.

are extracted for secondary sales.. In addition to security issues, environmental pollution cannot be prevented.

The research data indicates that 1 20 grams of quality mobile phone battery can make 1 square kilometers of land pollution for more than 50 years, heavy metals in new energy vehicles, lithium hexafluorophosphate in electrolyte in the electrolyte is also easy to hydrolyze pentafluoride, hydrogen fluoride, etc. Harmful substances cause more serious environmental pollution. On October 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a “new energy vehicle power battery ladder”, “Draft for the Draft)” Cooperation with agreement, strengthen information sharing, use existing recycling channels, efficient recycling of used power storage batteries for ladder.

In June this year, the “Method of Executive Extension Extension of Automotive Products Producer Responsibility” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and also reiterates the subject responsibility of the car enterprise to undertake dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling. In this regard, I believe that the deposit system of Europe and the United States can introduce the deposit system of Europe and the United States. When purchasing new cars, some of them are deposited as deposits, when they replace or scrapped, they can only return the deposit.

. The deposit of the deposit can be circulated together with the vehicle driving license. The car factory involved in this system, the formal recycling company can be partially profitable, the country can introduce the policy, give the former some subsidies.

In addition to regulations, the competent authorities must also speed up the recycling and utilization of new energy vehicles, and improve the recycling system in policies, technology, standards, standards, industries.. Author / IT Times reporter Lin Fei.

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