Does the high-nitilian three dollar appear? Is the dispute ‘?

Does the high-nitilian three dollar appear? Is the dispute '?

With the continuous improvement of national new energy subsidies, as well as the market’s demand for long-range batteries, high-nitiline three-yuan material power lithium battery also has more and more clear development trends.. During the process of continuously updated, NCM811, NCA, and the latest NCMA are starting to emerge.

. In the current high-nickel ternary material, NCM811 and NCA have been achieved, and NCM811 and NCA are like two major factions..

NCM means that the positive electrode material is combined by nickel-cobalt manganese, and nickel-rich NCM helps improve capacity, manganese, improves the stability of the material, and the magnification performance of cobalt optimized materials.. At present, domestic is from medium and low nickel (such as 3: 3: 3; 5: 2: 3) to high nickel (such as 6: 2: 2 to 8: 1: 1).

The NCA positive electrode material is composed of nickel-cobalt aluminum, and aluminum can enhance the use of battery cycle chemical stability. In the NCA system, the nickel content can be improved, thereby achieving higher battery energy density..

Nickel content in NCA varies in different companies in production, but the ratio of nickel content is at least 80%. Since NCM811 and NCA power lithium battery energy density is relatively higher, the battery capacity is stronger, so it has become the first choice for technical breakthroughs in new energy subsidies in the new energy subsidies in recent years..

At present, due to the more mature development of Japanese NCA battery technology, it is important to produce the production of NCA batteries with Japanese companies such as Panasonic.. my country and South Korea companies are more preferred to develop NCM811.

What is the cause of this phenomenon? According to industry insiders, NCA and NCM811 will reflect partial differences in production processes and costs.. The gauge of the NCA battery is relatively better than the NCM811, but the safety performance is relatively better, but the production process is high and the actual production cost is higher than NCM811.

. NCA is easily collapsed at high temperatures to cause thermal out of control, and pH is too high to make the monomer flatulence, which may cause danger; NCM811 synthetic method is important to high temperature solid phase sintering, stability and safety performance compared to NCA In addition, its storage and processing conditions are also very harsh. According to SMM research, the focus company of NCM811 and NCA positive materials in China is currently in my country.

. Among them, the new energy is the leading company of China NCM811 positive material material. At present, production and shipments occupy more than 50% of the country.

The remaining number of NCM811 in the rest of the company is not divided, and all in active samples, open up. The number of domestic NCA positive materials is still less, and foreign NCA production companies are important from domestic imported NCA precursors, and NCA production overseas..

Although most of my country’s battery companies have proposed to develop NCM811 batteries, it is currently truly realized in China, high-nickel-three-yuan battery, NCA’s development speed is even faster.. At present, there are many models such as Jianghuai, Beiqi Xin Energy, Chang’an, Baojun, Zhaozu, etc.

, have begun to support NCA batteries. The energy density of the battery and the battery life of the vehicle have been greatly improved..

According to SMM research, the current domestic NCA battery realizes mass production is represented by Tianjin Zhizhen and Tianpeng Power supply. The energy density of NCA battery system can reach 180Wh / kg, and the average system energy density has also reached 140-160Wh / kg..

On the other hand, the NCM811 battery’s mass production representative company is a bik battery, and its NCM811 batteries produced have cooperated with Jianghuai, Xiaopeng Automobile.. More companies that wish to enter NCM811 batteries are still in research and development and testing.

. For the future judgment, senior people in the multi-battery industry indicate SMM, in the case of NCA, NCM811 will be the type of battery company in my country than NCA, NCM811. Industry experts said to SMM, the domestic NCM811 is more advised than NCA, which is not a good relationship with performance.

. In fact, the production line of NCM811 batteries and NCA batteries can be basically generally universal, but because NCA is more demanding on the production environment, some original production lines should be transformed, which may be the battery factory preference selection to produce NCM811 One reason; at the same time, due to NCM811 and previous NCM11, 523, 622 equivalent to nickel-cobalt manganese structures, and their production process is more close, and NCA adds aluminum, and there will be differences in the synthesis process, and China’s current NCA synthesis Craft technology still needs to be developed. SMM believes that about the battery factory, NCA and NCM811 are not this relationship.

. For the vehicle factory, due to the same components other than the battery, whether it is to choose NCA or NCM811, the current difference is almost limited. Near the end of the year, most of the industry gongs face the pressure of new energy subsidies, current energy markets or to improve battery system energy density, new renewal miles, and reduce 100 kilometers of energy consumption, etc.

Technical performance is the target to conduct related R & D, upgrade. In the future, NCM811 and NCA will be further developed, including NCM613, 712 and NCMA and other new high-nickel-three-yuan materials have also begun to develop, and it is expected to achieve mass production in the next 2-3 years..

Under the promotion of new energy subsidies and dual integration policies, the future high-nitilian three-yuan material is a must-have of the positive material manufacturer to develop new energy markets.

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