Do you want to lead the future? TSLA Self-Created Battery Technology Preview

Do you want to lead the future? TSLA Self-Created Battery Technology Preview

TSLA, a name in the pure electric car world, it has been leading the development of the global pure electric vehicle industry from the date of birth. Comparison of super-run acceleration capabilities, excellent performance and continuous upgrade driving assistance system, super fast charging speed ..

. These are TSLA models to people. Behind the leading functional configuration is the results of TSLA to the technology of electric vehicle technology.

After the self-developing FSD automatic driving processing unit, TSLA started to take a drum to create a battery.. What medicine is sold in this gourd in TSLA? Today, let’s talk about those things of TSLA to build batteries! Why do you want to make battery? Since 2016, Most of the power lithium battery of Tsla’s models is produced by TSLA and Panasonic joint venture in Nevada, USA.

. As the sales volume of TSLA has increased globally, in addition to our factory officially put into operation in January this year, the battery production of Super Factory has already can’t keep up with new cars production needs. In order to break through the cage of battery production, TSLA must find it quickly Response.

When the cost of pure electric car is lowered to about $ 100 / kWh, the price of electric vehicles can be flat with the fuel car.. This is TSLA has always goes.

According to some industrial analysis data at the end of 2018, the lithium-ion battery costs produced by TSLA and Panasonic cooperation is 111 US dollars / kWh, and the lithium-ion battery costs produced by LG produced in South Korea at the time at the time, the lithium-ion battery costs produced by China / kWh, my country CATL produced by China Ion battery costs exceed 150 US dollars / kWh. Tsla and Panasonic cooperation have been previously long, in a long time, Panasonic is the only supplier of TSLA model batteries. In recent years, TSLA has accelerated global expansion, and Panasonic’s battery production cannot meet the needs of TSLA new vehicle production.

. TSLA my country officially put into production in early year, with the climbing of production, looking for alternative battery suppliers become a top priority. Although new suppliers can join the problem of battery production, the cost problem is still not well resolved, and compared to competitors, the current technical advantages of the TSLA model are also getting smaller and smaller.

. So the technology madman Elon Mask bite the teeth, and it is a new battery that makes it less, bigger, more capacity and stronger..

5 years of low-key layout, recruiting to buy Ma wants to create a battery in 2015, TSLA began to invest new power lithium battery technology and plan to achieve large-scale mass production. In order to achieve this goal, TSLA did three “big things”, first to sponsor JeffdahnResearchGroup, then acquired supercapacitor manufacturer Maxwell and battery manufacturing equipment company Hibar. At present, the three-dimensional lithium ion batteries mounted on mainstream pure electric vehicles are all wet electrode processes.

During the manufacturing process, the positive or negative electrode material first mix the solvent, and then applied to the electrode sheet.. This traditional process technology is relatively mature, and the electrode is stable, but due to the electrode produced by the coating method, the energy density is limited.

. Since the new battery structure and manufacturing process are simpler, this is advantageous for reducing battery manufacturing costs. As for how it can achieve the effect, the current officially announced the exact data, perhaps TSLA “Battery Day held in April this year” “, The official will announce the corresponding information.

When moving can be recycled, the loss of electricity is stored in the supercapacitor than in the battery pack by the power conversion unit.. During the emergency acceleration of the vehicle, the super capacitor can be discharged in a larger power to prevent the driving performance while preventing the driving performance while preventing the driving performance while preventing the driving performance while preventing the driving performance.

Accelerate damage). Make talents, technology and production equipment, TSLA has key elements of its own research and production of batteries. According to foreign media reports, TSLA is currently building a power lithium battery production line in Fremy Mont Factory, USA, and the speed is surprising.

How much is the self-created battery performance of TSLA? What is the battery of the TSLA produced battery? TSLA official did not disclose relevant information, but from TSLA in the last five years, it is possible to integrate the use of improved nickel-cobalt manganese three yuan lithium-ion battery + super capacitor. Give full play to the advantages of two energy storage components under different conditions, enhance battery discharge power and discharge capabilities. Among them, a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery or a dry electrode technology and an improved electrolyte can be significantly improved in capacity and cycle life.

. The dry electrode technology and supercapacitor mentioned above are the fist technology of Maxwell..

The reason why the TSLA produced battery is NCM nickel-cobalt-rich three-yuan lithium-ion battery. It is important to consider the Jeff Diannian research team has been based on NCM nickel-cobalt-rich three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, in the new battery should apply existing research results to accelerate the production process.

. Maxwell’s dry electrode technology can make the lithium ion battery cell energy density up to 300Wh / kg or more, and the current maximum is 500Wh / kg..

Compared to the current NCM811 ternary lithium ion battery cells (NCM representing the positive material of the nickel-cobalt), 811 represents the ratio of Ni-nin-wateng manganese ingredients from 8: 1: 1) of the energy of about 300 wh / kg. Density, TSLA’s new battery technology energy density improves potential. This is a leap in the future or will promote the end of the pure electric vehicle.

. According to the national standard of my country’s national standard, the capacity of 1000 charge and discharge cycles should be greater than 80% of the initial capacity..

At present, the models of the three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries sold in China are all in line with the national standard or slightly higher than the national standard.. Some research results of Jeff • Diann Research Group show that the cycle life of nickel-cobalt-manganese three-dimensional lithium-ion battery can significantly improve the improvement of the electrolyte.

In some experiments, the cells employing the modified electrolyte have a capacity of more than 80% of the initial capacity of more than 80%, and some samples can maintain the initial capacity after 5,000 charge and discharge cycles. More than 90. Finally, the super capacitor.

In fact, the super capacitor has been applying in the automotive industry, but it has not been applied.. Mazda I-ELOOP technology is one of the applications of super capacitors in the automobile.

In order to achieve the above object, the capacitance and rated voltage of the supercapacitor manufactured by TSLA are much larger than Mazda I-ELOOP.. Mazda I-ELOOP supercapacitor has been recalled because of hidden dangers.

Tsla wants to integrate capacitors and rated supercapacitors to the car, and the safety protection design of super capacitors is a point. Summary: This article introduces some information about TSLA to produce batteries and has some forward-looking guesses. If it is smooth, this new battery system will have greater capacity, longer life, and better output characteristics.

And lower manufacturing costs. The details of the new battery system or will show the public in the TSLA “Battery Day” in April this year. We will get more comprehensive and accurate news, let us look forward to it!.

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