Dingsheng new material into the new energy battery aluminum foil industry has higher production and marketing capacity than domestic average

Dingsheng new material into the new energy battery aluminum foil industry has higher production and marketing capacity than domestic average

The company’s aluminum foil production and sales volume, export volume and market share are ranked normally in domestic similar companies. At the same time, air-conditioning foil in company aluminum foil products, single and double zero foil sales are also ranked by similar companies in China. The company’s products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, Europe.

. The company issued a 65 million shares of A shares will be successfully logged in to the COSCO. In recent years, with the development of my country’s new energy vehicle strategy, the company has used the advantages of research and development, technology, talents and sales channels in the aluminum foil industry for many years, and seize the development opportunities in the industry to cut into the new energy battery foil, and develop rapidly.

Industry faucet. The battery foil produced by the company is one of the substrates of the new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery. It can effectively improve the performance of the power lithium-ion battery.

According to the written certificate issued by my country’s Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, the company’s battery foil product production and sales scale, market share During the reporting period, the company’s head name, the company’s battery foil customers covered CATL, ATL, BYD (002594), Guoxuan Gaoke (002074) and other domestic basic large lithium-ion battery production companies. As the foil industry faucet, the company has effectively promoted the development of new energy auto industries, and comprehensively helping the national new energy vehicle global strategy, and also improves the company’s profitability..

Since its establishment in 2003, the company has developed very rapidly. In the past three years, the company’s net profit has been 30.43%, maintaining a high profit level, and has become a leader in the industry.

It is an important reason to take a leading market. Strategy, becoming the leading company of domestic aluminum foil products in a short time. Before and after 2005, the hydrophilic coated air-conditioning foil alternative light foil became the mainstream raw material of the air-conditioning heat exchanger.

The company seized market opportunities in Zhenjiang and Hangzhou, entered the air-conditioned foil market, and quickly developed into air-conditioned foil market faucet.. The company actively adjusts the product structure, single and double zero foil business volume, and the company’s products have also entered the consumption of downstream packaging, household use, optimize the company’s customer structure, opening up stable and rising consumer demand, opening up stability Rising consumer demand.

The company seizes the opportunity to develop new energy aluminum foil products. On the one hand, with the promotion of national policies, the improvement of energy density of new energy power lithium batteries and the increasing infrastructure such as charging piles, the demand for new energy motivations ushered in explosive rising, lithium-ion battery as the mainstream of current new energy vehicles Energy route, expect to maintain high-speed development trend in the future, and at the same time, the comprehensive promotion of the energy storage market is expected to further enhance the demand for lithium-ion batteries..

The battery electrode is used as a lithium ion battery positive electrode current collector. The market is very broad. The company will take the lead in the field of lithium-ion battery aluminum foil.

At present, it has rapidly developed aluminum foil leading companies for domestic lithium-ion batteries; on the other hand, pure electric car, mix The development of power vehicles on the lightweight and energy saving of the car put forward higher requirements. In this large background, the company began investing in the construction of brazing foil projects, which has a high technical content, more steps, process The process is complex, and the added value is higher, which is conducive to improving the company’s profitability..

After recent years, the company has become a leading company in the domestic aluminum foil industry, has accumulated a number of related experience, solid foundation, strong innovative ability, and mastered the core technology of producing high-precision aluminum strip foil.. The company has established Jiangsu Province Technology Center (jointly formed in Jiangsu University), Jiangsu Air Conditioning, High-precision Aluminum Foil Engineering Technology Research Center, Zhenjiang High-grade Aluminum Foil Research Institute and other research and development agencies, etc.

Mechanism. The company is the largest company in the domestic aluminum foil market, and the production and sales volume is much higher than the domestic average..

Size advantage is an important guarantee for market advantages. With the size advantage, the company reduces the fixed cost of the product, enhances market competitiveness; on the other hand, in the process of scale expansion, accumulate related experience, greatly improve production efficiency, and significantly increase production efficiency; The advantage ensures that the company can adjust the product structure in time when the market environment changes, seizes the development opportunities of new products, and preempt the market..

This company issued A shares raised 80,100 million funds important for investing power lithium battery electrodes with aluminum foil project, which is the company’s main business, strategic arrangements made by the future development plan.. After the publication of the fundraising funds, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin will increase significantly, and the profitability will be significantly increased; the repayment bank loan project will alleviate the company’s funding pressure, save financial expenses, and enhance the company’s net profit level.

. The company’s asset scale is expected to have further expanded, and the asset structure is more reasonable. The company’s comprehensive strength and risk of resistance will be significantly improved.

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